• I’d like to simply add that your writeup, while informative, is incorrect.

    your screenshot mentions “Searches might be slow in non-indexed locations” and you suggest the inclusion of a 3rd-party application to supply relevant metadata searches.

    If you add this location to indexing, it will turn up in metadata searches, as Windows 7 supports this. There is absolutely no need of your ‘taglib’ application. Also, the 3 button clicks to index the E:\ drive on your popup message would almost certainly be easier than downloading, installing, and using a 3rd party application. The demonstration provided is using ID3 tags, which Win7 supports; I can provide screenshots if you like. Also, Win7’s metadata capabilities are present in the indexing system.

    Here is an example: go to your desktop. Make a new text file. In the text file, write the word “hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” with no quotes.

    Click the ‘orb’ / replacement start button, and enter any portion of said word. It will populate in search results.

    I stumbled across your page while attempting to explain metadata. This page has been perfect to show exactly what Win7’s capabilities are, and how ordinary users fail to understand them.


    • Thanks a lot for leaving an informative comment. I am sure most users will find it helpful.

      • X

        I see now that it must’ve been your post (homegroup).

        I should’ve mentioned for my demo, you’d still need to save the file. But the rest of the information is true.

    • Hi

      This example doesn’t help. I added metadata to a .flv file using richflv and FLVMDI. This does not yield success when using windows 7 search. How can one change indexing options to allow this data to be searched for in Windows 7?