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Mount Disk Images To RAM For High Speed Disk Access With OSFMount

Many free disc mounting programs provide multitude of options for mounting and managing disc images. Many of these programs have quite similar features and it is not often that one comes across a software that can take the edge from its competitors by providing a unique feature. OSFMount is an application that allows mounting disc images on not just virtual drives but also into the RAM. This means that you can get faster access to disc images and improve the overall performance of the mounted images. This may include disc images of operating systems (for virtual machines) or games, that can be run more efficiently by mounting them in the RAM rather than on local disks.

Creating RAM disks can be particularly handy for IT professional such as the ones who may require running database applications. OSFMount supports a huge array of extensions, including, ISO, BIN, IMG, DD, 00N, NRG (Nero Burning ROM image), SDI (System Deployment Image), AFF / AFM / AFD (Advanced Forensic Format images) and VMDK (VMWare image).

To get started, click on Mount New and select a disc image to mount. To create a RAM disc, select the Image file in RAM option. You can also assign a drive letter and choose a drive type (e.g. CD/DVD-ROM, HDD, Floppy) or leave the drive type to Auto for auto detection.

Mount Image

You can open, unmount, save and extend mounted images via right-click context menu. User permissions such as read & write access can also be managed from this menu. Multiple images can be mounted by clicking on the Mount New option and adding more images.

PassMark Software OSFMount

Disc mounting programs are not only useful for high speed access of the mounted images but can also protect our physical ROMs from burning out due to excessive use. The only feature that OSFMount perhaps lacks in this regard is the option to create disc images like a few of its competitors. If you would like to check our more disc image management software, check out our compilation of the 20 free disc management software here. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported)

Download OSFMount

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