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Get iOS 7 Control Center Toggles & In iOS 6 Notification Center

You might not agree with Jony Ive’s design choices for iOS 7, but there can be no denying the fact that in terms of features, the upcoming version of iOS is going to be the best yet. Things like AirDrop, Control Center and improved multitasking have the potential to improve an average user’s experience on an iPhone. Having said that, most Apple fans have to wait a few more months before they can get their hands on iOS 7 and until then, the jailbreak community is busy bringing different features of the update to older versions of iOS. We have already covered a theme that replicates the iOS 7 lock screen, and another one that modifies just about everything else to give you a taste of the update right now. When Control Center was first introduced, every Cydia user must have thought of SBSettings or NCSettings, and maybe that is why no developer has bothered with a full port of the feature to iOS 6. However, almost all the components of Control Center are available in the jailbreak store; you just have to know where to look.

iOS 7 Control Toggle Icons Winterboard iOS 7 Control Toggle Icons NC

It might be possible to achieve the Control Center effect using the SBSettings toggles for NC, but there is a more convenient method available for the jailbreak community.

  • NCSettings is a tweak that’s already aimed just at the Notification Center, and even supports themes. It doesn’t cost a thing, and is easy to configure. Grab it for your iPhone.
  • To take away the linen background from the Notification Center, install the free BlurriedNCBackground tweak.
  • Head to the Cydia store and search for a new theme named ‘iOS 7 Control Toggle Icons’. This theme is aimed at NCSettings and won’t affect any other area of your device. Enable this theme from Winterboard and respring your device. Now you have to head to the NCSettings menu in the Settings app and choose the iOS 7 Control Toggles option under the theme menu.
  • To get Control Center-like music controls in the Notification Center, NCMusicGestures is a good choice, although there are some major differences between the looks of the two.
  • In order to complete the Control Center effect, disable the Weather widget by going to the Notification section of the Settings app.

Despite all that effort, you still won’t be able to invoke the NC from the bottom of the screen, and there are no square icons at the end of the NC. Still, the look is pretty cool, and all the involved tweaks and widgets are available for free. So go ahead, try out the look, and see if you find it useful or pretty.

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