Quickly Send VoiceMail Using JDVoiceMail In Windows 7

Do you find it boring to type long emails, just like me? Now give JDVoiceMail a try. It is a free tool which lets you send voice messages to anyone's email addresses. It records your voice message in the compressed .wav or.mp3 format and send as an attachment in the email. It is a very light-weight and easy-to-use tool, and best of all there is no special software needed on the end of receiver to listen to your message, he/she can simply listen to it in Window Media Player or any other audio player. Read More

Add Mac Look To Your Windows 7/Vista Desktop With Nexus Dock

Nexus Dock is a free dock application that gives fast access to your most frequently used applications. It provides you features like multi-dock system, live icon reflections, magnification, document thumbnails, and keyboard navigation, along with complete customization. When installed, it looks more like a Mac dock. Read More

Customizing Ribbon In Microsoft Office 2010

The Ribbon is basically a panel that houses the command buttons and icons and it also organizes commands as a set of tabs. The ribbon consolidates the functionality previously found in menu, toolbar, and many task panes into one area, and thus as a result,  it  increases both productivity and usability. It is not a new concept, Microsoft introduced it in Office 2007, but Office 2010 has implemented it with some enhanced features and it also lets you customize the Ribbon. One of the important things is that now it is not just limited to MS Word and MS Excel, Outlook also implements this feature. Read More

Exploring Windows 7 PowerShell

PowerShell is a command line tool and scripting interface which is very handy for system administrators and developers. It is also supported on Microsoft's Windows XP and Windows Vista, but you need to install it as a separate tool. Microsoft has realized it's importance and now  it comes by default with Windows 7 , not only this, but it has also been enhanced with many new features. It helps IT professionals  to control and automate the administration of their Windows OS and of applications that run on it. Now, its very easy to manage your system, write scripts to automate tasks, and create new tools. Lets explore it a bit more. Read More

Windows 7 ClearType Text Tuner Makes Text Appear More Sharp And Clear

ClearType Text Tuner tool lets you ensure that the text on your computer screen is crisp and sharp. With ClearType Text Turner, the words on your computer's screen appears as sharp and clear as those printed on the paper. It is aimed to increase the readability of words on the computer screen. Lets explore how we can achieve text tuning in Windows 7. Read More

An Introduction To Office Backstage In Microsoft Office 2010

There are a lots of enhanced features that have been added to Microsoft's Office 2010 which make its interface more user-friendly. Office Button is a nice addition and provides features that you will definitely need to use while editing your documents. It not only provides a very fancy menu, but also helps you manage your open documents, presentations, or spreadsheets at a much greater level. Read More

How To Configure GMail Account With Microsoft Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook is the most powerful and intuitive e-mail client software. Microsoft's Outlook 2010 provides  a very rich set of e-mail management tools to help you better manage your emails with a cool user interface. If you have a GMail account, then configuring the account with Microsoft Outlook 2010 is a piece-of-cake. Read More

How To Backup And Restore Important Files/Folder In Windows 7

In the world of computers, always prepare for the worst. Almost all versions of Microsoft Windows provide some data backup utility but these are limited to some basic features only. Now, Windows 7 provides you with an enhanced utility to backup and restore your important data in a very easy way. Windows 7's Backup & Restore utility can back up files on the basis of the schedule you set. It can back up files to another drive, over network, to a DVD, etc. Read More

Exploring Windows 7 Parental Controls

What Is Parental Controls

Parental Controls let parents restrict which games their children can play, which programs they can use, and which websites they can visit ,etc. This feature was originally introduced in Microsoft Windows Vista but was limited to website-filtering capabilities and some other basic features, but the upcoming Windows 7 has added many enhanced features to it. Now, you can easily control and monitor applications, games, emails and instant messaging,  etc. Lets explore how we can use it in Windows 7. Read More

What Is Windows 7 Libraries And How To Use It

What Is Windows 7 Libraries

The upcoming windows 7 has introduced the concept of Libraries which lets you organize your data in a more professional way. Libraries are actually the collection of folders on the computer system. As you know that many users do not save their documents, images and other files in one place and mostly you will find them scattered all over the hard disk, so the Windows 7 Libraries concept has provided an easy way to access all the files in one place. In other words, a library organizes all your files together in one place regardless of where it is stored. Read More

Remove Image Background in MS Office 2010 With Background Removal Tool

If you need to include an image without its background in Word document or Powerpoint presentation and are not familiar with Photoshop or any other image processing tool, then there is no need to fret. Background Removal Tool in Microsoft Office 2010 can do it for you. Among the long list of enhanced features in Microsoft Office 2010, there is Background Removal Tool. Removing the background of any image is now only a couple of clicks away. Read More

Use Resource Monitor To Check System Performance In Windows 7

If you are really conscious about your system's performance then it is necessary that you should monitor it regularly. All versions of Microsoft Windows has Task Manager utility which let you identify the processes and applications which are consuming the most system resources. Windows Vista offered Resource View which became very famous because it added some more functionality to Task Manager utility. Now what's new in upcoming Windows 7?  It's Resource Monitor. You can say that Vista's Resource View is a cut down version of Windows 7's Resource Monitor.  Resource Monitor lets you keep an eye on CPU, Memory, Network status and Disks status of your system. Read More

Understanding And Customizing System Restore In Windows 7

As you all know that System Restore is one of the important components of Microsoft Windows, it allows you to roll back(restore) system files, registry keys, installed programs, etc to a previous state in case of any disaster. Although Windows Vista provides the enhanced System Restore functionality, the upcoming Window 7 is aimed to improve it more. Now, get ready to experience the System Restore features of Windows 7. Read More

What Is Action Center In Windows 7 And How To Use It

If you have used Microsoft's Windows Vista, then you will be definitely familiar with Security Center where you can find useful security information, this feature has been enhanced in Windows 7 and named as Action Center. It is one place to provide you useful information regarding system maintenance, security and troubleshooting. It provides you different types of notifications, reports you about any issues in your system, and lets you troubleshoot any problem. It is being considered as one of the perks of upcoming Windows 7.  Lets explore more about it. Read More

Batch Resize, Rename, Convert, Or Watermark Your Images With Image Tuner

Suppose you want to upload your images to Facebook or any other website, we all know that it takes a lot of bandwidth to upload images and most ISPs have put some limits on it. After all sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc never keep the original image, they always resize and compress the images. So instead of uploading your original photo, wouldn’t it be better if you can resize and compress the images on your computer and then upload them, thus saving the bandwidth? Suppose another situation where you went to a  photography tour and came back with hundreds of photos, how would you add your personal watermark to all of them or rename them or convert them to another format? Read More

Sanvient – A Powerful Clipboard Tool For Repetitive Text

We have covered few clipboard utilities before, they sure come handy in different circumstances but but when it comes to copying and pasting repetitive text, they do not handle it quite well. Suppose you want to paste four different words or sentences repeatedly, what will you do?

This is where Sanvient comes in. It is a powerful clipboard utility for Windows but the developer likes to call it an ‘Input Support Utility’. It not only helps the general users, but also helps the developers because it supports copy/pasting of file, regex, key, command, and scripts as well.

Read More

Free Photo/Picture Modifier Tool, Easy Image Modifier

Do you have family photos or some images lying around that you want to resize, rename, shrink, change format or aspect ratio, etc without having to use some complicated image editing tools? If yes, then Easy Image Modifier will suit your needs. It is a free tool for Windows that allows you modify images quickly.

Read More

How To Batch Extract Password Protected RAR Archive Files

Do you have tons of RAR(part of WinRar) archives in your directory and most of them are password protected? If yes, then the common method would be to right-click them and select Extract Each Archive To Separate folder from the context menu. This method will take time since you have to type the password of each and every archive separately, and what if you do not remember the password for most of the archives?

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Integrate CD/DVD Burning In Windows Explorer With Explore&Burn

So you want to burn data or an ISO/IMG disc image quickly without having to run some 3rd party CD/DVD burner. Everyone knows the default ‘Burn To Disk’ right-click context menu feature in Windows is not very good at burning data and cannot even burn a disc image, so what’s left? Expore&Burn is a free app for Windows that  integrates into the Windows Explorer context menu. It can burn any type of data including an ISO/IMG disc image in just two clicks. Just insert a writable CD/DVD, select the data or an ISO/IMG disc image, right-click it and select Burn To Disk or Burn Disk Image, depending on what type of data you have selected. Read More

Quickly Compress Mp3 Music Files For Free

Compression of music files can save plenty of disk space and allow more music to be added to the iPod or any other mp3 player. If you have a music file that has a very high bitrate but you only listen to it on stereo speakers or an mp3 player, then even if you reduce the bitrate a little, it will remain immensely difficult to find a change in the overall sound quality. In short, reducing the bitrate a little does not harm the overall quality of the music much, but can save you plenty of disk space. Read More