Install Gingerbread Based CyanogenMod 7 on LG Optimus One P500

Whether its from the Cyanogen team themselves or from a passionate XDA-Developers user, CyanogenMod will find a way to make it to your Android device and amongst the latest devices in this series is the LG Optimus One P500, a fairly decent Froyo based device. While LG themselves have not mentioned any plan for upgrading the device to Gingerbread as of yet, it does not mean the device will not be tasting it. Read on for details. Read More

How To Root & Install ClockworkMod Recovery on LG Optimus One

Its becoming a trend for hard core Android fans to feel at ease only after their device has been rooted along with a custom recovery flashed and if you’re looking for a way to customize your LG Optimus One to take it a little further than what its stock options offer, we are going to show you how to root your device and flash ClockworkMod recovery to it. Read More

Install Gingerbread based Typhoon CyanogenMod 7 ROM on HTC HD2

CyanogenMod 7 has been making its way to a lot of smartphones out there and while the Cyanogen team supports a vast variety of phone officially, there are unsupported devices out there with no official build, specially like the HTC HD2 that shipped with Windows Mobile 6.5. We bring to you a detailed step by step tutorial on how to do a total conversion of an Windows Mobile Based HTC HD2 to an Android based device running CyanogenMod7, the current favorite ROM of all advanced Android users out there. Read More

Get USB Tethering on LG Windows Phone 7 Devices

Windows Phone 7 devices, just like Android, offers USB Tethering. This is a protocol through which the phone’s internet connection is shared over a USB connection to any PC or a laptop. If you have any of LG’s Windows Phone 7 devices and want to tether your 3G connection to your PC or laptop, below is a step by step procedure instructing you how to do that. Read More

Get USB Tethering On Samsung Windows Phone 7 Devices

Although WiFi hotspots are increasing exponentially over populated areas with the deployment of wireless broadband, there is hardly any area that does not have some form of internet coverage. However if you’re in an area with no coverage and own a Samsung Windows Phone 7 device, you can now share your device’s 3G connection and share it to your laptop or PC via a USB interface. Read on for a step by step tutorial that guides you all through the process. Read More

Get USB Tethering On Dell Venue Pro

You have two gadgets, one in each hand, one of them has 3G on it, and the other one has no internet access. Chances are you’ll be needing the internet access on the device that does not have it. If you’re in a similar situation and the 3G enabled device is a Dell Venue Pro, you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find a step by step procedure to ‘tether’ or share your Dell Venue’s high speed internet connectivity via a USB interface. Read More

Get USB Tethering on HTC HD7

If you’re an HTC HD7 owner and want to utilize your phone’s 3G connection to get internet access on your laptop or PC, the below mentioned stepwise procedure would enable you to share the connection with your PC connected via USB. Read More

Get Serendipity Custom ROM For Samsung Captivate

Samsung Captivate, captivated the hearts of many Samsung fans. The 4” Super-AMOLED screen along with 1GHz process and half a Gigabyte of RAM made it one of the coolest Android releases out there. The stock version however came with Android 2.1 Éclair. If you’re into custom ROM’s and are looking for a ROM to unleash on your excellent piece of hardware. We bring to you ‘Serendipity 6.2’, currently one of the hottest custom ROM’s built for your device. If you want to try out this ROM, read on for a list of salient features as well as a step-by-step guide to install the ROM and get it running your captivate! Read More

Repair And Fix 3 Button Combo On Samsung Captivate

Got a Samsung Captivate and found yourself unable to reboot it into recovery and download modes using the three button combinations that are standard for Samsung Galaxy S Series devices? Don't fret and give up hope on yours, as we now have a way to easily enable these combinations again once they have been disabled. For more information and the complete procedure, read on after the jump! Read More

How To Unbrick Or Restore Samsung Captivate

Nothing is wore than the sinking feeling when your phone refuses to do something that it was supposed to. The feeling gets a lot worst if what it was supposed to do was boot into the operating system or in some terminal cases, not boot at all. Most of these times, the hardware itself is fine, its just some firmware level issue not letting the phone boot normally. If you have just experienced any of the above described feelings and the feelings were inculcated by a Samsung Captivate, we’re here to tell you there is still hope. You can still have your phone back to normal if you follow the below mentioned steps: Read More

Get Gingerblur ROM For Atrix 4G

The Motorola Atrix 4G gained fame pretty quickly as the phone that was rooted before its actual official release and eversince then, the Android development for this device over at XDA-Developers has been pretty swift. One of the ROMs gaining quick popularity is the Gingerblur Beta 6. Although its still in its beta form, this Gingerbread style ROM is being used and tested out by many Atrix users on the forum. If you want to try out this ROM, read on for a list of features of the ROM and a stepwise tutorial to guide you all through the installation process: Read More

Install Gingerbread Based CM7 RC2.2 ROM On HTC Tattoo

HTC Tattoo - a relatively old phone shipped with Android 1.6 in its stock condition - has not yet given up the chase up the quickly growing Android ladder and just hours ago, Android 2.3 Gingerbread was made available for it in form of CyanogenMod 7 RC2.2 . So incase you have an HTC Tattoo lying around that you just can't let go off, this would be the time to inject it with Gingerbread and give it a new life! Read on for a step by step tutorial on how to install CyanogenMod 7 ROM on your humble little HTC Tattoo. Read More

How to Unroot HTC Legend Back To Stock

While we mostly cover the rooting of phones because that is what majority of users are looking forward to do on their Android devices, there are the occasional users who may want to unroot their device or return it to stock condition. If you are one such HTC Legend user and are looking to unroot your device, we have devised a stepwise procedure for you to follow and turn the time clock of your phone right back to when it was in factory condition: Read More

Install CyanogenMod 7 ROM On HTC Desire HD With Battery Drain Fix

HTC Desire HD is currently one of the hottest Android phones out there and its only fair that such exceptional piece of hardware be united with the one of the best custom ROMs available: CyanogenMod. The CyanogenMod team has been hard at work cooking the latest, Gingerbread based CM7 ROMs for a lot of popular high end devices out there and while it is still undergoing development for most of these devices, even the release candidates are pretty stable and worth a try. Below a step by step guide on how to install CyanogenMod 7 on your Deside HD. Read More

Install LeeDroid Android ROM on the HTC Desire HD / Inspire 4G

LeeDroid ROM has been one of the most popular Froyo based Android ROMs for the HTC Desire HD and HTC Inspire 4G. Built by LeeDroid at XDA-Developers forums, it boasts various features that surely place the ROM in the top custom ROMs for the HTC Desire HD. For the detailed features of the ROM and a step by step guide on how to install it, read on. Read More

Install BIOS Boot Animation On Android Devices

We all remember the good old PC days when you used to power it on and watch the BIOS check RAM and notify you of other hardware status and then bring the Windows logo to you. While most motherboard manufacturers customized the boot up to something more graphically entertaining and moved most of the data stream behind the scenes, there are still a lot of us nostalgic for that boot up. For this reason, we are bringing you a BIOS based boot animation that would remind you of the good old days and works on a range of Android devices. You can try out the new boot animation by following the below mentioned simple procedure to replace your existing boot animation. Read More

How To Use Custom Lock / Unlock Sounds In Android

The default lock / unlock sounds of Android devices are neither too exciting nor very audible but that doesn't mean you have to stay stuck with them as there is a way to change these sounds to those of your choice, provided your phone is rooted. If you are tired of the default lock/unlock sounds of your Android phone or tablet and want to replace them, read on for our complete guide. Read More

Install TNTLite 4.2.4 ROM On ViewSonic G-Tablet

TNTLite is a custom Android ROM for the ViewSonic G-Tablet developed by XDA-Developers forum member roebeet that brings a lot of features to the device that aren't present in the default firmware. If you want to install this custom firmware to your tablet, read on for our complete guide. Read More

How to Unbrick / Restore ViewSonic G-Tablet

If you have ended up bricking your Viewsonic G Tablet while attempting to install a custom ROM or kernel to it and are now afraid you'll never be able to use it again, fear not as we have you covered with a way to unbrick your Android tablet and restore it to its factory default state with a rather simple method. Read More

Install CoreDroid 4G Gingerbread ROM On HTC Inspire 4G

The CoreDroid Team at XDA-Developers have been hard at work since the release of the HTC Inspire 4G and their Gingerbread based CoreDroid 4G Android ROM  that also supports HTC Desire HD, has been gaining users ever since. Their ROM has been undergoing speedy development, with new releases becoming available with every development milestone reached. The team of brilliant developers claim that the CoreDroid 4G is faster by a factor of 50% when compared to the stock ROM. To put that claim to the test, for a complete list of features of this ROM and to see what sets it apart from all the other ROM’s available for the Inspire 4G / Desire HD, gear up, get excited and read on. Read More