• Robert

    good job!

  • seth

    the t00l so nice~

  • aziz

    I don’t know why tech geeky like you reviewing in depth about windows 8, Microsoft has reLeased only a preview version of Windows 8,(Its not Even Alpha or Beta Release) its for app developers only, it is not ment for Average home user, Installing Preview version of Windows 8 and tweaking it makes you definitely a home of Security risks.

    One more time… Wait till Microsoft Releases its Standard Windows 8 (Definitely with Price Tag), till then stay away from it.

    • Anish


  • Leonardo

    you can change the Windows 8 user and app tile colors with this:

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  • Zak

    Is there a version for build 8250

  • haruhi suzumuya

    made in china ……good!

  • Is it possible to change to Full Background? Just like in Windows 8 Consumer Preview

  • Silentsouls

    Yet another fail of win 8

  • kartika

    I was looking for this information
    thanks for the knowledge 🙂