How To Bring Back Aero Effects In Windows 8

When I updated from Windows XP to Windows 7 (don't ask why I skipped Vista), one particular aspect caught my eye: Aero. It's essentially a bundle of eye-candy and somewhat productivity enhancing elements like Aero glass, Aero snap, Aero shake, Aero peek, and Flip 3D. Over the period of 3 years, I've gotten used to them. Then came Windows 8, and it took away Aero effects. Some of those effects still exist, and the rest can be enabled. So let's see where to find them.Read More

Get A Hint Of The Old Aero Glass Effect Back In Windows 8 Using Aero8Tuner

When Microsoft decided to revamp Windows, they were not kidding. From the logo for Windows 8, to the concept of Desktop, there is a new twist to everything. Among the many features that have been changed or removed from Windows 8, there are a lot of features that were really liked by the users. Among these features is the famous Aero Glass effect. The Aero Glass effect made the borders of open windows semi-transparent, allowing users a peak at the other windows open behind the window in focus. The reason Microsoft decided to exclude it from Windows 8 is probably the fact that it does not go with the style of the new user interface at all. However, like everything else, tweaks and third party apps are already coming out for getting the feature back in Windows 8. Today, we have an application for you called Aero8Tuner, which allows you to change a few DWM (Desktop Window Manager) settings in Windows 8, and can be used to bring back a (currently buggy) hint of the old Aero Glass look.Read More

Aero Adjuster Brings Windows 8 Aero Color Change Feature To Windows 7

If you’ve been using Windows 8 Developer Build, you must’ve noticed that Windows 8 Aero automtically changes the Aero Glass color and effect according to your current wallpaper. Unlike Windows 7 where you have to set Aero Glass color intensity manually, Windows 8 detects color and color intensity of current wallpaper and changes both of them automatically. We have previously covered Aura, which can change Aero Glass color by getting color from wallpaper as well as from active window icon. Aero Adjuster is a similar application which brings Windows 8 Aero feature to Windows 7. It adjusts both Windows Aero color and color intensity according to current wallpaper.Read More

AeroBlend Automatically Rotates Windows 7 Aero Colors With Three Modes

AeroBlend is a Windows 7 Aero color rotating application which automatically changes the Aero color to match the current wallpaper, active application icon or active application’s content. It can be run in three modes namely, Wallpaper mode (for rotating aero color according to the current wallpaper), Active Application Icon mode (to change Aero color according to the icon of the active application) and Active Application Contents mode to change the Aero color according to the content on which the mouse pointer is present.Moreover, you can also set the color Intensity and fade icon appearance.Read More

Aura Now Uses IE9 Active Tab Color To Change Windows Aero Glass Color

A while back we talked about one Windows 8 Aero specific feature which will automatically change the Aero Glass color effect according to current desktop wallpaper and reviewed Aura to bring this very same functionality to Windows 7. Recently, the developer of Aura has updated the application to add one brilliant Internet Explorer 9 related feature. Aura beta 3, which is totally clean from bugs we encountered in previous beta version, now dynamically changes Windows 7 Aero Glass color effect by matching the color shades with currently opened tab in Internet Explorer 9. The good part is that Aura now works without any problems and still holds options to get Aero color from wallpaper and from active window icon. Take a look at some visuals and watch a demo video of Aura beta 3 after the jump.Read More

Apply Aero Glass Effect According To Current Wallpaper With Aura

One of the recently revealed Aero Glass feature of upcoming Windows 8 is that it will dynamically change the Windows Aero Glass color according to current wallpaper. This will surely help users quickly change the Windows Aero colors rather than calibrating the Aero Glass effects manually. Aura is an open source tool which brings this novel functionality to Windows 7. This small application is not only capable of changing Windows Aero color according to wallpaper but can also get color from active window icon. Aura resides in system tray, allowing you to quickly bring it up when wallpaper is changed in order to match wallpaper color shades with Aero Glass effect.Read More

How To Make Ubuntu Look Like Windows 7 [Theme]

Ubuntu despite its recent improvements in  appearance, arguably does not match the elegance of the Windows 7 Aero Glass Look. If you are a Windows user who recently started using Ubuntu or a hardcore Linux enthusiast interested in the Windows Aero Glass effect for your Ubuntu desktop. Here is a guide to help you do just that.Read More

Give A Custom Color And Tone To Windows 7 Aero With Aero Tuner

One of the most exhilarant feature of Windows 7 at the time of its introduction was the stylish Aero Glass Effect. Despite the fact that it adds eye candy for users, it does not provide a lot of tweaking options. AeroTuner is a portable application that gives a custom color and tone to Windows Aero. It provides options for changing the look of Windows Aero, such as selecting custom colors for the primary Aero color and a glow color. It does so by allowing to change the DWM parameters separately without DWM restarting. With Aero Tuner, users can change tweak color balance, blur balance, after glow color balance and Aero stripes.Read More

Automatically Change Windows 7 Aero Colors According To Weather Conditions In Your City

AeroWeather is an interesting application which looks for temperature or weather condition of your city and change the Windows Aero theme color according to it. The application sits silently in the system tray, retrieving the temperature in real-time. Overall, it makes an appealing connection with the temperature of your location with Windows Interface to give the real-life experience of knowing the weather conditions. With AeroWeather up and running, you can just look at the Windows current color scheme to know the temperature of your current location.Read More