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Get ‘Remind Me Later’ Options For iOS Mail, Messages, Alerts & Safari

The Remind Me Later options offered by iOS 6 brings a lot of convenience to the life of many. As always, Apple has done pretty well with the feature in terms of innovation, but the implementation can be deemed a little limited. Some might argue that restricting such a great feature to just calls is a big waste and if you agree, AnyReminder is the perfect tweak for you. This new Cydia release brings the Remind Me Later option to Safari, emails, text messages and notifications from all apps. Anyone who is always a little too lazy to create a new reminder can now do so right from within an app or important notification. The tweak can also help you with clearing the entire list of pending notifications from your lock screen.

AnyReminder iOS Settings AnyReminder iOS Time

AnyReminder lets its users choose the options they want to get in the ‘Remind Me’ menu. You can configure the tweak to set a reminder for any time between a minute and 12 hours. The option to set a location-based reminder remains visible by default. AnyReminder is totally customizable, and lets you choose the exact features of the tweak that you want to use.

AnyReminder iOS LS AnyReminder iOS Lock Screen Clear All

The AnyReminder menu has a dedicated section for notifications that gives users of the tweak a lot of control over incoming notifications from all apps. When there are multiple notifications on the lock screen, you can clear them all by raising the camera grabber slightly and then letting it go. To deal with each notification individually, use the round button that appears in place of the camera grabber every time a new notification arrives. You can dismiss the new notification, clear all notifications belonging to an app, or use the Remind Me Later menu to create a reminder.

AnyReminder iOS Safari AnyReminder iOS Message AnyReminder iOS Options

In Safari and emails, AnyReminder adds its option to the sharing menu while in the stock Messages app or biteSMS, you can access the tweak’s option by long-pressing any text and selecting ‘Later’. The options presented in the Remind Me Later menu depend upon your choices in the tweak’s settings.

Overall, AnyReminder is just great, but it is the kind of tweak that needs constant expansion because of the endless possibilities it presents. The developer must keep adding support for more apps in the future to make the tweak even more awesome. AnyReminder costs $1.99, which is just a small price to pay for all the convenience it offers. Anyone running iOS 6 or higher can download it from the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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