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Copy Bubble: A Floating Clipboard Manager That Saves Multiple Snippets [Android]

For PC users, the clipboard feature is as natural as anything else. It allows users to easily copy and paste text, files, folders, and more. Luckily for Android users, the copy & paste functionality has always been there too but akin to the default clipboard feature of desktop, the clipboard of Android can store only one item at a time. Copy Bubble is a new nifty little application that improves the default single-purpose clipboard in Android by allowing you to save multiple text snippets to it and use them any time you want. But since there are many similar apps we’ve seen before, Copy Bubble makes itself stand out from the crowd by presenting everything in a floating window giving you access to clipboard items on the fly by tapping an always-accessible hovering bubble.

The key concept of Copy Bubble is simple; every time you copy a text snippet, the app will add it to a list, enabling you to go back and paste anything you choose from a list of previously copied items which may include paragraphs, links, text snippets etc. After you install Copy Bubble and open it for the first time, you are presented with an introductory wizard that gets you acquainted with the app’s main functionality. You can read through these as its always good to take your time when getting the most out of a new app.

Copy Bubble_Intro Copy Bubble

Past the intro screen, Copy Bubble is automatically activated, and you can see whether it’s running or not by looking at the small hovering icon on your screen. This hovering bubble stores everything you store in the clipboard, and lets you use that information later on. Copy Bubble can only store text information though, which means no multimedia content like videos, pictures, music et al. The bubble that floats your screen displays total number of items you may have saved. And the total count increases as you keep adding more information to the clipboard. You can move the floating bubble across the screen and it sticks itself to the edge of your display.

Copy Bubble_Homescreen Copy Bubble Copy

The app proves useful when it comes to using previously copied information. You can simply tap its floating icon and it will bring up the list of stored items, allowing you to delete, share or reuse an item from the list by simply tapping it.

Copy Bubble Main Copy Bubble Copied

Overall,Copy Bubble is an brilliant app that provides wonderfully enhanced copy and paste functionality on Android. You can download it for free from Google Play via the link below.

Install Copy Bubble from Play Store

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