Ayra Adds iOS 7-Like Notification Center With Toggles To Lock Screen

iOS 7 finally brought Notification Center to the lock screen but for a very long time before that, we have had tweaks like Dashboard X that lets you control notifications and system settings without unlocking your device. ayra is a new Cydia release that brings the Notification Center to the iPhone’s lock screen, but in a way that is totally different from iOS 7. Sure, you have to swipe downwards to reveal the NC, but that’s where all the similarities end. With ayra, you get a bunch of system toggles much like SBSettings, and the notifications displayed in it are interactive, much like in Android. You can handle each notification individually by choosing to dismiss it or launch the corresponding app. In addition to all these great features, ayra has a lovely interface, and an iOS 7-like translucent look to it.Read More

LyricFlow Adds Song Lyrics & Styles To Cover Flow In iPhone Music App

Cover Flow is a beautiful but somewhat ignored part of iOS. The Music app is so simple that people tend to forget that there is a whole new world waiting for them if they tilt their device to landscape mode while listening to a song. Having said that, some people just don't buy into the way tracks are displayed in Cover Flow mode, which is why tweaks like NoCoverFlow exist for those who want to get rid of the feature altogether. The upcoming Cydia tweak LyricFlow doesn't do anything as drastic as removing Cover Flow completely from your iPhone, but rather enhances the feature by enabling users to choose different styles for arranging their music collection. With LyricFlow, you get to view your tracks in visual representations like wheel, tube, carousel and linear formats. As the name of the tweak suggests, it also enriches each song in your library with lyrics and artist info, including the ones that didn't have these entities associated with them by default.Read More

SearchAmplius Upgrades iOS Spotlight Search With Results From More Apps

Towards the end of last year, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of SLightEnhancerSearch, which makes the experience of using Spotlight search even more productive than it currently is. By default, Spotlight can be used to look for results originating from messages, emails, apps and some other areas of iOS. SLightEnhancerSearch makes it possible for Spotlight to look inside additional sources, and come up with a more rich results page. Having said that, the tweak didn't integrate too well with Spotlight, and some of the sections were only shortcuts to the relevant apps. The newly released SearchAmplius, however, suffers from no such shortcomings. The tweak adds results for Cydia, YouTube, App Store, Calculator and a few other sources to Spotlight in a way that seems completely native to iOS. Since this increases the number of sections available in Spotlight a great deal, you may also want to use SearchCollapse in conjunction with it, which lets you minimize any Spotlight category with a single tap.Read More

TaskMaster Adds Music Controls & System Toggles To iOS Spotlight Area

iOS 7 might not be universally liked, but there are some features of the upcoming update that are sure to bring a lot of convenience to many people’s lives. One such useful addition to iOS is Control Center. Previously, users needed to rely on Cydia tweaks like SBSettings and Activator to have quick and easy ways of controlling system settings, but once Control Center is rolled out, most such options are sure to go out of business. A testament to the usefulness of Control Center is that even an Android clone of the feature has been released. The public availability of iOS 7 is still some way off though and until then, people need alternatives that are convenient and unobtrusive. TaskMaster is a new tweak that makes use of the Spotlight search area to place an array of different system toggles, controls and information to it, without talking away the area’s original functionality. Read More

StatusHUD Combines iPhone Volume HUD With The Status Bar

If you like customizing your iPhone and have access to Cydia, there are plenty of ways the status bar of your device can be completely revamped, like our recently covered HomeDisplay - a tweak that adds some extra information to the iOS status bar. Another part of iOS that offers a quick way of viewing some basic info is the volume HUD. There are tweaks like VolumeCustomize that can change the way the HUD looks, but none changes it as much as the newly released StatusHUD by Alan Yip. In fact, you can argue that the tweak gets rid of the HUD altogether. Having said that, no information is lost, as StatusHUD adds the volume indicator to the status bar. Even on the lock screen, the new indicator shows up when the volume keys are pressed.Read More

Upload Videos To Instagram From iPhone Camera Roll With InstaChooser

Instagram introduced media embedding just yesterday, which is the service’s second big announcement in a month. The biggest announcement in this period was the addition of videos to Instagram, of course. The popularity of Instagram’s video sharing can be gauged by the fact that there are already some Cydia tweaks coming out aimed at it. InstaChooser might not be offering a functionality that seems completely intuitive at once, but the feature can come in handy on plenty of occasions. The tweak allows users to choose videos residing in their camera roll for sharing on Instagram. You can apply filters to these videos before uploading them, and even stitch new snippets with existing clips. This means that InstaChooser can be used to edit videos present in your local collection, even if you don’t want to share them with your friends. Read More

Run The Full YouTube App From iOS Home Screen With VeloxTube

It has been quite some time since we last covered anything related to Velox, and some of you might even have forgotten what the tweak exactly did. Essentially, Velox lets you use the most important features of some stock and third-party apps right from your iPhone’s SpringBoard. While a few third-party apps are supported by this awesome tweak by default, most are reliant on Velox add-ons if they want a share of the goodness. In our list of best third-party Velox add-ons, we  discussed many such ways of making additional apps compatible with the tweak. One app that was quite an obvious miss is YouTube. Now, however, a developer has finally come up with an add-on that makes it possible for users to get the full YouTube experience without even launching an app. VeloxTube has been designed to work with the official YouTube app from Google, and almost all areas of the app can be accessed and used right within its Velox folder.Read More

Open Webpages Or URL Schemes Using Activator Gestures On iPhone

Being among the most popular tweaks available in the Cydia store, Activator has been used to enhance a lot of other tweaks. There isn’t much you can’t do using the gestures offered by Activator, as long as you know where to look. Performing system tasks, launching apps and controlling toggles are some things the tweak is capable of doing without any external help, but for relatively less-used tasks, you need Activator add-ons and tweaks that are based on it. Activate Link is one such tweak and although it doesn't do anything completely unique, you can consider it a combination of two useful Cydia releases we have covered in the past. Go2Now and RapidLinks both let you open URLs using Activator gestures, but the former can handle only one link, while the latter shows an entire menu, which is against the way things normally work in Activator. Activate Link is a new tweak that overcomes both these shortcomings, thereby letting you open multiple URLs solely through gestures.Read More

Secretly Save Media & Upload Longer Videos In Snapchat For iPhone With Phantom

There can be no bigger testament to the popularity of an app than its continued success despite competition from a tech giant like Facebook. Many doomsayers weren't too optimistic about the future of Snapchat when Poke was launched, but recent data has shown that the service has been going along smooth as ever. If anything, its user base has increased in recent months, like it always has. Having said that, not all is bright and rosy for the chat messenger specializing in self-destructing media sharing. Latest reports suggest that iOS 7 breaks the app’s ability to detect screenshot captures on an iPhone. Maybe the glitch will be fixed before this fall, but as soon as the next iOS gets jailbroken, more solutions are likely to pop up again for those who just don’t think that 10 seconds is enough time to view a photo or video. Even for iOS 6, there is a Cydia tweak by the name of Phantom that lets you discreetly export received photos and videos from Snapchat to the camera roll. Not only that, Phantom also adds a slew of other useful options to Snapchat, making it a messenger that has almost everything you can ever want. Read More

Group iOS App Store & Cydia Settings Entries Into Separate Screens

The popularity of FolderIcons and Velox tweaks shows how much importance iOS users give to folders. Velox, in particular, has managed to revolutionize the way folders are viewed by people, by adding a whole new dimension to this iOS feature. If you stop and think about it, an iDevice (or any other smartphone, for that matter) can function perfectly without folders, but if you want even a semblance of organization on your Home screen, folder are necessary. Apart from their design, iOS folders haven’t changed much since their introduction in iOS 4. There is an annoying limit on the number of icons that a folder can accommodate, and you cannot create folders within folders. The Cydia store, however, has a solution for everything. FolderEnhancer can be used to create folders within folders, while tweaks like Preference Folders go a step further by letting you create folders inside the Settings app. PreferenceOrganizer can be considered a free and simplified version of the same tweak, and it is particularly useful for iOS 6 users because PreferenceFolders has not been updated for iOS 6 yet.Read More

HomeDisplay Adds Date, Weather & Music Info Below iPhone Status Bar

There are often multiple ways of doing something, but the key to success is finding the way that balances efficiency and convenience in perfect measure. There are already Cydia tweaks available for iPhone that can be used to add additional information to the status bar. WeatherIcon used to have a status bar option prior to iOS 6, while adding information of the currently playing song to the status bar has been possible for users of the NowPlaying tweak. HomeDisplay is a new release that combines both these features, but without cluttering the default status bar of your iPhone. The bar, after all, is pretty narrow to begin with, and if you are using a custom carrier name or logo, things can get a bit too messy. HomeDisplay solves this problem by adding a new status bar just below the existing one. The second status bar is reserved just for information like the current date, the name of the song you that is being played and the current temperature in your area. Read More

Add Toggles, App Shortcuts & Other Activator Actions To iPhone NC

Auto-Correction Switch became the first tweak to be based on Ryan Petrich’s FlipSwitch, and we are sure more useful tweaks will follow in its steps pretty soon. The developer of the FlipSwitch platform, however, is already looking to take things to the next level. Today, Ryan Petrich has released Actiwidget - a new tweak that lets you place visible toggles in the Notification Center of your iPhone, but here's the twist: rather than giving you a limited number of actions to choose from, Actiwidget taps into the impressive action list offered by Activator. This means you can choose any action that a gesture can perform, and Actiwidget will create a visible button for it. Thus, everything from system toggles to shortcuts for third-party apps can be placed in the iPhone Notification Center using this great release. What's more - you can even program a single button to perform multiple supported actions in one go!Read More

Remove The 25-Contact Limit For Batch Messaging In WhatsApp For iOS

At times, even the most popular of services have to put some restrictions on their users to keep things up and running. Both Viber and WhatsApp don’t let you change your availability status more than once in 24 hours. If you have a jailbroken iPhone though, getting past such obstacles isn’t too big of a deal. Android has plenty of solutions for these problems, too. There are tweaks that let you remove limitations from these popular messengers, and might even add some new features to the mix while they are at it. WhatsApp UnlimitedMSG is one such tweak, which helps users get rid of one of the most annoying restrictions in WhatsApp; the 25 contact limit on broadcasting messages. With this tweak, you can select your entire address book as recipients for a group message, which can prove to be useful whenever you are looking to interact with a large number of people and WhatsApp groups just aren’t doing it for you in their default form.Read More

Easily Fake Your iPhone’s Current Location With akLocationX

Setting up a VPN connection on an iOS device is really easy and allows users private and secure access to their company or private networks, also letting them access region-restricted content and faking their location to some extent. Having said that, any app that demands access to your current location for navigational and other similar purposes makes use of the device’s GPS unit to pinpoint your coordinates. While VPN can make some apps believe that you are in a far-off location, the hardware unit remains unaffected from it. If you have a jailbroken device though, it is now pretty easy to not only fake your location, but actually provide the exact coordinates of the place you want your iPhone to register as your current location. Cool, isn't it? The tweak is called akLocationX, and the best thing about it is that the location you enter in it remains functional till you put a new one in or disable the tweak completely, which means that users don’t have to worry about spoofing their location every single time they want to fool an app. Read More

How To Scan QR Codes Using The Stock iPhone Camera App

After switching to iOS from Windows Phone, I have to say there wasn't much that I missed about Microsoft’s mobile platform, but there are times when you have to admit that WP8 offers more convenience in everyday life than any other smartphone OS. QR codes are not something that can change your life, but they can come in handy quite frequently if you learn to use them in an efficient manner. On iOS, you need a third-party app to scan a QR code (and there are some awesome ones available in the App Store), but on Windows Phone, a QR scanner supports the hardware search button. This is a great feature that served me well a lot of times. Since Spotlight search doesn't seem like a really suitable area for a QR scanner, the stock Camera app is the most logical choice for the feature. No, Apple has not announced the addition of a barcode scanner to iOS 7’s next beta version but if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can get the functionality right now.Read More

Turn Your iPhone Into An AirPlay Receiver The Easy Way With AirPlayServer

Earlier this year, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of AirFloat that allows users to stream music from any iDevice to their jailbroken iPhone. In our review of the tweak, we mentioned that AirFloat doesn't offer a brand new concept, since there are plenty of other available options if you want to use your iDevice as a remote display or an external speaker via AirPlay. This might lead you to believe that there is no reason for you to give AirPlayServer a shot, since it essentially does the same thing. However, this new Cydia release is unique because of the clutter-free and easy way it harnesses AirPlay. Unlike some other tweaks of this kind, users just have to toggle a single option to make their device’s AirPlay active. This means you can then access your iPhone from any iDevice, even if it is not jailbroken.Read More

Knober Lets You Use iPhone Unlock Slider To Toggle System Settings

Activator has been around on iOS for so long that people have started using it almost without thinking. Still, there are many Activator-based tweaks and toggles that keep coming out to meet the ever-changing needs of the jailbreak community. Recently, we have seen FlipSwitch, which seems to be harboring a lot of potential related to gestures. On a smaller scale, DoubleTap is quite innovative as well. Knober is another tweak belonging to the same genre, although it is completely independent of Activator. With Knober, users get the option to configure the lock screen slider to perform an action of their choice. This action can be to control the camera LED or toggle a system setting like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, etc. The best thing about the tweak is that it does not interfere with the default functionality of the slider in any way, and the gesture it is based upon is distinct enough to ensure that users never end up performing it accidentally.Read More

Control iOS Orientation, Brightness & Volume With Tap & Swipe Gestures

It is certainly nothing new for Cydia tweaks to make use of gestures to change the values of screen brightness or the device’s volume level. Having said that, most such tweaks are not really a sight to behold, since they rarely use the default iOS HUDs or sliders, leading to a rather unflattering end product. Even if the looks are kept original, the gestures end up getting too complex to perform in daily routine. DoubleTap is a new Cydia tweak by Alan Yip that does a good job of bringing gestures to the party whenever you are in need of a quick way to change your iPhone’s screen brightness or volume level. With DoubleTap, you won’t have to decide upon an Activator gesture, since the tweak comes with a few predefined gestures and their corresponding actions. It even lets you toggle the orientation lock without entering the App Switcher tray.Read More

Vox Gives The iPhone Battery Indicator A Minimal, Circular Design

A lot has been said and written about Apple’s new flat UI for iOS 7, and the emphasis on minimalism in almost all areas of the platform. Many have taken issue with the way app icons look in the update’s beta version, but some have also been appreciative of a few UI elements in iOS 7. The status bar received its chameleon-like characteristics in iOS 6, and has been revamped yet again in iOS 7. The signal bars are now rounded instead of vertical, and the battery indicator is new as well. Vox is not a port of the iOS 7 battery indicator by any means; rather it shows an alternative way the icon could have been redesigned to go with the update’s other minimal features. Rather than replicating an old-style alkaline cell, the Vox indicator is circular and changes its properties to match the current level of your device’s battery. The tweak is pretty unique for iOS, although it is somewhat reminiscent of the circular battery mod that came out for Android quite a while back. Read More

NC Enough Sets iPhone NC To Cover Only As Much Screen As Needed

The Notification Center of jailbroken iOS devices is often filled with interesting widgets and toggles that make our lives much easier. No matter how bloated your NC has become though, it is likely that whenever you invoke it, there will be a reasonable amount of empty space at the bottom of everything. With an iPad, on the other hand, things are completely different. The Notification Center is always just large enough to let everything fit inside it. As soon as you get rid of pending notifications, the NC shrinks back to its minimum size. If you like this feature, and want the NC to behave this way on your iPhone as well, NCEnough is the perfect tweak for you. Other features of the tweak include letting users change the color of the NC (a bit like Custom NC Background), and keeping the SpringBoard accessible even when the Notification Center is active.Read More