R-Crypto: Create, Mount & Manage Encrypted Virtual Drives

Protecting confidential data from unauthorized usage is topmost priority of every PC user. No matter how many directories and files you hide, there’s always a chance of a security breach. Perhaps that’s the reason Windows 7’s BitLocker feature makes a lot more sense. BitLocker Drive Encryption is a robust Windows feature that lets you encrypt local as well as removable drives, but when it comes to creating encrypted virtual disks, users need to create a virtual drive using Disk Manager and then encrypt it with Bitlocker. A couple of months ago, we reviewed Toolwiz BSafe, which hosts a number of features to secure your data by allowing you to create virtual disks. Developed particularly for creating and managing encrypted virtual disks, R-Crypto is a powerful drive encryption tool that lets you easily encrypt your files and folders, and save them in virtual containers.Read More

gBurner Virtual Drive: Mount & Read Up To 16 Virtual Disks Simultaneously

Backing up your original CDs and DVDs into ISO form has always been a good idea. You wouldn’t want to buy a disk by paying your hard earned cash, only to get it scratched latter on. If you’re one of those wise folks who keep keep there optical disks as ISO files, or you just grabbed a disk image off the internet and need to mount it as virtual drive, then gBurner Virtual Drive is all you need. This ultra light weight application is designed to lets you create and manage virtual drives on your PC. As most of us only have a single physical optical drive on our PC, this application can be especially useful for users who work with ISO images and need to mount multiple virtual disks at the time. It allows you to access your games, movies and music from your virtual CD/DVD-ROM without burning them on to a physical optical disk. While most of the applications of such nature only allow you to mount images in ISO file format, gBurner Virtual Drive on the other hand supports a large number of CD/DVD image file formats, including ISO, GBI, DAA, ISZ, IMG, DMA, BIN, MDF, VCD etc. You'd be pleased to know that you can create and mount a total of 16 virtual drives at a time, allowing you faster access than using a normal CD/DVD-ROM. Keep reading past the jump for more usage and other details.Read More

Get Unlimited Local Storage Space With RapidDrive [RapidShare Premium]

Among all the file sharing services out, RapidShare holds its ground as being one of the top choices for a majority of users. Things start looking even better when you go for a premium account with the service, since that entails an unlimited storage, no restriction on downloads, faster bandwidth and much more. If you’re one of those users that operate under the RapidShare Premium umbrella, you’re in luck, because now, you can have unlimited storage space on your local file system with RapidDrive. This free application lets you map your RapidShare Premium account as a local drive in Windows, allowing you to upload files to the service’s servers using easy drag & drop, just like any other local folder/drive, without any interruptions. Hit the jump to read more.Read More

Create And Mount Encrypted Virtual Disks With FreeVDF

FreeVDF is a virtual disk management application which can create new encrypted disks and mount CD/DVD drives images. Encryption can be performed using the algorithm SSE1, and the disk can be created as password protected. This makes FreeVDF more than a virtual disk mounting application, as one can created encrypted virtual drives on a computer and password protected the data inside these drives to add two layers of security.Read More

Mount Disk Images To RAM For High Speed Disk Access With OSFMount

Many free disc mounting programs provide multitude of options for mounting and managing disc images. Many of these programs have quite similar features and it is not often that one comes across a software that can take the edge from its competitors by providing a unique feature. OSFMount is an application that allows mounting disc images on not just virtual drives but also into the RAM. This means that you can get faster access to disc images and improve the overall performance of the mounted images. This may include disc images of operating systems (for virtual machines) or games, that can be run more efficiently by mounting them in the RAM rather than on local disks.Creating RAM disks can be particularly handy for IT professional such as the ones who may require running database applications. OSFMount supports a huge array of extensions, including, ISO, BIN, IMG, DD, 00N, NRG (Nero Burning ROM image), SDI (System Deployment Image), AFF / AFM / AFD (Advanced Forensic Format images) and VMDK (VMWare image).Read More

Vdrive Maps Any Folder As Temporary Or Permanent Virtual Drive

If you have to work on a particular folder or set of folders for a prolonged time period, then accessing all the many directories just to reach your destination folders can be quite troublesome and time wasting. A better alternative is to use Vdrive, also called Virtual Driver, a freeaware application that lets users map folders and directories to virtual drives. You can even assign a drive extension to the selected folder and give it a label of your choice.Read More

Disk2vhd Creates VHD And Allows Script Creation Of Virtual Hard Disks

VHD stands for Virtual Hard Disk, it is Microsoft’s Virtual Machine disk file format, which is used to hold physical drive content to install/run on Microsoft Virtual PC or Hyper-V VMs. Tools that can convert specified part of physical hard disk into VHD format are not abundant, and some which are made open to public have relative complexity levels. Disk2Vhd is one simple tool to create VHD version of physical disk to use in MS VMs (Virtual Machines). The distinctive part is that you can run this application on online systems as well.Read More

Paragon Go Virtual Free: Advanced Migration and Virtualization Tool For Windows

Paragon Go Virtual is a tool that allows you to migrate from physical hardware platform  to virtual environment.  It lets you to convert any physical system running Windows (later than 2000) with all applications, settings, and user configurations as it is to a virtualized system. It has a build-in support for eminent virtualization tools such as VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC and Oracle Virtual Box. Read More

TotalMounter: Virtual CD/DVD Disc Drive & Image Emulator

Drive emulators can be useful for testing purposes as well as for saving the hassle of changing discs frequently. Furthermore, they come in handy when dealing with disc image files; ISOs, IMGs, etc. While most emulators offer the ability to mount images to virtual drives, they do not allow modification to the image, or creation of your own disc image. There are some advanced tools that come with this functionality, but most of them are not free. Read More

Windows Virtual Drives Manager

Virtual Drives Manager is a small portable utility for Windows that can quickly create a virtual drive. Sometimes user needs to mount a folder that is frequently accessed but is located deep inside as a virtual drive. Once you mount any point(folder) as a virtual drive, it can accessed quickly from My Computers.Read More

Create/Attach Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) In Windows 7

Virtaul Hard Disk (VHD) is basically a file format  that contains complete structure of a hard disk. It is a virtual machine hard disk that can reside on a native host file system encapsulated within a single file. It is used to store virtual operating systems,  their related program files and it acts like a proper hard disk.  Now, you won't need any third party tools to create and attach VHD, Windows 7’s Disk Management comes with an option to create, attach and detach the Virtual Hard Disks instantly.Read More