Switch To The Simplified Version Of Wikipedia If Your English Isn’t Strong

Wikipedia has versions for several different languages but there is no denying the fact that a majority of its content isn't available in all the languages it supports. The English version has the largest volume of content and often an article that is available in multiple languages will have a better version in English. You can use Google Translate to read an article if English isn't your first language  but the translation isn't always the best. If, however, you can read and understand simple English you might try switching to the simplified English version of an article to make it easier to under. Wikipedia, the English version has a simplified version that you can access with a simple change in the URL. Read More

Kiwix: Download Wikipedia, Wikileaks & More For Reading Offline On Windows, Mac, Linux & Android

Wikipedia is the world’s most popular and up to date encyclopedia. It is like an external brain of sorts that we can access anytime to gain knowledge about hundreds of thousands of topics, but only as long as we have internet access. That really doesn’t have to be the case though, since you can use Kiwix to download and read the entirety of Wikipedia completely offline. Check it out after the jump. Read More

Contribute To Wikimedia Commons On The Go From Android & iPhone

In today's world, it's considered almost impossible to go through college or professional education without a little help from Wikipedia. As you might already know, Wikipedia is a non-profit project, and has been running successfully for a long time because a lot of its users are also among the website’s major contributors of data. If you have ever submitted anything to Wikipedia, specially an article containing a media file, then you are probably familiar with Wikimedia Commons. The service allows users to upload photos to a platform from where anyone can access and use them without having to pay anything. The images that appear in Wikipedia articles are generally from Wikimedia Commons as well. Since the world is shifting to smartphones and tablets from computers, it seems like a perfect idea to have a Wikimedia client for major mobile platforms. It has taken some time for the organization to realize that, but the Wikimedia Commons app is finally here. The app has been released simultaneously for iOS and Android, letting users of both platforms upload images to their Wikimedia accounts on the ago. Read More

View Related Wikipedia Images For Selected Text On Webpage

Wikipedia’s knowledge base isn’t just all text; you will find other types of helpful media on it as well, like images and sound clips. For many people, Wikipedia will often form the basis of knowledge on a topic that they can then expand on, and the images provided are obviously useful. In the past, we’ve covered a lot of extensions that let you select and send text to a particular website/search engine but for the most part, we haven’t found much that specializes in images, until now. Image Dictionary is a Chrome extension that lets you select text and send it to Wikipedia to search it for images related to that text, and shows them in a pop-up on the same tab. Read More

Linxy: Point Your iPhone At A Printed Word To Learn Its Definition

Most people who are into reading eBooks on their iOS devices are sure to appreciate the Define feature offered by Apple. It is impossible to have an infinite vocabulary, and every once in a while, we all need to refer to a dictionary. While iOS’s own dictionary has got you covered when it comes to words in the virtual world, you still need to manually type in everything if you come across an unfamiliar word in real life. Although paper books might not be as popular as they once were, a lot of people still read them, and even if you don’t, we live in a world where we are surrounded by text and alphabets. That’s what makes Linxy such a useful app. Thanks to the Linxy app, you can use your phone as an efficient dictionary for words you read anywhere in your surroundings. The app is based on augmented reality, and you don’t have to do anything other than pointing your iPhone to a word to view its definition and Wikipedia entry. Not only that, you can use Linxy even if you don’t have internet access! Read More

LoboWiki Is A Holo-Themed Wikipedia Reader For Android 4.0 & Higher

As compared to their iOS counterparts, Android users had to wait for a long time to get their hands on the official Wikipedia client on their devices. Although the official Android app of the world’s most frequently accessed online encyclopedia has proved to be a winner among most third-party clients, it certainly has its share of shortcomings. Personally speaking, I feel that the app can be made a lot more intuitive and user-friendly, especially from the in-app navigation perspective. Moreover, the bookmarking and offline reading aspect of the app can also be improved significantly. Now, if your Android device happens to be rocking Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, we have a very handy alternative that not only addresses said issues quite aptly, but also presents you with the world of Wikipedia through a beautifully designed, Holo-theme UI. Currently in beta, LoboWiki is the latest to join the list of promising unofficial Wikipedia clients for Android, and is arguably the best among those sporting true Android 4.0 goodies. The app uses a unique article queuing system to list out your searched topics, as well as embedded Wikipedia links, and pre-fetches complete content included within each topic to let you read your favorite articles in offline mode. Read More

Wiki Reader: Wikipedia Browser With A Filmstrip-Like Image Viewer [Mac]

Wikipedia may be cited as the number one resource for students who need to get an assignment done overnight, but unsurprisingly, it has a much larger reader base. No matter how you look at it, Wikipedia is a go-to website for most people looking for quick information. For people who need to use Wikipedia more often than others, a desktop client might be a better way to access it instead of a web browser. Wiki Reader is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store, and is a fairly good browser for Wikipedia. It isn’t likely to help you out with research, since there are no note-taking or bookmarking features, however, it’s a good site-specific browser. Wiki Reader lets you choose which language you view the website in, i.e. which language repository, and has an excellent image viewer that allows you to view all images associated with an article in a slideshow or filmstrip of sorts. Wiki Reader supports full screen mode and maintains a compete history of the articles you’ve opened. Read More

Dunno Helps You Research Any Topic With Related Blogs, Images, Videos, Wikipedia Results & More

In many instances, a cursory Google search is enough to familiarize you with any topic, but there are cases when you want to know everything there is to know about your object of interest. For such thorough researches, you have to browse through Wikipedia, YouTube, images, and a lot of other sources related to the subject. Dunno is an app that saves you all this trouble by researching anything for you! All you have to do is define a keyword or phrase, and then leave Dunno to do its job. The app integrates information from all the most important resources around the web, and you can view all this accumulated data at your own leisure. Read on if you want to know more about this really helpful iOS and Mac app. Read More

WikiView For iPad: Elegant Wikipedia Reader With Map View & Real-Time Search

You’ve all probably heard about Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia for readers by readers. Seriously, who hasn’t? If you often find yourself on the website, looking through its massive database of articles, you should know you can do the same on the go with WikiView for iPad. It incorporates most Wikipedia features and even provides additional features like saving an article for offline reading, removing those pesky references at the bottom of the page, searching articles by location via a world map and much more.

Read More

Hide Menus And Links On Wikipedia To Improve Readability [Chrome]

Wikipedia is a free, collaborative internet encyclopedia that has become the largest and most popular general reference work on the internet. Whenever we need to look up information regarding a topic, most of us directly go to Wikipedia. While it provides us with accurate, detailed information about almost anything, the large number of links in articles can clutter the website, which can also be a source of distraction. Beautipedia Modified, Chromified is a Chrome extension that solves this issue by restyling Wikipedia into a more readable and attractive site. The extension removes all the extra content, such as the left menu and other options displayed at the top of the page. Moreover, it transforms the links and makes them less distracting. Read More

Briteclick: Search, Reference & Shopping Through A Customizable Sidebar [Extension]

Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to leave our email or current webpage to access relevant information from various sources? Briteclick is an innovative search tool that makes finding information and completing tasks on the internet much easier and faster. After installing the extension, all you have to do is highlight keywords and get intelligent search results, neatly organized in a slick sidebar. This Chrome and Firefox extension lets you instantly view results from popular sources, like Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay and much more. Briteclick tailors results based on the keywords you search and presents them in a convenient sidebar, so you never have to leave the current page to open multiple tabs. Read More

View Full Size Wikipedia Images In The Same Page [Chrome]

Wikipedia is easily one of the most popular sites online and while most people are there for a quick overview of a topic or perhaps just to get them jumpstarted on a paper. Wikipedia isn’t doesn’t just give you the bare details; the community that writes these articles and builds the database add additional media like pictures, graphs, charts, tables etc. wikipedia image preview is a simple but useful extension for Chrome that allows you to view images on Wikipedia in a fast and simple way. Normally, when you click an image, it opens in the current tab with a whole lot of clutter around it, but with this extension, the image blurs the text and is displayed over the same page, without any text or other content around it. The extension instantly pops out the full-size images in a light box preview. In addition to that, the background color for the image can either be set to white or black. Read More

Wikistream: Get Live Updates From Wikipedia [Web]

Wikipedia is possibly one of the most amazing sources of information online for the simple reason that it was created by the very people who use the internet. New articles are constantly added, and existing ones are continually updated as the repository swells every day. While the site is mainly thought to be used by students looking for easy information, it actually enjoys a far larger and more diverse user base. For people who actively contribute to Wikipedia, or those who would like to monitor a new topic for changes, there is no easy way of doing it. Wikistream is a handy web application that allows you to view real-time updates from the online encyclopaedia.  You can filter streams by language, restrict the updates by type and character and also read hourly and daily trending articles. Read More

DevSearch: Search For Programming Technologies & Frameworks [Firefox]

DevSearch is an add-in for Firefox that provides numerous search features to make your web search easier. The add-in is specially designed for web developers, and gives programming technologies and frameworks-related search results from multiple popular websites. Apart from providing specified type of search results, it comes with a Magic Copy feature to quickly search highlighted word on the page. Moreover, it includes General, People and Technology search categories. Each category has different levels, such as level one, two and three etc., to help you customize the search results. Read More

Easy Read Hides Links On Wikipedia & Improves Readability [Firefox]

Links in articles on Wikipedia are a great source for building knowledge, but while you're reading an article, they can often distract you and make it difficult to focus on the actual content. Easy Read, a Firefox add-on, solves this problem and makes it easier to read Wikipedia articles by hiding links. Hiding the links makes it easier to focus on the content and avoid distractions. Users can easily show/hide links by clicking the button in the status bar, clicking the Show/Hide option the right-click context menu, or by using the Ctrl+Shift+Q hot key combination. Another great feature about the add-on is that, users can click hidden links when they want to find out details about a certain term or keyword. Read More

search fast: Instant Access To Dictionary, Wikipedia & Bing [Chrome]

Has it even happened to you that, while browsing the web, you come across a term that you want to look up the meaning for, but either choose to ignore it or save for later, just because you don't want to be bothered with visiting an online dictionary or wiki and find the relevant item. For such situations, search fast is a Chrome extension that allows you to look for these terms from the same page through a compact pop-up. You can search terms on Dictionary.com, Wikipedia and Bing. The pop-up adjusts inside the browser window without blocking your view, giving you a handy, quick approach. Read More

BetterLinks: Inserts Automatic Links To High Quality Content On Websites [Chrome]

BetterLinks, a Chrome extension, lets you navigate the web in a fast and effective way by inserting contextually relevant links to high quality, popular content. It inserts automatic links to articles, images and websites where you can learn more about the things you are interested in. It works perfectly and makes custom recommendations for you. The extension inserts dashed-underlined links on websites, where you can simply hover your mouse over these links and view content in a compact pop-up. Follow the links to relevant sources, or click Search For More option in the pop-up to view search results based on the link. Read More

Official Wikipedia App Finally Arrives In The Android Market

It may have taken a long time coming, but eventually, the official Wikipedia client for Android has been released to the Android Market by Wikimedia Foundation, which means you can now view whatever the popular online encyclopedia has to offer through its very own client instead of resorting to unofficial Wikipedia clients that have been hitting the Market at frequent intervals. The client's highlights include Wikipedia's article count of more than 20 million, support to read each in multiple languages, numerous other features such as bookmarking pages for offline reading, displaying popular articles relevant to nearby locations, real-time search suggestions, detailed search history, option to select best text bits for notes preparation, and customizable font settings. Read More

Access Wikipedia Offline In Chrome During SOPA Protest Blackout

A large number of websites will go dark tomorrow, January 18, in order to protest against the anti-piracy bill, Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and one such website is Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia will black out its English site for 24 hours, and millions of users will be unable to access the website. While this is a noble and possibly necessary step on part of the site, the fact is, there are still a ton of reports and papers that need to be written by students pursing various degrees and this blackout might be detrimental. If you are a regular user of Wikipedia and don’t want to lose access to the website for tomorrow, then Offline Wiki, a Chrome application, can be of great help. It allows you to save and download a copy of nearly all of the textual content locally, so that it can be accessed while Wikipedia is not available, or when you don’t have an internet connection. It downloads and saves a compressed dump file and an index. Two file storage versions are available, a smaller version of 14MB and a larger version of 1GB. All you have to do is launch the app, hit OK in the notification bar and select a file size. The download will start automatically, and you will be able to access and view articles in the index. Read More

Wikihood For Android: Location-Based Browsing Of Wikipedia Content

Wikipedia is arguably one of the most comprehensive online sources of information pertaining to any topic, person, place, event et al. Despite being hugely popular, and having official clients for Blackberry and iOS-powered devices, the service does not have an official client for Android as yet. Having said that, Android users have no shortage of alternative apps to access Wikipedia from their devices. Adding to the long list of such apps is Wikihood, which takes a slightly different route to presenting Wikipedia content, arranging it in various categories, and in relevance to user-defined locations. Simply put, Wikihood allows you to explore places on a map, and view all the Wikipedia articles relevant to them. Read More