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Quickly Queue Songs In The iOS Music App With Cyueue By Saurik

iOS’ Music player has remained pretty much dormant since its initial release on the original iPhone back in 2007. It can be argued that it is this way because Apple did everything right the first time, but that’s just not true when you compare the stock Music app with music players available on other platforms.

One of the many features lacking in iOS’ Music app is the ability to dynamically queue songs without going through the process of creating a playlist. Cydia’s developer Jay Freeman AKA Saurik has developed a new tweak that solves just this problem. Check it out after the jump.

Cyueue Cydia tweak

Like most software developed by him, the tweak in question is called “Cyueue” (mix of “Cydia” and “queue”). It allows you to dynamically queue songs from within the Music app in just a couple of taps.

Cyueue works like this: tapping on a song when you have music playing in the background presents three options: “Play Now”, “Play Next” and “Play Later”.

Cyueue music queueing Cydia tweak

“Play Now” does what it says, while “Play Next” and “Play Later” add the song you selected in a dynamic playlist named “Cyueue”. The former adds the song to the top of the list, while the latter adds it to the very end. You can also double tap on the left, middle and right part of a song’s name to quickly play it or queue it.

What makes Cyueue especially different from making a playlist yourself is how it clears your list after each music session.

Cyueue is the most useful tweak I’ve personally seen in a long time, and I don’t quite understand why Apple hasn’t included it yet in the stock Music app. I can see it being used in situations where your iOS device is being used as a mini jukebox at a get-together.

As awesome as it is, in my opinion, Cyueue could be further improved if the tweak presented its options with tap-and-hold instead of just a tap. Why? Because, in its current state, it unnecessarily requires two steps for the most commonly used option, i.e. Play Now.

Cyueue is available for $2.49 from Cydia. It seems kind of expensive, but it solves a definite problem, and the price tag shouldn’t matter much if you care about solving it. Besides this, you should consider the fact that this is developed by the man who has put thousands upon thousands of hours into making sure Cydia works 24/7; think of it as a small token of appreciation, if you will.

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