Windows 7 Network And Sharing Center: What’s New?

The Network and Sharing Center informs you about your network and verifies whether your PC can successfully access the Internet. It is also a great place to manage all your internet connections, choose sharing options, set up a new connection, troubleshoot problems, and more. Lets see the noteworthy additions that have been made to the Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7.

You can launch the Network and sharing Center by right-clicking on the Network Status icon in the system tray and then choose the Open Network and Sharing Center option.

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New Network Classification Scheme

When you first connect to the Internet, Windows 7 lets you select the type of Network to which you are connecting. It could be Home, Work, or Public. This scheme comes in handy as it automatically modifies the appropriate network settings based upon the location type that you choose.

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View Available Network (VAN)

View Available Network (VAN) lets you see the list of all of the available networks to which you can connect, it has a more simplified and easy to understand  interface.

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Fix A Network Problem

This option was available in Windows Vista by the name of Diagnose And Repair but it is much more reliable and simpler in Windows 7. Just hit the Troubleshoot Problem option and it will ask you what you want to fix.

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Home Group

This is one of the greatest features of Windows 7. The HomeGroup option lets you create your own network for home and small office users. The working of Home Group is very easy to understand, it uses a single password and all computers joining the particular home group use this password.

Click the Home Group option located in the left side bar and then follow the on-screen instructions to create the Home Group.

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We have just covered a bunch of new features for those who are new to Windows 7. This would especially help the ones who are migrating from Windows XP or other older versions of Windows. Enjoy!