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Deeper Offers Tweaks To Enable & Disable Hidden Mac OS X Features

Deeper is a brilliant Mac OS X customization utility which includes a comprehensive list of options and tools to tweak with different indigenous applications, including, Safari, Mail App, iTunes, Dock, QuickTime, etc., and Mac’s Finder, System Dock, Spotlight, and Login screen. For those who are not familiar with Deeper, it accumulates a collection of tweaks in 10 different categories, allowing users to easily reveal numerous Mac hidden features, toggle applications’ user interface specific elements, and enable hidden features of aforementioned Mac applications.

Along with a dozen bug fixes, the latest version of Deeper, version 1.4.1, brings exclusive support for Mac OS X 10.7  native applications and features. Now Deeper lets you easily personalize Mac OS X Lion applications and enable those features which are, by default, hidden. Since the latest version is specifically developed for Lion, it may not work with previous versions of Mac OS X, including Snow Leopard, Leopard, and Tiger.

The application requires administrative privileges to change the default behavior and functions of Mac Lion native utilities. After launching the application, enter the admin login details and head over to General window.

The General tab allows users to toggle window opening graphical effects on/off, choose mode of operation for CrashReporter – Basic, Developer, or Server, set default screenshot taking name and format, change number of recent items in Open Recent menu and Number of Recent Places in Open/Save dialogs, replace static wallpaper with animated wallpaper, disable security warning for applications downloaded from internet, enable/disable Accent Picker from the keyboards, and install Preferences Pane. Under each window, you will find Restore Defaults to revert all changes back to default settings.


The Finder Graphic effects, Main menu, File, View and Go menu can be customized from Finder window. Moreover, you can enable options to reveal hidden files and folders and item path in windows title.


Deeper doesn’t provides as many dock tweaks as previously featured Docker but it includes some unique options, such as, lock dock content and icon size, enable single application mode, enable/disable non-hierarchical list menu and mouse over on stacks displayed in grid-mode. If for some reasons, system dock fails to launch after you tweak with its settings, click Restore Defaults button present in bottom-right corner to restore default settings.


Under QuickTime window, you will find basic playback control and title bar specific tweaks and configure other miscellaneous options, such as, Autoplay movies, corners of windows rounded, and keep in Fullscreen mode.


The Safari tab lets you customize navigation ad printing options, such as, disable Safari Cache, enable single window mode, printing of headers and footers and backgrounds. Before applying tweaks, make sure Safari is not running in background.


Mail window includes options to change different Mail App message elements. You can let it display emails in TEXT format when available instead of forcibly using HTML format. Aside from text display, you can enable data detectors and display attachments in messages. The minimum font size prevents you from changing font size from within Mail UI periodically.

Mail App

In iTunes window, you can change import settings, which include, add track numbers and auto-play the songs. The Window section lets you enable high contrast and disable zoom button in mini-player mode.


From Login window, Mac OS X Lion Login window background can easily be changed. You can enter personalized message to show on login window. Additionally, you can easily disable restart, shut down and log out menu items from Apple menu and hide these commands from login window.


The Spotlight window lets you enable/disable indexing of Start-up disk, search in dictionary, and calculator. If you don’t use Spotlight that much, click hide to remove it from system menu bar.


The Misc. window contains tweaks for Disk Utility, Help Viewer, Screen Sharing, X11, Dashboard, iCal, iChat and Mac Terminal. You can add other formats of disk images and enable forced verification of disks after burning from Disk Utility sections, show help viewer icon and set window to floating mode of Help Viewer, and show screen sharing full toolbar and Bonjour browser from Screen Sharing.  The bottom window has one-liners tweaks for Dashboard, iCal, iChat, etc.


Deeper is all-in-one Mac Lion tweaker to personalize Mac usage and remove useless native features and annoyances. Unlike other Mac OS X system tweaking applications, Deeper focuses more on unhiding concealed applications and features instead of changing behavior of system tools. Deeper 1.4 works on Mac OS X 10.7 only. However, you will find installers for previous Mac OS X versions on product page.

Download Deeper


  1. Why isn’t this in the MAC app store, I don’t trust/prefer not to download apps not offered in the app store. 

  2. Why isn’t this in the MAC app store, I don’t trust/prefer not to download apps not offered in the app store. 

    • Well, it’s actually a utility written by the same author as OnyX (the developer is Titanium Software), who for some reason felt there might be demand for splitting out the customization features of OnyX into a separate utility, and the other functions of OnyX into a utility he calls “Maintenance”, while still offering the functions of both together in OnyX. Seems odd to me, but everyone has their motivations.

  3. I’m still waiting for “Vi and the etc ‘folder’: how to use Mac and not want to kill yourself”

    • Go to windows and quit trolling would be the answer then. Glad I could help you save yourself.

  4. Isn’t Deeper, OnyX, IceClean and TinkerTool all about the same, with Cocktail and TinkerTool System being on the high end and of course Shareware?

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