How To Remove Google+ From Your Google Account


Google+ is the second largest social network in the world in terms of active users yet many people don’t use it as much as they spend their time using Facebook or Twitter. Although. you can stop using the service any time you want, it seems rather taxing that your Google+ profile is automatically created upon signing up for a new account. We all know that the social network is merely the web giant’s attempt to capture another bit of information about you, and possibly help bolster its advertising business and make more money. So here’s the cure: you can always delete your Google+ profile while keeping your other Google services and apps intact. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to do that.


First off, sign in to your Google account by visiting the site, and click your profile icon at the top right. This will pop up a small window with a link to your profile and options to sign out,  manage privacy, as well as your account settings page. Simply click ‘Account’ on this pop up to proceed.

How To Remove Google  From Your Google Account Settings

The next page carries many different options and settings related to your Google profile, all of which are split under different tabs. The one we’re hunting for in this tutorial resides under ‘Data tools’, so simply click this link as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

How To Remove Google  From Your Google Date

The ‘Data tools’ tab houses further options regarding managing your account, for instance, it lets you download data related to your account, or access other pertaining information. Locate ‘Account management’ section and click the ‘Delete Google+ profile and features’ link next to it.

How To Remove Google  From Your Google

This in turn will open up the delete confirmation page. You’ll be given the option to remove what’s known as your Google Profile.  But before you proceed with removing the account from Google’s servers for good, it’s worth reading the page for information regarding what type of data will be deleted and other details.  If you often comment on YouTube videos, for instance, then deleting your Google+ profile might affect your account since YouTube now uses your Google+ profile to let you interact and post comments. Likewise, it may affect other similar account information, but everything related to your Gmail account will remain unaffected.

How To Remove Google  From Your Google Account 1

After going through all the information, you can scroll down, put a checkmark on ‘Required’ (and optionally on ‘Also unfollow me from anyone I am following in other Google products’), and click ‘Remove selected services’ to remove your Google+ profile.

How To Remove Google  From Your Google Account 2

  • Yashwanth

    only reason everyone has a g+ account is ,,, YOUTUBE

  • Rob

    Thanks. I hated that whole Google+ thing.

    • Jacob Hoa Bang

      Does it work to delete Google+, but not my Gmail? Hmmm

      • Lei

        It doesn’t delete your gmail. I had the same fear.

        • Jacob

          I know, but I just tested it.

  • e.cayazzo

    Google+ should dissapear. It’s pointless to have it existing other social sites much better than this.

  • Skid Roe

    Don’t some people use Hangouts for voice and video calls? Does this affect that?

    • Down With Blizz

      Not if you remove it from your phone before it hijacks the functions of your mobile phone.

  • Ron

    In theory it works. For Google Apps accounts it doesn’t work. Error 500 since months. Google knows about the problem, doesn’t care. Well, typical Google crap.

  • Ron

    Why do I see on the Data tool ->
    Account management
    Delete account and data
    Delete products

    not same as it shows above? could someone please explain me

  • Mark Penrice

    This looks awfully like a way of deleting your entire Google account, not just the G+ part…

    • adam

      yes it is ! not clear to understand. Shame google!

      • Jesus Christ

        Anyone know how to delete the G+ without GMail? I kinda need my gmail, but I F**king hate G+

        • Rosanne Rosannadanna

          You take the name of the Lord in vain. God will not hold those blameless who do so. Even if you acted more like Jesus, instead of the sinner you are, you would not be worthy of using His name. I pray God will bring you to your knees in repentance.

          • NoxE

            I pray that the Lord almighty removes that stick up your ass.

    • socalman777

      correct, see my post recent. they seem to have removed the ability to just remove the google + account

  • Senna Mee

    Thanks – it worked. This wasn’t even what I was searching for, but when I saw it in the sidebar I took a look at it. This whole Google+ thing had been getting on my nerves. It seemed like I had been signed up for something without ever being asked.

    • Linda

      I felt the same way and similar reason I don’t care for Facebook.

  • Kat

    Thank you so much for this! However, I need to know if my gmail account will be deleted.

  • jamie

    It synced my YouTube account automatically and created a google plus account that I did not do… My significant other thought that I created it on my own behalf which isn’t the case. Why did google plus take all my info and create a google plus account? Is it because I commented on some YouTube videos that are linked to google+?? Its got my old job info my first and last name and all that jazz… I didn’t create this profile. And somehow that’s all linked to some stupid hangouts thing?? I have no clue what the hell or why the hell I have a google and hangouts account that I didn’t create.

  • adam

    It was not helpful for me, and yes Google and those lots of useless things like google+ is a bullshit! But as Google is the biggest enemy of date stealing from people, they really need to spy us . That’s all. But what we can do ? Nothing ! They force us to use google, because even you can not use a regular apps or buy something without google! Sorry ! But I don’t need google to live my life ! I need only a mail address. Remember my words! The 3th world war will not be by physical weapon, The 3th world war already is being here. It is the information war, and Google quite good in this 😉

  • N.A.N

    Will I also delete my Gmail account when I delete Google+??????

    • Akanksha

      Thanks for your help.

    • Amelia

      No you won’t delete your gmail just your Google+ account
      Don’t worry!!!

    • Liviu Squinky

      No i delete my G+ few days and nothing happend

  • questman

    I want to know if this deletes the gmail as well ?
    that would be a pb for me


    • PL

      No, it doesn’t delete gmail. And if you use youtube, Picasa etc. with your account they all will remain accessible.

    • Liviu Squinky

      No it not delete your Gmail and Youtube these remains the director of G+ has canceled his job a part of google plus has been detached from a few google services

  • SK

    Thank you so much!! Great help.

  • Lei

    was a little skeptical about it saying to delete my ENTIRE account (I thought it meant including my gmail); I didn’t have the option of picking what I wanted deleted like. But, it just erased the Google+. My gmail account is still up and running and I still have my youtube. It was very unclear at first, so I deleted, dreading going to have to make a new account. But, I don’t have to now. Thanks. I guess.

  • Summer

    I deleted my Google plus account, but still have access to YouTube but I can’t comment on any YouTube videos, also I cant update my Google play services without signing into my Google account and because I cant update my Google play services I can’t update my Gmail. But since the new Google plus update I now cant even access Google plus without updating my Google play services.

  • Rajiv Sobhee

    Those robbers.. no wonder why they bundled the whole nonsense together with utube.. to force people to keep the crap.

  • socalman777

    they seem to have removed the ability to separate google+ from your google account, I almost deleted my entire google account

  • Admir Karalic

    So Stupid that Google+ is combined with Services such as Youtube.