How To Download Movies & TV Shows For Offline Viewing In Netflix

Netflix has finally introduced offline viewing. At present it is limited to select movies and TV shows. It works  only on an iOS or Android device and is available through an app update. The feature allows you to download entire movies or episodes of a series you're watching to your device. In the event you do not have an internet connection, or you don't want to burn through your data plan while travelling, you can download something to watch later. Here's how the feature works. Read More

Look Up What Song Was Playing During A Scene In A Movie Or TV Show

Music plays a very important part in both movies and TV shows. It is so important that it has its very own category at the Oscars. Often, the music score or the tracks included are the only redeemable quality for some movies and TV productions, and at other times, many tracks rise from obscurity to mainstream music solely because they were part of a popular motion production. TuneFind is a crowd sourced service that lists songs that were played during a movie or an episode of a TV show. The songs are listed with a brief description of what scene they were played during, and users can authenticate or question a listing, as well as submit a new one. Read More

Track TV Shows That You Are Binge Watching Or That Are On-Air [Android]

I cannot remember the last time I actually sat down to watch a TV show on a TV, at it's regular scheduled time. My only recollection of the experience is a cringe worthy one. Fortunately, with so many streaming services available, no one has to sit through regular programming but that also makes it somewhat more difficult to keep up with showtimes for our favorite series. Meet Show Tracker, a free Android app that lets you track shows that are currently on air, or shows that you are binge-watching. The app features brief actor bios, episode lists, and a progress tracker as well time left until the next episode of a series airs. Read More

Hooks: Get Alerts For TV Shows, Concerts, Games, Rain And More

Reminders, alerts, alarms; they're all great at making sure you don't forget important things like meetings, picking up the milk, remembering to take the trash out, not skipping leg day. Everything thing that is a drag to do, and therefore more likely to be forgotten, is kept on our radar by these ever helpful apps. But what about the fun stuff we forget about? There is more to life than just meetings and piking up the dry cleaning. Hooks – Alerts that Matter is an app for creating alerts for important things like when the next episode of your favorite show airs, when your favorite band is playing, when a new movie is going to be released, and more. Unlike other reminder apps that help you be more productive, this app reminds you of the up and coming fun things in life. Read More

Yahoo! Releases New ‘Screen’ Video Streaming App For iPhone & iPad

The recently covered rabt and Mickey Video are just two of many apps on iOS that can help you kill countless hours by browsing through videos of your interest. You can waste a lot of time looking for things to watch that are interesting, but apps like rabt can help you perform this task with minimal effort. There is some content, however, that is exclusive to certain networks, and can't be legally found anywhere on the internet without paying. Yahoo! Screen is a new app that accumulates videos that are Yahoo! originals, or taken from shows that have a partnership with the company. You get to see clips from Saturday Night Live, The Onion, and other videos featuring some big stars. The best thing is that all these videos are available free of charge, and in good quality. The content gets updated frequently, and the way Yahoo! Screen presents them all is pretty decent, too. Read More

Get Notifications On Android & iPhone When Your Favorite TV Shows Return From Commercial Break

Smartphones and television have recently started becoming good partners, thanks to apps like BuddyTV and Live 140. Most TV-related apps, however, offer nothing more than additional content or scheduling details for programs. While these features are useful in their own right, they don't bring a whole lot of convenience to your life. Commercial Break, on the other hand, is an app that can have an impact on the way you watch TV in your daily routine (Update: Now available on Android as well). A lot of people are in the habit of changing the channel, going to the kitchen to grab a bit, or doing other quick chores every time ads come on during a show. Even if you are watching your most favorite show, going away from a channel has the potential to make you lose focus of what you were viewing. You might end up getting busy elsewhere, or come back to the channel too late, missing some important part of the show. Commercial Break for iPhone makes sure that this never happens again. The app lets you choose a TV show that is currently being aired, and every time a commercial break ends, you get a push notification, urging you to get back to the screen. Read More

Televisor Suggests TV Shows Based On One Show Of Your Choice

If it weren't for Twitter and perhaps the many curated lists of movies and TV shows, it would be really hard for me to find good TV when I want. Finding good TV show recommendations is something that services like Hulu and Netflix do for you; they analyze what you like and what you watch the most, and suggest other shows according to that. Though if you aren't a subscriber to one of these services or if they do not have one of the popular on-air shows available, you can still miss out. Televisor is a free television discovery app that asks you to input one show you like and recommends similar ones to watch online. Each show is rated by Metacritic, and the list of suggestions features both on-air and concluded series. The show you enter is analyzed for the genre it belongs to, and you can then filter the results to show only those belonging to selective genre(s). Read More

Watch Your Favorite Discovery, Animal Planet & TLC Shows On WP8

Windows Phone already has plenty of decent news app, some with support for live video bulletins, but when it comes to watching TV shows on the platform, there aren't a lot of options available to users. Admittedly, there are apps like Crackle that let you watch a few old shows on your device, but nothing beats having an official app from a mainstream TV channel. That is exactly what the WP Store has got today but even better, there is not just a single release, as the Discovery Network has come out with three separate apps for the network’s most popular channels. Discovery, Animal Planet and TLC apps let you view full episodes from shows on these channels, along with plenty of other content as well. A lot of people forget the airing time of their favorite shows, but the apps solve this problem by offering a full schedule for upcoming programs and letting users create reminders about the shows right from within each app. Read More

jMovieManager Offers All You Need From A Film & TV Series Organizer

If you have a large collection of movies and TV series on your computer, keeping it all organized manually can be a hassle. Previously, we have covered some very fascinating movie and TV series managers for Windows, both in standard and Modern-UI flavors, including DVD Chief, Coollector Movie Database or TrackSeries, just to name a few. Today, I came across another one such app called jMovieManager and was impressed by its interface and features. It is a Java-based application that lets you access your entire offline movie and TV show collection complete with all metadata, from its intuitive UI. This way, you don’t have to rely on websites such as IMDb all the time to manually look up information, and will be able to play any of these videos right from the app at any time, without having to find them individually on your disk. Moreover, the app is portable, thus saving you the hassle of going through any installation process while allowing you to take your movie collection on the go in organized format on a portable disk! Read More

CBS Connect App For iPad Offers TV Show Extras & Social Chatter For Fans

When you take a look at the TV shows that have been popular among a wide range of audiences in past years, you are bound to find a considerable majority that has been created under the banner of CBS, including the likes of How I Met Your Mother, CSI and The Big Bang Theory. The network now seems to be planning to expand its domain to the world of mobile technology with their new CBS Connect app for the iPad. The app offers program schedules, bonus content, show clips and a discussion forum for fans of the shows. You won’t be able to watch full episodes for every series, but CBS Connect is meant to be used as a companion app for when you're watching shows from the network, and in that capacity, it does pretty well. Read More

Follow Your Favorite TV Shows & Get Alerts For New Episodes With Watchlist For Windows 8

Watching you favorite TV series after a hard day at work is a great way to relax. We all have our own preferences when it comes to TV series; some like comedy, some like suspense, while others go for drama. Though when you are busy with your daily life, it can be quite tedious to keep track of when a new season of your favorite TV series is getting released, or when an ongoing season is coming out of break. This information is easily available on the official websites of these seasons or channels, as well as third party webpages. However, if you are following a large number of shows, going to each of their websites or searching on Google for their return dates and other similar information can be a tedious task. Watchlist is an app for Windows 8 that lets you keep track of your favorite TV shows and notifies you of newly released episodes. Other than new app notifications, it also allows you to add different TV shows to favorites, view their cast, mark episodes as seen to get notifications about new ones, and browse artwork related to the shows. Read More

TeeVee Is A Virtual TV Guide For Android With Detailed Per-Season Info

Can’t recall how Michael Scofield managed to escape the Fox River State Penitentiary in Prison Break? Want to find out when you’ll be able to see The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper and his friends in action next? Want to sync airing times of your favorite TV shows with your Google Calendar? If your answer to all of the above questions is ‘yes’, you should give TeeVee a try. Developed by XDA member Masterwork and his mate, TeeVee is a Holo-themed Android TV guide that aims to keep you in touch with your favorite shows in a variety of ways. Be it the synopsis of the show itself, the complete episode-by-episode details of its various seasons, or its TV schedule, this multilingual app lets you follow and sift through all this information through a well-laid out interface.  Read More

FileBot Automatically Renames TV Show Episodes Using Correct Titles

A massive collection of songs, TV series and movies may give you bragging rights, but as collections grow, it gets harder and harder to keep them organized. You may move your files around to make room for new ones and store older ones unorganized for ages. FileBot is a Windows application that helps you organize your movies and TV series. It allows you to search for episode names for any series and rename the corresponding files using the downloaded list. Alternatively, it will also let you specify the pattern for renaming the files, though the syntax is limited to just appending serial numbers to the end of the file name. FileBot even lets you analyze entire media folders and view which subfolders and what file types have been saved to it. Lastly, you have the option to search for and download subtitles for movies. Read More

RecThing Is A Social Network For Personalized Entertainment Recommendations [Web]

Have you already seen more than your share of films and TV series? Can’t find any thing good you haven’t watched yet? Try using the RecThing entertainment recommendation engine. RecThing asks you to like, dislike or recommend a few books, films, games, music and TV series, and then, depending on the gathered data, it finds other users with similar tastes for you to follow. Later, you see recommendations from these users in your feeds. Read More

TrackSeries Is A Modern UI TV Guide For Windows 8

Missed that epic finale of Game of Thrones? Want to know when the first season of Arrow will be aired? If you find it hard to keep track of your favorite shows, with TrackSeries, you won’t have to manually add your favorite shows and upcoming TV series to your track list. The Modern UI-based TrackSeries is probably the most fascinating TV guide available for Windows 8. It lets you keep a tab on all the seasons that you’re following. The app is designed to provide complete information for selected series, including episode details, air date, episode length and what not. Being a Windows Store (Modern UI) app, it will give you the best experience on both desktops and tablets. Read More

Stream Free Movies & TV Shows On Your Windows Phone With Crackle

If you don’t have access to Hulu because you live outside the US, then there are very few good and legal options available for streaming TV shows and movies. Even for people living in the US, Hulu and other similar services don’t offer a solution that is cheap, and you have to pay per view in most cases. That’s why Crackle is so special. Admittedly, the service does not offer all the popular movies and TV shows, but if you aren’t really choosy and just want to spend some quality time watching some good content, then you are sure to fall in love with this free service. Crackle doesn’t work everywhere, but it isn’t restricted to just the US, either. You can watch some really awesome movies and shows if you live in UK, Canada, Australia or US (the app might work in other locations too, specially if your WP7 ID is registered in any of the supported countries). Read More

Episode Player Remembers What Episode Of A TV Show You Watched Last

Got numerous TV shows lined up on your PC and don’t know which one to start first? Forgot the last episode you watched of Game of Thrones? Well, its quite an annoyance when we have an umpteen number of TV shows on our PC and we don't have any clue where to start. And then, even when we pick one, we often forget the last episode where we left off. One way would be to create a playlist on your default media player. The other however, is to use Episode Player instead. The application keeps track of all your favorite downloaded shows and lets you know what was the last episode you were watching. Whether you like Dexter or Spartacus, House M.D or Lost, and Supernatural or Lost, it will keep every show in order, so that you can easily check whether you have missed an episode or not. It automatically recognizes all the available media players on your computer and provides their shortcuts, allowing you to play the episode in your favorite media player. Not only does it automatically detect all built-in applications such as Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center etc., it also adds third-party players such as KMPlayer, VLC and MPC. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Peel Brings Its Personalized TV Show Recommendations App To Android

After making its mark among iOS users, the popular personalized TV shows discovery and recommendations app, Peel, has made its way into the Google Play Store for Android users. Laced with plenty of visual goodness and an endless stream of high quality TV content recommendations, the official Peel mobile app ensures that you don’t have to look across multiple TV guides and other online resources to find your daily dose of infotainment. Using Peel, you can curate your TV program schedules as per your own liking, and get timely recommendations from the app, as well as other app users. The app also lets you search for your preferred TV shows and movies, sift through various content-intensive program genres from a chosen category, check in to shows, rate favorite programs, load complete program schedules for your favorite TV channels, share your favorite shows with your Facebook and Twitter friends, cut out the shows that don't match your liking, and check out what other users think about a particular show. Read More

theRenamer: Correctly Rename TV Shows And Movies via Drag & Drop

TV Series like Game of Thrones and Modern Family, are highly watched all over the world these days. Some people watch them on TV, others stream it from the internet, while another group of people like to download/ rip the TV Series and and store it in their hard drive. However, when downloading or ripping a complete season or some episodes of TV Series, a very common issue that comes up is of file names. Everyone likes to keep their local files named according to their own personal preference of naming format. Some people like to keep only the season and episode number, while others want the complete episode title in the file name. Editing each file manually and renaming it can be quite a tedious task. Previously, we have covered a very useful tool to rename episodes of TV series, called Name My TV Series, which is a multi-platform application to easily and quickly rename the locally available TV Series. Today, we have another software which performs the same function but in an even easier way. theRenamer is an application for Windows that lets you automatically rename your TV Series, as well as movies, allowing you to organize them in your hard drive. More on theRenamer after the break. Read More

Viggle For iPhone: TV Guide That Rewards You For Watching Shows

No matter if you are a couch potato, or just follow one or two shows, watching TV is a passive activity we all spend some part of our day. However, Viggle is a new iOS app which makes sure that watching the tube doesn’t remain as unproductive an activity as you previously thought. It’s every TV lover’s dream come true, and now you will actually get paid for watching your favorite shows. The app will shower you with a ton of prizes from various popular outlets, like Burger King, Best Buy and a whole lot more. Not only that, with Viggle, you get all the relevant information regarding any TV show, and a bunch of other useful features as well. Read More