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Cerebro Showbox Kodi Add-on Is a Great Exodus Fork [Install Guide]

The Cerebro Showbox add-on from developer biglad is yet another fork of the Exodus or Covenant add-ons. It is very similar to both but has a few unique features that easily set it apart. It is a specialized add-on that only has movies and TV shows. Only that but lots of that. It has movies from the early days of cinema through today and a comparable array of TV shows that goes all the way back to the fifties.

Cerebro Showbox Add-on Information

Today, we’ll begin by showing you step-by-step how to install the Cerebro Showbox add-on. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a complete newbie, our detailed instructions will make it an easy task. Then, we’ll take you on a guided tour of the add-on. We might not be able to show you all there is to it but we’ll make sure we show you the best of it.

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Installing The Cerebro Showbox Add-on

Like with most add-ons, installing the Cerebro Showbox add-on is a three-step process. You start by adding the repository installation source to the Kodi file manager then you install the appropriate repository an finally, you install the actual add-on. Let’s see how it’s done.


Adding The Cerebro Repository Installation Source

From to the Kodi home screen, click the Settings Icon. It’s the little gear at the top left of the screen. Next, you should click File manager.

File Manager Button

From the File manager screen, double-click Add source on the left side.

File manager Screen

On the screen that opens, click <None> and enter the installation path exactly as shown: https://repo.cerebrotv.co.uk/ then click OK.

Cerebro Path

Back to the Add file source screen, click the box below Enter a name for this media source and type in a name of your choice. Let’s name it Cerebro.

Cerebro Media Source

Make sure everything looks fine and click OK to save the new media source.

Installing The Cerebro Repository

Go back to the Kodi home screen and then click Add-ons on the left side. Next, click the Add-on browser icon. That one looks like an open box at the top left of the screen.

Add-on Browser Icon

From the Add-on browser, click Install from zip file.

Install Form Zip File

Click the Cerebro source that we just added in the previous step and then click install cerebro repo.zip.

Cerebro Zip File Selection

This will launch the repository installation. After a short while, a message at the top right of your screen will confirm its successful installation.

Cerebro Repo Installation Confirmation

Installing The Actual Add-on

now that we’ve completed the preliminary steps, let’s install the actual Cerebro Showbox add-on. While you’re still on the Add-on browser screen so simply click Install from repository.

Install From Repo

From the list of repositories, click .CerebroTVRepo. Because of its initial dot character, it will appear near the top of the list

Click .CerebroTVRepo

Next, click Video add-ons and then find and click the Cerebro Showbox add-on.

Click Cerebro Showbox

From the Cerebro Showbox add-on information page that opens, click the Install button at the bottom right. This launches the installation of the add-on and of all its dependencies.

Cerebro Showbox Installation page

Installation could take a few minutes during which several messages will flash at the top right of the screen as the various dependencies are installed. One last message will confirm the successful installation of the Cerbero Showbox add-on

Cerebro Showbox Installation Confirmation

A Tour Of The Cerebro Showbox Add-on

The Cerebro Showbox add-on is derived from Exodus and Covenant. It’s no surprise, then, that it looks relatively similar. But just as you don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t let the first look fool you. There are several improvements in Cerebro Showbox. We’ll try to have a look at the most important features of the add-on. Let’s see what each section reveals as we pinpoint the best of each.

Main Menu

The origins of the Cerebro Showbox add-on are particularly obvious when looking at its main menu. It has the familiar Movies and TV Shows sections as well as My Movies and My TV Shows, Latest TV Episodes and Latest Movies. It also has some unique features such as the Click Here to Pair section (more about it in a moment) or Sky Cinema on Demand.

Cerebro Showbox Main Menu

Click Here to Pair

This section is, more than anything, what sets the Cerebro Showbox add-on apart from the crowd. It’s not unheard of but it’s certainly not a common feature of add-ons.

It’s about all those sources that require pairing–such as openload, for example. You probably know how many add-ons require you to open a browser and go to a web page to pair your device with the streaming source. It’s a system that was put in place to allow streaming suppliers to get some revenue by showing you ads when you go to their pairing page.

It can quickly get annoying to have to do that repeatedly and this is Cerebro Showbox’s way to address this. It doesn’t rid you of the need to pair your device but it makes it considerably easier. Here’s how it works.

When you select the option from the main menu, a list or services requiring pairing is displayed.

Cerebro Showbox Pairing

The easiest option is to use the QR Code feature. Click any of the five first links to reveal a QR code. Scan the code your smartphone and open the proposed site. Click I’m not a robot towards the middle and then click the Pair button at the bottom of the page. You should do that for all five services or, if you prefer, only for the services you’re planning on using.

Alternately, you can also click one of the five website links. It works the same except that it will launch a browser on your Kodi device (provided it has one) and open the pairing page. The advantage is that you don’t need an extra device but you need to have a browser on your Kodi box. Some don’t. To make the feature even easier to use, it is present at the top of every menu throughout the add-on.

Search Movies / TV Shows

The search function of the Cerebro Showbox add-on is basic but it works well. You have the option of searching movies or TV shows. A nice feature compared to some add-ons that search both and return a confusing list of results where you can’t always tell which are movies and which are TV shows.

Cerebro Showbox Search

The search engine will look through the add-on for any title containing the sear term(s). You don’t have to enter a complete title. For instance, if you’re looking for the movie A Star is Born, entering “star born” as your search term would be sufficient to find it.

Movies Menu

This is one of the two primary sections of the add-on. Several of its subsections are also available directly from the main menu. They are Sky Cinema on Demand, Search for a Movie, Latest Movies, My Movies, and Tools. We’ll discuss each in more details below. As for the movie content, let’s see what each subsection has to offer.

Cerebro Showbox Movies

Movies by Genres allows you to browse all movie content organized under 22 different genres such as horror, documentary, or thriller. It’s the best way to quickly find movies of a specific genre.

If you prefer a chronological view, Movies by Year is what you need. There’s one subsection per year, all the way back to 1901.

Popular Movies, Most Voted Movies, and Box Office Hits offer three different lists of movie base on different criteria of popularity.

The Oscar Winners section has all best-movie winners all the way to the beginning of the Oscars in 1927. If you have a craving for great movies, you’ll find them here.

In Theaters Now has a list of movies that are still showing in theaters, as you would expect. This is the place to go to find all the latest movies.

Search By Persons Name (MOVIES) is another search function that will search people rather than titles. And it does not only search for actors, you can search for directors as well. You want a list of all Woody Allen movies, enter Allen as you search term, select Woody Allen from the results and voilà! All of his movies will be listed.

TV Shows Menu

This is the other major section of the Cerebro Showbox add-on. it is similar to the previous one except that it’s all about TV shows rather than movies. Some of its sections are quite similar too. And just like the Movies section, some are also found on the main menu.

Cerebro Showbox TV Shows

The TV Shows by Genre section is similar to its movies counterpart although the available genres are slightly different. They’ve added Reality-TV, Talk-Show, and Game-Show.

TV Catch Up (Networks) is the section where you can see all TV shows from a specific TV channel. You have a list of over 60 networks to choose from. There are networks from the US and from Europe as well.

Trending TV Shows, Popuar TV Shows, Highlt Rated TV Shows, and Most Voted TV Shows are three different popularity-based lists of TV shows.

The TV Shows Due Out Today is an interesting and useful section. It lists all shows that are scheduled for broadcast on the current day. If you want to watch an episode as soon as it becomes available, this is the place to look for it.

My Movies & My TV Shows

Those two sections are where you’ll find content customized for you. The content of these sections doesn’t come from the Cerebro Showbox add-on. Instead, the add-on links to your Trakt or IMDB accounts (or both) to pull your personal lists and display them right within Kodi.

And just like any other movie or TV selection throughout the add-on, selecting any of your titles will search the add-on’s sources for available streams and allow you to watch it.

Sky Cinema on Demand

This is a feature that is as interesting as it is rare. Opening the section reveals a list of 11 Sky channels such as Sky Comedy, Sky Action or Sky drama plus the Film4 and Film4 + 1 channels.

Cerebro Showbox Sky Cinema

Alongside each channel name is a movie title. We assume it is the title that’s currently playing on that channel. Contrary to what we may be tempted to think, clicking any section doesn’t start a live IPTV stream of the channel. Instead, what you get is the list of sources that the movie is available from. Click any source to start playing it back. The great advantage of this is that you can always watch movies from the beginning, even it the actual broadcast is almost over.

Latest TV Episodes

This is a shorter section with less than 30 entries as this is being written. It is the Holidays break, though, and many series are on pause. The section contains a direct link to the latest episode of most currently airing TV shows.

Cerbero Showbox Latest TV

The list is updated as new episodes are being added. This is the perfect place to go if you want to catch the most recent episode of all your favourite shows.

Latest Movies

It isn’t exactly clear what this section contains. Of course, this is where you’ll find recent movies but how recent do they have to be to be considered latest.

Cerebro Showbox Latest Movies

The list is more than 500 entries long and at least one of them dates back to 2016. Also, the list appears to be in some sort of random order. Or at least, there doesn’t seem to be much sense to its order. The first few entries really seem to be amongst the latest movies so the section could still be useful but browsing it beyond the second or third page appears to be an utter waste of time.


This last section is where you go to adjust the add-on’s settings. There are many of them. Too many, actually, to discuss them all. Let’s concentrate on the most useful.

Cerebro Showbox Tools

The SETTINGS: Accounts section is where you’ll need to go to enter your IMDB credential or to authorize you Trakt account. Doing either will make the My Movies and My TV Shows section come to life. This is also where you an entre your credential for several other providers to benefit from the member’s advantages such as faster speeds or bigger quotas.

SETTINGS: Providers is a section where you can enable–or disable–any content provider. The list has hundreds of entries. If you are aware of providers that always return dead links or don’t work from your location, you may want to switch them off to save precious time when searching providers.


The Cerebro Showbox add-on is amongst the best for movies and TV shows. It doesn’t have the variety of some all-in-one add-ons but what it has is good and it works well. We really loved the easy pairing facility the add-on offer which makes it somewhat less annoying to use providers that require pairing. This is certainly an add-n that is worth trying.

What is your opinion of the Cerebro Showbox add-on? Have you tried it for yourself? Did you encounter any issues with its installation or use? Please, use the comments below to share your thoughts.

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