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Get USB Tethering On Samsung Windows Phone 7 Devices

SamsungTetheredAlthough WiFi hotspots are increasing exponentially over populated areas with the deployment of wireless broadband, there is hardly any area that does not have some form of internet coverage. However if you’re in an area with no coverage and own a Samsung Windows Phone 7 device, you can now share your device’s 3G connection and share it to your laptop or PC via a USB interface. Read on for a step by step tutorial that guides you all through the process.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  • Windows Mobile 7 powered Samsung Device
  • Samsung USB Drivers
  • Knowledge of your Operator’s APN settings.


  1. Download Samsung USB drivers and install them on your system.
  2. Reboot after installation.
  3. Open up the Dialer, Dial ##634# and then press the Call button.
  4. On the diagnostic screen, Dial *#7284# and press Call again.
  5. A “Microsoft USB Test” screen will pop up allowing you to change the configuration of USB Path Control settings with the following options:
  • Zune Sync
  • Modem, Tethered Call
  • Modem, USB Diag
  • Select ‘Modem, Tethered Call’ and let the phone restart to activate the setting.
  • Connect the phone and let Windows install the ‘Samsung Mobile Modem’.
  • Connect device to PC, open properties of Samsung Mobile Modem and select Advance Tab.
  • Add this command in the text box: +cgdcont=1,”ip”,”APN” (replace APN with your carrier’s APN)
  • Create a new dial up connection with Samsung Mobile Modem with *99# as the dial number.
  • Leave the Username and Password fields empty.
  • Your PC will establish a Dial-up connection through your phone to the 3G internet. Enjoy!

    For any issues or queries, please go to the XDA-Developers forum thread.


    1. That works fine but after I did this I was unable to connect to my Zune software. Do I have to go thru this each time I want to tether over 3G?

    2. Definitely need to bookmark your site-what a helpful tip. Can this be done with all phones supporting Windows 7?

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