Network Sorcerer Is One-Stop Client PC Control Utility For Small Networks

Network administrators of small scale networks, ranging from 10-50 systems connected to one server, often require a standalone network suite that can automatically administer all the connected systems. There are many network tools available to control the client operations such as system shutdown, restart, hibernate, wake-on-LAN, send critical messages and more, but what if you don’t want to switch between network utilities to perform required network tasks. If you’re using a variety of tools to control each aspect of the deployed network, check out Network Sorcerer. It’s a comprehensive application that has been specifically designed to handle small networks. Providing a unified administration console, it lets you perform client PC-related tasks right from system tray, including ping hosts, shutdown, suspend, restart, and hibernate, and send direct messages. Moreover, these options are highly configurable; you can select the options you want to access from system tray. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

RemoteRebootX: Shutdown, Wake & Perform Other System Actions Remotely

There are a number of application (e.g., WakeMeOn LAN), which are meant to remotely wake up computers via command sent out through the Local Area Network (LAN). Being able to remotely wakeup, shutdown or reboot computers can allow easy management of data center servers, as well as other LAN computers that may be located all over the office. RemoteRebootX is a portable application that not only provides remote wake on LAN functionality, but also enables users to remotely reboot, shutdown, ping, retrieve the last boot time and MAC address, and obtain the list of services that are set to “Automatic” on remote computers. Read More

Wake Up Computers Remotely On A Network With WakeMeOnLAN

Did you know that you can remotely wake computers on your LAN? Didn't click? Let me elaborate a bit. Wake-on-LAN (WOL) is a functionality which enables a device to be turned on by sending commands from remote location. Wake On LAN is executed using an application or command line which interacts with the remote device on the network. WakeMeOnLAN is a portable application by Nirsoft,  developed to remotely wake up computers on a network which are turned off or in standby mode. WakeMeOnLAN works by collecting the MAC addresses of each computer (when they are turned on) and later sends a WOL (Wake On LAN) packet to wake up the remote computer. Read More

My LAN Admin Uses Command Prompt To Control Remote Computers

Remote Desktop is quite useful for remote management of servers and other workstations without having to run to the data center, each time a system admin has to create an Active Directory user or perform a usual task. However, one or more remote desktop connections can be a bit hard to work with due to often slow response from the remote system. My LAN Admin (a.k.a Tiny LAN) is a portable open source application which allows sending out commands to a remote system from the command prompt to circumvent the use of a slow remote desktop connection. It also supports numerous other remote management tasks such as remote shutdown, restart, wake on LAN, kill process, etc. My LAN Admin not only allows configuring remote settings and connecting (via remote desktop) to a workstation, but also provides the utility to connect a command prompt to a remote system by entering a target IP. Read More

Turn On Your PC With Android Device via WiFi Network [WoWLAN]

What is the first thing that an avid PC user does after, say, returning home from work? That’s right. He turns on his PC. If this holds true for you and if you own an Android device, then we have a tool designed just for you. Its called PCAutoWaker and it is available on the Android Market for free. The application uses the Wake-on-LAN networking standard to power on or “wake up” any computer connected to a predefined WiFi network. It can be configured to allow Individual stations to be powered on manually as well as automatically, as soon as the Android device connects to the WiFi network. So whenever you come back home, all you’ll have to do is connect your Android device to your local WiFi network while you’re at the door, and by the time you get to your room and your PC, it’ll be powered on and ready to be used. Read More

PC in My Hand: Remote Control Your PC From A Mobile Phone

PC in My Hand is an impressive application that allows you to control your PC from a cellular device, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm, Android, Windows Mobile, iPad, and others. Its features include using the cellular device as a remote control to shutdown/restart your PC, Webcam capture to monitor activities in your office or house, and file transfer between remote PC and client device.

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Remote LAN Wake Up Tool

Wake-On-Lan means to turn on any computer over the network by sending it a small command. Network Administrators usually use Wake-On-Lan tools to turn on computers over the network before accessing/repairing them. Jimmy’s Magic Packet is a simple tool that allows network administrators to quickly wake up any computer via the MAC Address.

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