Inesoft Cash Organizer: Organize Your Financial Resources For The Better

If your financial budget is always in the deficit, you may require a software to tweak the income-payment balance. From depositing money to your account to the payments and deductions required in practical life, a finance management application may help you trace the cash flow for resource optimization. Inesoft Cash Organizer provides an efficient financial management solution that keeps track of transactions everywhere you go whether it be on the desktop, web, smartphone, tablet or any other device. With support for both local and cloud databases, it stores all your financial information in a secure format using advanced encryption techniques coupled with scheduled backups. You can set up multiple accounts in various categories and projects coupled with reporting and documentation options to record transactions and payee lists. Moreover, a comprehensive currency converter and a payment scheduler encourage you to save both time and money. Read More

Organize & Manage Huge Photo & Video Databases Using Snaps

Most users find it hard to organize their huge collections of photo and video albums. There are various tools available out there, but only a few applications provide the flexibility to organize, tag, share and prioritize information in order of importance. Snaps is a photo and video management utility that scans your computer or custom-specified locations for the relevant data, organizes it according to the date, and relies on geo tagging and popularity rating to add value to your memories. With features like add caption & descriptive tags and the freedom to upload relevant photos to popular online sharing sites, you are in a better position to manage your multimedia files. Pictures can be uploaded directly to social media websites like Facebook and Flickr. Moreover, a sleek viewing mode allows you to navigate through the multimedia with peace of mind. Read More

Organize, Extract, Shorten And Share Links Using FCorp Link Manager

FCorp Link Manager is a powerful application that allows you to organize URLs in accordance with customized categories, search them instantly, synchronize and extract links from HTML files or the clipboard. With features like adding links to Explorer Favorites, Convert to PDF, Translate & Search using Google and the option to bookmark and share links using 342 built in social media websites with a single click, this software promises to assist you in extracting and sharing a wide range of useful links. In addition, features like Link Encoder & Decoder, export to the browser and URL Shortener (supporting 10 popular URL shortener websites) lets you perform a number of link-specific operations from a single platform. Read More

NCollector Studio: Manage, Browse & Download Online Information To Your Desktop

Quite often one requires offline access to useful content relevant to a specific task or project especially for documentation purposes. In such cases, offline browsing tools like Teleport Pro come in handy but they cost you a significant amount of money. NCollector Studio Lite is a free application that allows you to collect information with focus on documents of interest, download it to your system for access even when you aren’t connected to the internet. You can download video, audio, documents or images from a website easily and store it in an organized manner. With features like an offline browser, website crawler, mirror website wizard and advanced search options, you can extract full value from your online experiences for the better. Read More

RoboTask: An Effective Task Automation Tool For Windows

By automating system operations, one can save a significant amount of time in order to achieve efficiency and optimum task management. RoboTask is a useful application that equips you with a feature-rich task automation environment loaded with useful hotkeys for essential functions. It can automate a wide range of tasks sequentially whether be it simple execution or manipulation of system variables. It eliminates the need for batch file execution, offering you an easy way to run multiple applications scripts and commands in a required sequence. You can now ensure data integrity by automating backup operations as well as peak system performance by configuring automatic execution of useful tools like the disk defragmenter, data backup etc. Similarly, you can choose to run the tasks when the system is idle. In short, RoboTask monitors both the user needs and the system activity to optimize utilization at each end. Read More

Qsel: Maintain A List Of Frequently Used Items For Quick Launch

No matter how diverse your program use may be, there will always remain a set of of applications that you frequently use. In order to save time, one can change the usage methods to achieve the most in a minimum amount of time. For instance, rather than opening notepad by typing or browsing in the start menu or a desktop shortcut, you can add it to a list of priority programs on the basis of which multiple actions can be applied. Qsel is a lightweight application launcher supporting documents, web links and applications. You can choose in what state a program opens up when accessed. With the flexibility to organize entries in different categories, automatic drive letter handling in USB drives, system-tray mode and hotkey support, it promises to improve efficiency both at home and the workplace. Read More

QikPad: Create, Modify & Share Documents In A Collaborated Environment

When dealing with large volumes of work whether at a small setup or large scale organization, effective team management depends on work distribution and coordination. It is essential to maintain a collaborated environment where the supervisor analyzes the overall team effort. Moreover, individuals look for guidance from fellow co-workers while playing a meaningful part in achieving the set goals and tasks. QikPad is an online collaboration tool that empowers individuals to create, maintain and modify information in a collaborated environment. Using author color codes, one can easily identify the source of changes in accordance with the relevant color assigned to a particular team member. The EtherPad Lite Timeslider function allows you to track each change by viewing activity. With comprehensive sharing options (using popular services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like), exporting in the form of plain text, HTML and Wordle documents coupled with an integrated chat bar, it will surely increase overall work productivity. Read More

PDFrizator: Create Animated PDF Presentations With Background Music

To maintain the presentation composition on multiple platforms and systems, you may want to use the PDF version of the original file. This is useful for printing purposes, but for presenting you have to sacrifice the transitions and effects not supported in PDF. PDFrizator makes up for this drawback by allowing you to add effects like page transitions and background music to create attractive PDF presentations. This can be achieved either by importing any PDF or a set of images that will be saved in the PDF format. With a powerful file explorer supporting both local and internet browsing capability from audio and image search engines like Picasa, Flickr, Twitpic, Bing Images (plus Windows Azure Marketplace), SoundCloud and Google Images, PDFrizator allows you to make the most of useful information around you. In addition, you can convert multiple image formats (like gif, jpg, png) and comic books (in cbr, cbz formats) to PDF using this tool. Read More

WebPALTT: Powerful Web Performance & Load Testing Tool

It is essential to develop and maintain easy-to-use websites and web applications to achieve the aims and objectives behind the outcome. There are various on-demand load testing tools available out there that analyze your application’s strengths through real-time measurements, session recording, scripting and advanced reporting capabilities to achieve effective web solutions. WebPALTT is an open source web performance and load testing tool meant for web applications. It is equipped with a user friendly scenario builder and customizable scripting feature. The overall working of the program is based on test scenarios that run on a web server with simulated loads. The scenario builder ensures a user-friendly environment coupled with the powerful scripting functionality. Read More

Automate System Shutdown Parameters For Efficient Power Management

In our quest to reduce power consumption, small but consistent acts may lead to a notable difference. Quite often your system sits idle resulting in nothing but power consumption. It is in such situations that some degree of automation might make the difference. With SleepWalker Shutdown Timer, you can create and configure automated actions like shutdown, restart, hibernate, log off user, turn off monitor, run a file or a screensaver at custom-specified intervals. Moreover, the Idle Shutdown feature allows you to shut the system after a specific idle threshold. Functions like Hotkeys, Password Protection, Log Events and Notifications & Alerts are useful enhancements in resource optimization. You can also benefit from the option to forcibly shutdown or restart to instantly resolve deadlocks. Read More

eHour: Advanced Time Sheet Management & Workspace Control Utility

The value of time is recognized by all those aiming to achieve efficiency and effective resource management. Individuals may track their time utilization against activity to maximize their productivity, while large scale organizations rely on time sheets to keep track of work distribution, status and other managerial indicators to maximize output in the minimum possible time. Keeping these goals in focus, the significance of a user-friendly interface coupled with comprehensive documentation facilities assist managers in making the most out of their time. eHour is an accurate timesheet management utility that keeps you informed about the time spent on various tasks in multiple projects. It supports a variety of languages including English, Dutch, French, Italian, German and Polish. . With features like Excel Report generation, segmented roles and custom-specified localization and currency options, this application promises to add value to your work environment. Read More

Disable Typing Animation In All Office 2013 Applications [Tip]

If you’ve started using the new Office 2013 (or version 15, as some may call it), you might have noticed the new typing animation. As you type, the animation is pretty obvious to note. Some may term it as a modern and contemporary addition to the flavor of the new Microsoft Office Suite while others would simply get annoyed. It is for such people that we present a registry hack to get rid of the fancy typing animation. This hack has a reversible effect and if you feel the need to revert to the default graphics, you are just a click away. Moreover, this will apply not only to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the like, the impact would hold for the entire suite. Through this post, we are in no way undermining the typing animation, but only presenting an alternative for the annoyed ones, out there. Read More

YAPM: Powerful Network Monitoring Tool & Windows Task Manager Alternative

For IT managers, administrators and advanced users, the built-in Windows Task Manager may not fulfill the tools required for comprehensive analysis for system monitoring and diagnostics. Yet Another (Remote) Process Manager is a lightweight utility that equips you with all relevant information related to the ins and outs of your system. It can be used in standalone mode or can act as a replacement for the Windows Task Manager, depending on your requirements. With advanced features like local & remote monitor, module & thread management, TCP connection viewer, dependency viewer, emergency hotkeys, privilege management, system snapshot feature and more, it is an all-in-one process manager promising valuable insights for system optimization. It is particularly useful in remote monitoring while report generation and process prioritization pave the way for effective documentation and support. Read More

Forex Strategy Builder: Create, Manage & Back-Test Trading Algorithms

For financial analysts and enthusiasts keeping track of the Forex markets, trading algorithms play a key role in getting the most out of the market. Trading strategies enable you to decide when to enter and exit the market based upon defined rules. Such rule-based strategies are devised by keeping a close eye on a large number of technical indicators and trends like price patterns to achieve maximum profit. There are a variety of trading algorithms available online, but most of them cost you money and you would require third-party tools to verify their impact. Forex Strategy Builder is a powerful utility that equips you with over a hundred technical indicators and extensive analysis tools that allow you to create, modify and assess the impact of your trading strategies through back-testing based on relevant historical data. Read More

Azendoo: Elegant Web App For Collaborative Workspace Management

With the increasing popularity of the social media and the importance of collaborative teamwork, businesses are merging the two for increasing overall work productivity. Azendoo is a web application that strives to keep your input valuable to the entire team by instantly sharing your plans via profiles, workspaces, subjects, tasks, and team members. With its modern interface, managing tasks, enhancing team performance and accessing information, on the go, had never been this easy. You can also share and prioritize projects while sending emails and messages to relevant individuals. The emphasis here is not only to link a group of individuals in fulfilling objectives leading to successful task completion but to also connect work with the relevant tasks in order to encourage high value content sharing for the betterment of the team. Read More

Notes For GMail: Sticky Notes In Your Email Threads [Chrome]

Google Mail has set itself worthy as an email client for both personal and office environments. With customizations like backgrounds, themes and integrated chat facility, it has become fairly popular amongst the users. Notes for GMail is a user-friendly extension for Chrome that allows you to annotate your emails by using sticky notes within your Gmail. Although these notes are private by default, you can instantly share them on Facebook or Twitter whenever needed. It blends in with the native Gmail interface and provides the additional functionality in a useful manner, independent of your settings. Now, you can add, delete, edit and share notes from your email for better organization and management of information from within the inbox. Each one of the notes has a timestamp for easy tracking and the option to create a comment thread for the better. Read More

EULAlyzer Lets You Quickly Explore & Understand License Agreements

It is a common practice to skip through extensive license agreements (EULA) during the installation process of any new software. Advertising, pop-ups, tracking, installation of additional third party software and other potentially suspicious activities can be spotted from within the agreement, instantly. EULAlyzer intelligently scans the agreement and extracts potentially useful information for your benefit. Moreover, detailed statistics and reports allow you to make full use of the clauses of the EULA. You can also submit reports to the EULA Research Center for improvements in the program’s detection capability. Using EULA Interest ID, it highlights the frequency of ‘interesting’ of keywords, numerically. With this application, you can instantly check the loopholes of agreements through informed choice for the betterment of both the system and your preferences. Read More

Ensure Disk Security & Configure Hard Drive Settings Using Drive-Thru

Storage devices are an integral part of the system usage for any user. Portable devices when plugged in, lead to auto-runs and other unwanted actions, while local hard drives may not be as private and secure as you require. Drive-Thru is a lightweight drive management utility that enables you to ensure drive security by hiding and/or locking drives holding sensitive data. It allows customizations like disabling auto-runs of both system as well as portable drives (USB, HDD, RAM Disk, etc.). Furthermore, it automatically detects connected drives and extracts detailed, information for subsequent actions, accordingly. It also supports ISO files for booting an operating system or mount/un-mounting purposes. With features like Add to Drive Context Menu, Removable Disk Write-Protection, CleanUp, Defrag & BackUp Path, and other drive monitoring and explorer options, Drive-Thru offers a powerful way to manage your local and removable storage mediums. Read More

Utopia Documents: A Specialized PDF Reader For Research & Academic Papers

While writing research papers, we often need such an integrated interface that can bridge the gap between online and offline content. There are various tools available that allow you to manipulate PDFs, explore an article’s content, or relate it to dynamic content, online. With Utopia Documents, you can benefit from all these features using a single interface. Working with documents has been made effective by incorporating a pager, figure browser, sidebar and search facility. Similarly, multiple viewing styles (structure, sequence or plot view) has been made friendly for analysis. Dynamic content enhancement aims to give life to the static content by filling in useful online tools wherever needed. With support for multiple data sources (like Altmetric, Mendeley, CrossRef, Sherpa), scientific sources (like BJ, Dryad, SciBite, RSC, AQknowledge) and annotators (like GPCRDB, NuclearDB, Reflect), Utopia Documents promises a truly unique learning experience. Read More

MultiLoader: Search, Download & Convert Batches Of Video Links

As the world of technology moves toward device integration, the need for efficient downloaders and converters is steadily increasing. For instance, you wanted a free HD documentary available for streaming online on your cell phone, what would you do? Our answer is a simple app named MultiLoader that instantly detects a video link from the clipboard and prompts for a relevant action like download or ignore. Apart from the link extraction function, it supports batch downloads using lists, a basic media player and video converter to transform a video link to a format-specific video file ready for your device. In short, you can now utilize a link extractor, batch downloader, media player and video converter all from one application. It supports over 40 video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and the like. Its simple interface coupled with a user-friendly design is bound to let you make the most of your web multimedia experience. Read More