Capture Screenshots Of Scrollable iOS Screens & Individual UI Elements

Taking screenshots on iOS is no big deal; you just push the Home and power buttons simultaneously, and the current view is captured with an on-screen flash. Since this is such a straightforward feature of the platform, not many developers over at the Cydia store have felt the need to tinker with it much. We have seen tweaks like Screenshot Dam, IsMyFlash and SSCapture in the past, but they leave the basic characteristics of iOS screenshot feature untouched, or just stop at giving the feature a makeover. Capture View is different though, as it adds a whole new dimension to screenshots capabilities of the iPhone. With this tweak, users can capture a single element of a long list of options, or even capture a complete scrollable list in one shot. Read More

How To Use Google Now For iPhone In Unsupported Regions

Last night, Google released Google Now for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the form of an update to the Google Search app available in the App Store. It is working well so far for people in many major countries, but those living outside them receive a popup message telling them Google Now isn't yet supported in their country. Well, we have found a way to bypass said region restriction and as always, we're going to walk you through the entire process. So check it out after the jump, and get Google Now up and running on your iDevice no matter where you are! Read More

Get Search Autocomplete Functionality In Safari For iOS With Platinum

Google Chrome on iOS comes with a neat feature that autocompletes your search queries for you as you type. Based on what you start your query with, you get real-time search suggestions, and you can select one of them to search for directly or further build on. Now, while Mobile Safari does give you Google-powered search suggestions, it does not let you quickly choose a suggested query to further build on top of. Today, we came across a new tweak that ports Google Chrome’s search autocomplete functionality to Mobile Safari. Check it out after the jump. Read More

biteSMS For iPhone Updated With A New Quick Compose NC Widget & More

Whenever I jailbreak an iPhone, biteSMS is among the first Cydia apps I download. It offers so much in terms of convenience that once you get used to biteSMS, it becomes nearly impossible to go back to the stock Messages app in iOS. Having said that, some other tweaks in the jailbreak store have recently starting coming up with decent alternatives to the features available in biteSMS. Fortunately, the team behind biteSMS isn’t resting on its laurels, and are always looking to make the famous app even better than it already is. Quick Compose is the feature of biteSMS that has managed to attract most fans to the app, and with the app’s latest update, it has become even better! In addition to a plethora of performance improvements and bug fixes, the beta version of biteSMS 7.6 also comes with a brand new Notification Center widget. This widget provides shortcuts that can be used to quickly get in touch with your favorite contacts.Read More

PullAll Adds Custom-Colored Pull-To-Refresh To Any iPhone WebView App

The ‘Pull to refresh’ gesture has been around in iOS for a long time, but its inclusion in the stock Mail app with the release of iOS 6 showed that Apple knows how much convenience this little gesture can bring to the life of users. Apart from the Mail app, the little arrow icon is also present in various shapes and forms in different third-party apps. Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular apps to support ‘pull to refresh’ on their main pages, while a lot of smaller players in the App Store implement it pretty neatly as well. If you really like the gesture, you must have noticed that it could have come in handy in a lot of other apps as well. With PullAll, users of jailbroken iOS devices get to add a customizable ‘pull to refresh’ icon to apps. The tweak doesn't work with every app you might be using on your iPhone, just any stock or third-party apps built-in WebView, including the likes of Safari, App Store, as well as different sections of Facebook and Twitter (in addition to the default main screen).Read More

Get Easy Access To System Toggles On iPhone Lock Screen

If Infinity Blade (or any other game, for that matter) has taught us one thing, it is that you cannot stay on top without being occasionally challenged. SBSettings has been the king of Cydia tweaks for a long time, and not many alternatives have come even close to garnering the same following as it enjoys. The only criticism that you can direct at SBSettings is that it offers too many options, including some you are never likely to need. Also, the lock screen integration of the tweak isn’t too good, and the screen turns off even if you are going through the toggles listed in the dropdown window. Flusterless and similar tweaks cannot be considered alternatives of SBSettings by any stretch of imagination, since they are too limited in terms of features. LockscreenToggles, however, might be the first Cydia tweak in a long time that can make you leave SBSettings. The tweak doesn’t have as much toggles and customization options as SBSettings, but that also means you don’t have to go through endless manual configuration to get started. Read More

Add Seek Bar To iPhone Lock Screen Music Controls With LSScrubbing

As tweaks like Tempus and LSMusicGestures have shown in the past, the iOS lock screen has a lot of potential when it comes to controlling your phone’s music library on the go. An average iPhone user doesn't need access to their entire song collection from the lock screen, while gestures are only useful to a certain extent and might even become annoying if you have to remember too many of them. Personally, the only thing that has ever bothered me about the default lock screen controls for the stock Music app in iOS is the lack of a scrubber (seek bar). The lock screen controls do include a slider to control the volume of the playback, and you can forward/rewind the song to some extent using the two arrow icons presented there, but it’s not the same as having a proper seek bar, which forces a lot of users to launch the Music app whenever they want to skip to the favorite part of a song, thereby killing the whole purpose of lock screen controls for them. LSScrubbing is a new Cydia tweak that solves this problem by adding a seek bar to the lock screen music controls in iOS.Read More

BatteryDoctorPro Is The Ultimate Power Saving & Monitoring App For iOS

A lot of apps are often labeled as the most comprehensive in their genre, but rarely does one justify the tag more than BatteryDoctorPro. Battery Doctor has been around for Android and iOS for a long time, and BatteryDoctorPro comes from the same developer. There is one main distinction between the two apps though. Unlike Battery Doctor, BatteryDoctorPro has only been released for jailbroken devices. There are some pretty clear reasons for that, since the app incorporates widgets for both NC and SpringBoard. You also get a bunch of toggles to control system actions, just like SBSettings, and there are other similar features that you aren't likely to ever see in an Apple-approved app.Read More

Change UI Accent Color Of iPhone Apps With Emphasize

I know a lot of people who aren’t really into Winterboard themes despite having a jailbroken iDevice. While theming can give your device a completely new look, it does come with a few drawbacks. For one thing, your device’s battery life might be negatively affected if the theme is a bit too flashy, and you also end up losing all the finesse that defines iOS. So, if you don’t have any serious issues with the way things appear in iOS by default, Emphasize might still manage to win you over. The tweak lets you change the color of basic UI elements in iOS. In iOS 6, the status bar changes color to match the current app’s theme. There have also been tweaks like WeatherBar in the past, which are aimed at making your iPhone’s screen appear more interesting and colorful. Emphasize goes one step further, and lets you choose the basic UI color of a third-party or system app. Read More

How To Individually Delete iTunes-Synced Photos From Within iPhone

Even if you are a die-hard fan of iOS, there's no denying that the stock Photos app in iPhone is not one of Apple’s best creations. For one thing, the app is not very feature rich, and has received only a few basic editing options pretty recently. Apart from that, managing your albums and the images within them can get a bit messy at times. Deletion capabilities for iCloud photos were added a long time ago, and the Camera Roll is quite neat, but if you have albums imported using iTunes, good luck trying to do anything with them! For some reason, iOS does not allow users to delete albums or the photos in them if they are synced with iTunes. Not everyone wants to connect their iPhone to a computer merely to get rid of a few annoying pictures, and it seems a bit counter-intuitive to do that as well. While we can only hope that Apple decides to change this in iOS 7, jailbreak users can address the issue right now, thanks to new Cydia tweak, iMageSynced Remover.Read More

MessageBox Lets Chat Heads Float Around Outside Facebook For iOS

People can’t seem to stop talking about the new Facebook update for iOS, despite the fact that it has been around for a couple of weeks now. The newly introduced stickers are pretty nice, but there can be no doubting the fact that the real show-stoppers are Chat Heads. The Cydia store has already received a few tweaks aimed at the Facebook app’s new features, but ever since it was announced that there will soon be a tweak to let you use Chat Heads outside of the Facebook app, many have been waiting just for that. After all, Android already has the same capability thanks to Facebook Home, and iOS users want a piece of that as well. According to the word that was out there, the Chat Heads-liberating Cydia tweak, MessageBox, was supposed to be released last week, but got delayed for some reason. A few hours ago, the developer made the DEB file of the tweak available for the public, and now the tweak has finally been released in the Cydia store! Read More

Add A Feature-Rich File Downloader To Google Chrome For iOS

When the Chrome Download Manager tweak was released last year, a lot of people thought that a better alternative will soon make its way to the Cydia store, but even after all that time, we are still looking for the perfect downloader that works with Google Chrome for iOS. As it has been around for longer, Safari has some pretty decent download managers, like Safari Download Enabler. Chrome Downloader is the latest download manager to come out for Google’s iOS web browser. It has seamlessly integrates with the web browser much like the aforementioned Safari DE and supports just about any file format that you have ever heard of. Even if you find a file that isn't compatible with the tweak, you can remedy that by manually configuring Chrome Downloader to always start a download session when a particular type of link is tapped within Chrome.Read More

Prime Adds Color-Coding To Incoming & Outgoing Entries In iPhone Call Log

Apple’s penchant for perfection fully manifests itself in the company’s choice of UI elements for iOS, but there are still a few idiosyncrasies that make the overall experience of using an iPhone slightly annoying. While the OS gets big things like cloud syncing, app environment and gesture control spot-on, there are some little aspects of it that could have made your life a little easier if improved. Take the stock Phone app for example - while it doesn't lack much in terms of features, there is a slight inconsistency in the ‘Recents’ tab that might have annoyed you on several occasions.By default, the iPhone call log displays missed calls in red color, but there is no easy way of distinguishing between incoming and outgoing calls, since they are both shown in the same font. There is a tiny differentiating icon next to each entry, but you can’t analyze the list at a single glance just using that. Jailbreak users can finally address this issue, thanks to the newly released Prime Cydia tweak that brings full color-coding support to the iPhone call log.Read More

Atom Adds A Sleek Custom App Launcher To The iPhone Lock Screen

All it takes is a single app or tweak to bring a certain genre back in vogue. Prior to the release of JellyLock, there hadn’t been a similar tweak released in the Cydia store for a long time, but now we have an even newer way of adding useful app shortcuts to the iOS lock screen. atom lets you pin six apps to the lock screen, and to make sure you don’t end up launching them by mistake, it uses a clever dragging gesture to get to the shortcuts. To make the unlocking mechanism conforms to the rest of the tweak, atom adds the unlock shortcut in the middle of the app icons, which looks pretty neat. atom might not have as many customizing options as ICSLock Pro, but its default look is good enough to keep most users satisfied.Read More

Get ‘Add To Home Screen’, Dropbox & Sorting Options In iOS Notes App

One might think that most Cydia developers deem the stock Notes app in iOS perfect as it is, because there are very few tweaks in the jailbreak store that deal with Notes. There are a few exceptions like AddNote and MultiNoteDelete, but even these tweaks don’t make any drastic changes to the app. This is why NotesTweak might be among the best tweaks ever released for the Notes app. Although your notes are synced across all your iDevices thanks to iCloud, but not everyone is a fan of Apple’s cloud service, specially since there are a lot of alternatives available for the same purpose that work on multiple platforms, not just Apple's closed ecosystem. If you are a Dropbox user, NotesTweak is likely to become a permanent resident of your iPhone, since its adds Dropbox integration to Notes. You can also save individual notes to your device’s Home screen, which is quite similar to adding webpages to SpringBoard. The ability to let users sort notes in the app just the way they want completes the tweak’s impressive feature list. Read More

FBPrivacy Adds A Bunch Of Features To Facebook & Messenger For iPhone

Don’t be fooled by the name - FBPrivacy is not just about improving the privacy level of your Facebook account; this Cydia tweak is more like an unofficial Facebook update that fixes everything that is annoying about two of the service’s most popular iOS apps. FBPrivacy deals with both Facebook and Facebook Messenger, adding some new features to them and removing a few that have never been too close to many people’s hearts. We have already told you about the easiest way of getting rid of the ‘seen’ indicator from Messenger, but now you can enjoy the same level of control in your conversations even if you have decided to stick to the Facebook app’s own chat feature due to the newly rolled out chat heads and stickers. Apart from that, FBPrivacy lets you attach multiple photos in a single chat message, disable the typing indicator, see timestamps for all messages, and much more.Read More

Enable Facebook Chat Heads & Stickers On Your iPhone In A Couple Taps

Only a few days have passed since Facebook released version 6.0 of its iOS client, but a lot of the features offered by the update have already gained popularity among the masses. Chat heads are the biggest addition to the app in its latest update, with the equally interesting chat stickers garnering plenty of attention as well. Unfortunately, both these features are not yet available to everyone using an iOS device. According to Facebook’s App Store page, the social networking giant plans to roll out these features to all users gradually. For now, a lot of people have been able to use chat heads and stickers on their iPhones, but iPad owners have generally not been so lucky. Even on smaller devices, a considerable number of users are awaiting the features. There is a rather difficult way to enable chat heads on any iDevice, while getting stickers requires even more effort. If you have a jailbroken device though, you don’t have to do much to get chat heads and stickers working for your account right away.Read More

Abstergo Lets You Clear Individual iOS Notifications Or Turn Them Into Reminders

It’s been around for more than a year, but some of you might still be using Lorem - the Cydia tweak that lets iOS users clear a single notification from a group within the Notification Center. A lot of tweaks dealing with notifications have been released since Lorem, and Abstergo combines the features offered by these newer ones with the functionality offered by Lorem. With Abstergo, you can get Remind Me Later options for any notification (just like with AnyReminder), and the tweak is also capable of letting you clear notifications from the lock screen or the NC just the way you want. You can use Abstergo to clear all notifications with one gesture, create reminders out of notifications without even unlocking your device, and convert texts into reminders from the stock Messages app.Read More

View App Store Links In An Overlaid Screen Right Within iOS Apps

Some might say that iOS’ ability to take you straight to the App Store whenever you tap an app’s link within a browser is an intelligent feature, but a lot of users are sure to disagree. Of course, most users click an app’s link with the intention of downloading it, in which case the feature is pretty useful, but there are times when you merely want to find out the name of the app your friend has sent you in an email/SMS, or just read up on some of its details. QuickStore is a new Cydia tweak that makes sure jailbreak users get the best of both worlds in this regard. It doesn't disable the links; however, you won’t be taken to the App Store either when you click them. With this tweak, it becomes possible to view any App Store page within an app or browser on your iPhone. You can even initiate a download from the popup window with a single tap before returning to the previous app. Read More

Get Android Jelly Bean-Style Lock Screen On iPhone With JellyLock

Imitation really is the best form of flattery, a lot of iOS users were quite flattered a few days back when Espier Screen Locker was released to replicate the iPhone lock screen on Android devices. Of course, we have seen similar apps and tweaks for iOS as well, like the previously covered ICSLock Pro. ICS is not the Android's latest version though, and all the newest devices come with Jelly Bean. So, it was just a matter of time before someone ported a few features of JB to jailbroken iOS devices. JellyLock is a new Cydia tweak that lets you enjoy a Jelly Bean-style lock screen on your iDevice. Those of you who aren't aware of the features of the JB lock screen can read our detailed post on the subject. Basically, you get to have a new kind of camera grabber and unlock slider on the lock screen that's in form of a ring. In addition, users can also place up to three app shortcuts of their choice alongside the camera shortcut - a feature found in several custom Jelly Bean-based Android ROMs.Read More