Monitor Up To 4 Different Websites In An Ad-Free Interface [Mac]

A web browser, at its core, is a feature rich app for viewing websites. It is, however, meant for more than just viewing websites and browsing cat pictures. Modern browsers are smart, support add-ons and extensions, provide developers tools for creating web portals and many now exist for both desktop and mobile platforms (Safari, Inter Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Opera). For simpler web viewing needs - ones that might not require multi-tab browsing and are more focused on monitoring a site - smartView is a free Mac app that can step in. Free throughout July and available in the Mac App Store, smartView normally costs $0.99. The app is meant for segregated viewing of up to four websites. Each site appears in its own window and is free of ads. At its core, smartView is a web viewer; however, it is suitable for monitoring web pages, for opening your frequently visited websites, keeping them separate from your browser and easily switching between them. Read More

Local Website Archive: Find and Save Website Data From Multiple Opened Browsers

Previously, we reviewed software that download website data along with files including SiteSucker for Mac OS X and  HTTrack for Windows. These software save web pages in a structured way that corresponds to offline archives in the form of subfolders of a main directory. Local Website Archive distinguishes itself by automatically extracting information from currently active pages as well as supporting a manual operation. Moreover, its Firefox add-on effectively acts as a bridge between your browser and the desktop application, saving useful information in a well-organized search-friendly manner. It has the ability to download web pages from currently opened, popular browsers like Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera and IE-based browsers, email clients and other online tools. For instance, if you open websites in different browsers for testing purpose, you can easily download all the websites opened in your browsers without having to manually use Ctrl+S hotkey combination for saving the web pages. Read More

Zootool: Create Visual Bookmarks With Actual Content Snippets [Chrome]

Zootool is a web application that lets you collect, organize and share your favorite images, videos, documents and links from all over the web. It offers visual bookmarking that can specially come in handy when you’ve got loads of bookmarks and can’t remember a particular website. Zootool uses images to bookmark content, so you can access it in an easier way. Signing up for the service requires only a few simple steps, after which you can bookmark images, videos, documents or pages from any website. The Chrome extension for the service speeds up the whole process by letting you bookmark content from any website directly from the toolbar. Zootool allows you to save not only URLs, but actual content snippets, so you can quickly locate or find them at a later time. Read More

OpenPhoto: Share & Manage Photos, Save To Dropbox, Amazon S3 & Box [Web, iOS]

Gone are the days when we would stuff up our hard drives with thousands of images and copy them to USB flash drive if we had to show them to our family and friends. Now, people just upload the images to an online image uploading/ sharing website and give the recipients a link to the album. There are certainly numerous online photo sharing services available out there, which allow users to upload pictures, such as Flickr, Minus, Instagram, Imgur, Photobucket etc., but OpenPhoto is a unique, open-source photo sharing service that lets you use your Dropbox storage for not only sharing photo, but also uploading and organizing photo albums in an efficient manner. The uploaded images can be saved to OpenPhoto servers or synced with your Dropbox, or Amazon S3 accounts. It lets you easily toggle the privacy settings between Public and Private, change the License type of uploaded images, and share images with a particular group. That's not all; the web service also has a simple-to-use iOS client for on-the-go gallery management, and an Android app in the pipeline. Read More

Create A Personal Online Profile Page With For iPhone

The need to have a web presence is usually fulfilled these days by having one or more accounts on any of the social networking services which are around. However, no matter how active you are on social media, having a webpage of your own is at another level of “cool”. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or skill to create their website (although it isn’t as tough as a layman might imagine). One service which will let you create your personal webpage with complete ease, is It has been around for quite a while, and many people use it to generate a single link containing their basic information, and data from all their social network accounts. The big news? now has an iOS app available in the App Store as well! Read More

Modify Hosts File To Block A Website On Mac OS X Lion [Tip]

If you use a Mac at work and have access to sites like Youtube and/or Facebook  blocked, you might have experienced a mixture of disappointment and anger trying to access them. Understandably, these feelings probably helped fuel the search for a way around it. As annoying as these  blocks are, they can sometimes be useful and if you’re wondering how it woks on Mac OS X Lion, this post details how you can block websites and domains. The process involves modifying the hosts file on your Mac via the Terminal. Once the domain or website is mapped with localhost, the website/domain is blocked on your system regardless of which browser you use. To unblock a site, you need to access the file again and edit out the modifications you’ve made. You must have Administrative rights to make these modifications or your user account must belong to the administrative group. Read More

Easy Color Replace: Change Specific Colors In Images

Choosing the right color while working on a graphics project, such as a website, is a must for making it look pleasing to the eye. Making sure that people spend more time on your webpage is a hard job, and a slight mistake in terms of graphics being too dull or too bright can turn people off. Previously, we have covered some great applications that enable you to pick the right color for your project. Some of these applications, such as Pictures to Color and Color Finder, allow you to extract colors from images, ColorToy lets you find the HEX and RGB values of a random color, and Instant Eyedropper enables you to view color values of items on your desktop and copy them to clipboard. Easy Color Replacer is an application that allows you to replace colors in existing pictures. More on this unique tool after the jump. Read More

Verity: Protect Your Kids By Blocking Harmful Websites & Applications

Monitoring the internet use of children has become almost a necessity for parents if they want to ensure that their child is not being exposed to adult or harmful material. Internet is now filled with so much time wasting and potentially harmful content that you can easily lose focus whether your child is doing his school work or browsing around the YouTube or other streaming sites. How much monitoring and control there should be, is, however, a debatable topic. And depends on the country and culture you're part of. Previously, we have covered some nice parental control and monitoring software, such as Qustodio, Weblock For Kids, The Web Blocker, Activity Monitor and Cyberoids Web Blocker. All these aforementioned tools are quite handy to keep your children safe from various forbidden activities on the internet. Verity is another such parental control software that allows you to monitor and track the computer and internet activity of your child. You can block websites and applications with parental controls and track activity by user, program, keystrokes, mouse clicks and screenshots. It lets you view what you kids are doing on the computer and online in an easy, non-invasive manner. More on Verity after the break. Read More

Quick Quote: Easily Save, Retrieve & Manage Your Favorite Quotes

Quotes are past statements of a famous personality or writing. They are used as repetitions by many folks, as an ideal way to express one's feelings and thoughts on the subject at hand. They also give a powerful starting to an article or an essay. A good quote instantly catches the attention of the reader, giving them an insight into what to expect from the article. We read quotes almost everyday on different websites and magazines, but what usually happens is that a lot of us forget the right quote when we really need to use it. What you can do is write them down on a piece of paper, but that will also require you to take care of that paper and not misplace it. Moreover, you can't expect to keep it with you all the time. A better alternative is to store the quotes in your computer. If you were looking for a software specifically designed to store your favorite quotes, then Quick Quote might give a helping hand. It is an open source quotes manager that allows you to save and make a library of your favorite quotes. You can bring them up whenever you need them using different tags. The application allows you to search for quotes using tags such as names, dates, events, author or the quote title. Keep reading to find out more about Quick Quote. Read More

Find Related Bookmarks For The Current Website With Ease [Chrome]

If you’ve bookmarked an article from a website and can't find it, or if you simply want to look up all the bookmarks related to your current website, then Find My Bookmarks, a handy Chrome extension, can be quite useful. This easy-to-use extension locates all your related bookmarks for the current domain. and the icon appears in the address bar whenever it finds bookmarks for a particular website. Just click this icon and get a list of all related bookmarks in a pop-up. Moreover, users can enable or disable the Show URL on Hover, Ignore Subdomains and Ignore Current Page options from the Settings. Read More

The Web Blocker: Block Websites Using Read-Made Category Templates

With billions of webpages, parental control on the internet usage of young kids is a big issue. Many parents are concerned about not knowing what their kids are watching or reading on the internet when they are alone. Other than that, it is very easy to get distracted from the work at hand. It starts with you opening a random link on YouTube or Facebook, and ends with an hour or two wasted before you even realize that you haven’t finished your work. Some months ago, we covered a very good web based parental control application called Qustodio, that allowed you to easily block websites and keep track of your kids’ online activities. Today, we have another website blocker for you called The Web Blocker that lets you block selected websites, and also provides you with built-in templates to block a certain category of websites, such as Social Networking, Adult Material, Games, Videos etc. Read More

UnoTelly Lets You Visit Websites Blocked In Your Country

Internet censorship has been in the limelight for the past few weeks, due to the SOPA & PIPA bills originated in US and ACTA from Europe. What's the reason behind those bills and what political tensions are ensuing such change is just another debate. However, according to Wikipedia, “Internet censorship is the control or suppression of publishing of, or access to information on the internet”. A lot of times, when visiting a website, or specially when browsing on YouTube, instead of the website or the video itself, we see a message saying that the particular item is not available in our country. Suddenly you turn extremely furious, and if the video was of something great importance to you, it looks like it ruined your day. What is most annoying about seeing that message is that there is no explanation as to why the particular content is blocked. Both religious and political aspects for that matter, can cause the blockage. Finding out the reason is probably something beyond your control, but what you can still do is actually visit the website or watch the video using tools such as SecurityKiss and TunnelBear, which grant you access in one way or the other. Another addition to the family is UnoTelly, a portable application for Windows that allows you to access a lot of blocked website, including Hulu, Netflix, ABC, Fox, CBS etc. More details on UnoTelly up ahead. Read More

NeoDownloader: Define Parameters & Batch Download Images From Websites

Liked that image on some random website and want to save it on your local storage? Not a problem as every web browser easily lets you save any image. But what if you want to grab multiple images (lets just say tens of them)? Now you have probably hit the wall, as it's really a time wasting procedure to download each image one by one. The other way however is to try NeoDownloader, a Windows application that allows you to download images from different websites in a batch operation. The application sports a user-friendly and easy-to-understand GUI, allowing users to easily start downloading images from websites. It recognizes each new website as a separate project and creates a new folder, enabling you to easily sort and manage the downloaded files. The application also allows you to specify which keywords to ignore in URLs when downloading images, the minimum and/or maximum size of images to download, and auto-delete pictures smaller than a user-defined resolution. Once the scan is complete, you can further filter out the results by options, such as File Mask, File Type, Image Orientation, Image Resolution etc. Read More

How To Block Time Wasting Websites Using Focal Filter & Unblock Them

With millions of websites currently on the internet, it is very easy to get distracted from the work at hand. It starts with you opening a random link on YouTube or Facebook, and ends with an hour or two wasted before you even realize that you haven’t finished your work. Previously, we have covered  a lot of tools to help you increase your concentration, including web extensions, such as Website Blocker, an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to block specific time wasting websites, and desktop apps, such as Cold Turkey, an open source application to temporarily blocking predefined, custom websites and games. Today we have another, very simple and easy-to-use, website blocker for you, named FocalFilter. It allows you to block websites for pre-specified time intervals without making any confusing configurations. Once the timer is up, you have the option to unblock the websites or block them again for a specified time interval. Read More

Google Flights: Find & Book Flights With The Cheapest Fares [Web]

Yet another useful web service by Google, Google Flights allows travellers to search for cheap air fares for different destinations in the US. Users can also search by different airlines that are flying on different dates. To get the rates of different airlines, select your destination, and Google Flights will allow you to filter results by date, duration and price. Flight results change as you apply different filters. Furthermore, it lets you select the flight you want to book and purchase your ticket from the airline’s website. Read More

Temporarily Block Access To Time-Wasting Websites With Cold Turkey

Whenever you are working on PC, everything else suddenly starts seeming a lot more interesting than the actual work. Websites like Facebook, YouTube, 9gag and Memebase can be a big distraction, and have the potential for becoming a cause of missing those important deadlines. It all starts with someone sending you a link to a funny video, and you then spend hours and hours going from video to video. This wastes a lot of your time and makes makes it hard for you to complete your work on time. So what do you do to stop yourself from getting distracted while working? We suggest Cold Turkey. It is an open source application that helps you concentrate on your work by temporarily blocking predefined/custom websites and games. The access to specified websites is blocked on all browsers, with the ability to block the sites for intervals of 10 minutes to a week. The application cannot be stopped from the system tray or task manager, practically disabling you from wasting your time. Read More

Simon: Monitor Website Changes And Track Server Failures & DNS Invisibility

Website monitoring utilities help users identify all the surreptitious changes made to website as well as analyze the causes of server failures, domain invisibility and FTP connections issues. If you manage multiple websites and need a tool that can conduct HTTP tests to find websites changes and server failures, monitor FTP connection for uploaded files, query DNS to check if domain is accessible and run simple PING command to check remote location access, server response time and packet loss, Simon is a solid pick. It’s an application for Mac OS X that includes 4 monitoring services including DNS, FTP, Ping and Web. These services define the criteria of monitoring the remote servers and websites. You can use HTTP service to instantly detect changes and server failures for a website, apply DNS check to keep tab on domain visibility and employ FTP service to identify changes made to uploaded files. Read More

ProtectYourVision Reduces Eye Strain While Computing [Web]

Have tired, sore and watery eyes after working for long hours on the computer? You may even develop a temporary condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) if you work on the computer without taking breaks.  ProtectYourVision, a web app, automatically alerts you and sends you desktop notifications when it's time for you to take a break and to give your eyes some rest. It also provides you with some nice eye gymnastics that you can practice in order to reduce the tension in your eyes. Set a reminder on EVO whenever you start working on your computer. ProtectYourVision comes with three different themes and two modes for reminders. Furthermore, it also offers desktop notifications for Chrome and Firefox browsers. Read More Lets You Buy And Sell Textbooks Online [Web]

Need textbooks for college but short on cash? is a web app can help you out by letting you purchase used textbooks and digital versions of said books for cheap. has a large collection of textbooks, and offers fast shipping to anywhere in the US. Furthermore, you can also get cash for books when you sell them on You can not only sell textbooks, but other related products as wel, such as CD’s, DVD’s etc. protects the environment by encouraging the reuse of items and is a great resource for college students. Read More

FormBakery: Instantly Create Deployable Web Forms

Creating a web form can be a laborious and lengthy task. The HTML part may be easy, but once you start off with the styling, it can easily turn into a nightmare. FormBakery, as the name suggests, bakes these forms for you, aiming to make the task much simplified and easier. This service lets you create web forms that you can instantly deploy on your website. It comes with a easy-to-use interface, and offers users with multiple options. Once you’ve designed a form, you can simply copy the HTML and CSS for it, or export it independently (paid version only). Export supports JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS codes. Read More