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Angry Birds Epic: The Birds Are Back & Charged With New Skills [Review]

Angry Birds was one of those games I was crazy excited to play when I got my first smartphone and I wasn’t disappointed. The franchise is one of the most successful ones in mobile gaming and a movie is slated for release in 2016 but the guys at Rovio are still developing new Angry Bird games with Angry Birds Epic being the latest to hit the Google Play Store. Unlike its previous versions that have a variation of the old sling-shot gameplay, this new game is a turn based RPG. The story is of course the same; bad piggies have stolen the birds’ eggs and the birds are angry.

Angry Birds Epic


Gameplay takes place across different fight arenas that are set either in a dungeon or in the forest. Like previous volumes in the game you don’t start out with all five of the angry birds. You start out with the red bird (Terence) who, to his great dismay, finds that the bad piggies have taken the yellow bird (Chuck) hostage in their egg raid. The first few fights are fought with the goal to rescue and free his friend.

Angry Birds Epic gameplay

The birds are no longer ordinary birds; both the birds and the piggies have super skills. An in-game power-up is added that fills as the fight progresses. When it’s full and used by Terance, he can deliver a loaded blow to the piggies. Terance can also enable a shield that absorbs the blows the piggies deal him but he isn’t alone in possessing this ability. The piggies can do the same. As you continue your fight, the piggies eventually take Chuck into a dungeon where you fight to free him. Chuck has his own powers and when rescued, he finishes the piggies off.

Angry Birds Epic free bird

Gameplay involves some strategy but nothing too complicated. Since it is turn based, you will have to make smart choices when it comes to choosing which piggie to attack when there’s more than one to battle. Other than that, it’s really simple.

Angry Birds Epic attack

You can buy more power-ups and you’re going to be brewing items later, probably with Chuck’s help so after each fight, you spin a prize wheel and get three items. You can buy items as well.


The graphics are as good as you would expect them to be seeing that this is a game by Rovio. Besides the great environments where the battles take place, the weapons are quite creative too. I particularly liked the feather ended swords the piggies had. It was as if they were mocking Terence.

Angry Birds Epic map


Sound files download AFTER the game has been installed and can take up to ten minutes depending on your connection speed. Like the graphics, the sound is up beat and, the piggies sound pitiful when they loose a fight and start crying in the end, and the blows from both bird and pig sound satisfying enough.


The game is nothing like the original Angry Birds game; there is no physics involved. You’re basically hitting a target right in front of you. If you were hoping for new environments and new spins on the original Angry Birds then this game is gong to be a disappointment. If however, you enjoy a good game with sound graphics and smooth gameplay that extends the story and abilities of characters you are familiar with and love, then it is worth a try. Angry Birds Epic is available for free in the Google

Install Angry Birds Epic from the Google Play Store


  1. Terence is not the main protagonist of Angry Birds Epic, and he’s not also playable. The main red bird is just “Red.”

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