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CPU-Z Comes To Android; Shows Detailed SoC, System, Battery & Sensor Stats

For as long as one can recall, CPU-Z has been one of those tools that are considered must-have for any PC enthusiast, whether an avid gamer or a graphics guru. The popular desktop tool provides detailed information about your system such as processor make and model, clock speed, voltage, fabrication technology, bus speed, cache, motherboard, RAM size and much more. It’s about time this nifty little tool has landed on the Android platform as well. CPU-Z for Android is still in beta, but can tell you every bit of info about your device that you could ever seek. Akin to its desktop counterpart, the mobile app also sports a barebone UI that focuses solely on showing you detailed system information about your SOC, system, battery and various sensors in its flat-out tabbed interface.

Navigation between the tabs is fairly snappy, and the app itself is well optimized for most devices. The SOC (System on Chip) tab displays CPU and GPU info including CPU name, architecture, number of cores, fabrication process, clock speed, cpu load, as well as GPU vendor and renderer. The System tab is also quite elaborate and carries information including model, manufacturer, board, display size and resolution, total and available RAM and internal storage etc.


Since battery is one the most important factors when monitoring the performance of a mobile device, CPU-Z also contains a separate Battery tab that displays battery health, its current backup source, charging status, technology, voltage and remaining juice. This information can come really handy for those who are trying out different battery optimization techniques to squeeze the most life out of it, and want to see how their methods are faring in terms of results.

Nearly all Android devices these days come with quite a handful of built-in sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, thermal sensor and so on. The app is more than capable of telling you some advanced details regarding these sensors, along with any other ones that your device is shipped with. The most interesting feature is that everything that CPU-Z displays is real-time ,which means the displayed information reflects your device’s existing condition and position.

CPU-Z_Battery CPU-Z_Sensors

Overall, the folks behind CPU-Z have done a marvelous job building one of the most popular desktop utilities to one of the most popular mobile platform out there, making it a must-have tool for anyone who wants to view details about all the innards of their Android smartphone or tablet. Testing of the app was carried out on Galaxy S4 sporting Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Download CPU-Z for Android

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