Android Tweaker Is A Great Modding Alternative To Pimp My ROM [Review]

A while back, we reviewed Pimp My ROM that offered Android users possibly the largest collection of various system performance enhancement tweaks, hacks and mods bundled into a single package. Ranging from Kernel-based tweaks to internet & network-based mods, the tool allows both intermediate and advanced users to tinker with a lot of settings of their rooted Android devices. New to the scene, Android Tweaker by XDA-Developers senior member iGio90 is a similar tool that could prove to be a tough competitor to Pimp My ROM and other Android tweaking solutions currently available in the market. As with Pimp My ROM, Android Tweaker is equipped with loads of tweaks allowing you to play around with various performance-related settings of your Android device. Needless to say, the app is meant to work with rooted Android devices only. A good thing about Android Tweaker is that it is fully compatible with almost all Android devices, versions, kernels and ROMs (both stock & custom). Let’s explore this handy utility in detail after the break. Read More

My Computer Tweaker: Massive Collection Of Windows Registry Tweaks Under One Roof

There are several ways to change the look and feel of Windows, the easiest among them being applications that modify different aspects of the operating system. Windows Tweaker is one such application with 100+ tweaks for system utilities and UI related components. However, many power users go beyond just mere apps and manually tweak the group policy editor and Windows registry to achieve the level of customization that is not possible through regular means. A lot of times, soon after a registry hack becomes common, someone makes a one-click tool for it, allowing novice users to take advantage of the tweak. Though that requires you to install a different tool for each registry tweak. Today, we present you a portable application called My Computer Tweaker that allows you to choose from a large number of handy registry tweaks to apply on your Windows 7 computer without worrying about not having a fallback plan.The tweaks are divided into several categories, including Desktop and Taskbar, System, Security, Visual Effects, Media Center etc., making it easy for you to choose the ones that best suit your requirements. Read More

EnhanceMy8 Is A Powerful Windows 8 Maintenance Utility

Windows 8 has allowed Microsoft to pursue new frontiers beyond its decades old Windows model. The hybrid new OS has opened fresh opportunities for its maker, both in the desktop and tablet industry. The number of new features, settings, UI elements and other tidbits that it comes with is incredibly impressive. Not only is Windows 8 fast, but the beautiful transition animations in its Start Screen and Modern UI apps are simply gorgeous. If you've already made your jump to Windows 8 and want to tweak it to make it even faster, try taking EnhanceMy8 for a spin. The software hooks you up with some system maintenance tools such as Disk Cleaner, Disk Defragmenter, System Info and Registry Cleaner, along with several of other tweaking options in order to – as the name implies – enhance your Windows 8 experience. Read More

Pimp My ROM Takes Android Tweaking To Newer Heights [Guide]

Are you into customizing your Android phone with all sorts of performance and usability enhancement tweaks to make your it faster, smarter and overall better? If your answer is yes, you are going to love Pimp My ROM. Aimed to bring tons of useful tweaks to any stock of custom ROM on any Android device, Pimp My ROM takes it all one step further by using the excellent recovery-based AROMA Installer to let you easily choose and apply only the tweaks you need, from the list of all it is offering. Excited? Read on for more details, the list of tweaks it offers, download link and installation guide. Read More

TinkerTool: Tweak Mac Lion Default Tools, UI Elements & Overall Usage [Review]

Just like previous Mac OS X versions, Mac OS X Lion doesn’t allow users to modify native utilities' behaviors, tweak with system settings, and make changes to its UI elements. For this reason, many power Mac users opt in for third-party system tweaking applications,, such as Lion Tweaks, OnyX, Deeper, Lion Designer, Lion Secrets, to customize their Mac. If you’re looking for an application that lets you easily access advance system preferences to change OS user interface elements, tweak desktop environment, edit advance Finder settings, view and configure hidden Safari features etc., then TinkerTool is worth a shot. The application is primarily developed to let users easily access the hidden advance system preferences built into Mac OS X Lion. While It comes packed with a sheer number of system tweaking features, you don’t need to gain administrative privileges to change system core settings. The application doesn’t make any system-wide level modifications, and therefore, the changes you make to Mac OS X via this application will not change anything for other user accounts. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Tweak Windows To Increase PC Performance With Simple Performance Boost

Like everything else, your computer also requires a lot of attention in order to keep it in shape. It is quite necessary to take care of your PC for its performance to be top notch at all times. With time, junk files, unwanted software, redundant startup entries and services get accumulated in the system, which can cause it to slow down or even crash. Simple Performance Boost is a Windows tweaking tool to increase speed and stability of your system. This application allows you to toggle only the safest tweaks that do not compromise the security or functioning of your system. You can turn the tweaks on and off any time you like. Moreover, it also creates a backup of your current registry settings, enabling you to revert back to original settings without a problem. It displays complete information about every tweak, so you know what you are doing before playing around with a function. Read More

Deeper Offers Tweaks To Enable & Disable Hidden Mac OS X Features

Deeper is a brilliant Mac OS X customization utility which includes a comprehensive list of options and tools to tweak with different indigenous applications, including, Safari, Mail App, iTunes, Dock, QuickTime, etc., and Mac’s Finder, System Dock, Spotlight, and Login screen. For those who are not familiar with Deeper, it accumulates a collection of tweaks in 10 different categories, allowing users to easily reveal numerous Mac hidden features, toggle applications’ user interface specific elements, and enable hidden features of aforementioned Mac applications. Read More

SetteMaxer For Windows 7 – A Simple Tweaking Tool

SetteMaxer is a light weight portable tool which lets you perform a handful of simple tweaks. It lets you perform common windows tweaks with a single click otherwise you would have to manually edit the registry or follow tiresome steps to get the same results. Read More