How To Get S-OFF On International & Verizon HTC One

HTC One has been among the hottest phones of the year, but unless you got yourself the Google Play Edition of the device that comes with pure Nexus-style stock Android and no carrier or manufacturer restrictions whatsoever, you need to unlock its bootloader via the HTC DEV method in order to install custom mods on it. Furthermore, for those who want to get full, unrestricted access to all parts of their device, there’s HTC’s infamous S flag that needs to be turned off using a process known as gaining S-OFF. Unfortunately, not all variants of the device are alike and getting S-OFF on different carrier variants can involve different methods. If you’ve got the International GSM HTC One (m7) or the Verizon CDMA variant (m7wlv), you can now gain S-OFF on it with ease, as long as it’s running a compatible firmware, thanks to rumrunner by XDA Recognized Developers beaups and Fuses. Read on for more details and instructions. Read More

Quickly Find A Tab In Chrome By Typing Part Of Its Title Or URL

We often have a lot of tabs open in our browsing sessions, be it for work, research, looking at funny cat pictures, or watching YouTube videos. This usually means we end up with so many tabs that the titles of websites become hidden due to shortage of space in the tab bar. While site favicons can help a lot with this in case those tabs are from different sites, the situation can become even worse when most of them are from the same site and thus have the same favicon, and we often end up having to click all of them one by one till we find the one we’re looking for. We’ve seen several extensions in the past that make the process of managing tabs easier, with Veritabs being a great option that gives you a vertical tab bar so that you can always find them by title. Though if you’re a keyboard junkie, you’re bound to fall in love with Tab Ahead – a handy Chrome extension that lets you find the right tab by typing a part of its title or URL. The extension is super-effective in looking up the right tab in an instant, making all those clicks on tabs to find the right one a thing of the past. Read More

ROM Installer: Easily Find & Install Android ROMs & Recoveries, Perform Backups & More

If you’ve installed ClockworkMod recovery on your Android device and have been into the custom ROM scene, you’re probably familiar with ROM Manager – the GUI app that lets you schedule all recovery operations such as ROM or recovery installation, backup creation, wiping data and cache etc. from within Android so that you don’t have to use the recovery’s interface for them (the operations are still performed in the recovery mode). There’s also GOOManager that makes the same possible with TWRP recovery. While both these apps work great, they both have room for improvement, both in terms of the variety of resources they offer, as well as the quality of their presentation. XDA-Developers Member jrummy has now provided us with an alternative by the name of ROM Installer that does just that, and does it brilliantly. Just like with ROM Manager and GOOManager, the operations will actually be performed in recovery, but you won’t have to do anything while in recovery mode. In what follows, we will take an in-depth look at this app and all its features. Read More

Install Android Kernels The Easy Way With Universal Kernel Flash

So you’ve rooted your Android device and have been hearing about the benefits of those awesome custom kernels, but are too afraid of manually flashing them yourself using command line tools? Or you flash different kernels often but would prefer to have a more convenient, GUI-based method of installing them right from your device? XDA Recognized Developer frapeti has developed Universal Kernel Flash to take care of all your kernel flashing needs. At the time of writing, Universal Kernel Flash has been confirmed working for the LG Nexus 4 (E960) and a few Samsung Galaxy series devices including the S4 (GT-I9500 & GT-I9595), S III (GT-I9300), Ace 2 (GT-I8160) and S Advance (GT-I9070 & GT-I9070P) running stock as well as custom ROMs based on various versions of Android from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean, and the developer is working on adding support for even more devices. Let’s find out more about this handy little app right after the jump. Read More

Install Several Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Stock Apps On The S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 are two of the hottest smartphones of all time, and have been the talk of the town for the past few months since their release. Both these devices run very similar firmware that employs Samsung’s TouchWiz UI modifications. While the differences in the two devices at the OS level are only subtle, the Note 3 ships with a few apps such as that are either not there on the S4, or differ from the S4 versions. Fortunately, due to the similarities in the overall firmware, many of these apps can still be installed and used on the S4. XDA-Developers Senior Member LastStandingDroid has gone through the trouble of extracting these APKs from the system dump of the Note 3 and making them all available for you. In what follows, we’ll take a look at these apps and how to install them on your Galaxy S4. Read More

Convert Everything Is The Ultimate Unit & Text Converter For Android

Kilometers vs. miles, Sensible (Celsius, of course) vs. Fahrenheit, Dollar vs. Euro – the units we use for the same type of measures vary across geographical regions as well as use cases. Before the age of computers, unit conversion required having to remember the formula (or carry it around in written form) and then performing the calculation manually whenever required. Needless to say, it was a cumbersome process but thanks to digital calculators and later, mobile phones, it has been made as easy as punching in the required quantity and unit, and choosing the desired unit for conversion. There are countless smartphone apps out there for every major platform that can help with that, and most of us probably have one installed already. So, what would make one want to shift to yet another one? Three reasons: the biggest number of supported quantities and units that you’ll ever see in any such app, a killer interface to go with it, and an ease of use level that’s hard to match. With Convert Everything installed, you will not likely have to look for any other unit converter again, ever. Read More

eSafely Protects Your Children From Inappropriate Online Content

As we rely more and more on the internet for everything from work and socialization to entertainment and shopping, we increasingly expose ourselves to the malicious entities on it that are waiting for a chance to exploit as many as they can. This problem becomes especially pronounced when it comes to children, since they are obviously more vulnerable to such threats, along with exposure to information that may not be appropriate for their age. For this reason, it’s extremely important to have parental control over your children’s online activity. eSafely aims to help you with that by making the internet a safer place for your kids. Available as an extension for the four major browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari, this handy extension protects your kids against cyberbullying and inappropriate conversations on Facebook, blocks adult content from YouTube and Wikipedia, and redirects all their searches to Clearch – a search engine that only shows results appropriate for everyone including kids. Read More

View Content Of Reddit Text Posts On Hovering Over Them In Chrome

We are big fans of reddit here at AddictiveTips, and frequently cover third-party clients as well as browser extensions that aim to enhance your experience of browsing the front page of the internet, such as the recently featured Shiny Reddit that gives the site a Pinterest-like responsive look and feel. If you are also a frequent redditor, you might have thought about how clicking each post to browse its content from the website isn’t too intuitive, especially when it comes to those short text posts. So, how about the ability to view the content of those posts right from the home page of reddit or any subreddit? If you are using Google Chrome, you can do that with Reddit Hover Text. Let’s learn more about it and see it in action right after the jump. Read More

Instair Is An All-In-One On-Page Content Search Tool For Chrome

What do you usually do when you come across something online that you don’t know about? I always see this as a learning opportunity, which often ends up in a Google or Wikipedia search, which further leads to endless searches on related stuff, distracting me from what I was doing. Recently reviewed Dictionary Bubble and other similar on-page dictionary lookup extensions can go a long way towards helping you with that, but they are inefficient when it comes to terms and phrases that aren’t found in the dictionary. How about a similar way to quickly search for something on the web, Wikipedia, Amazon and YouTube, Translate it via Google Translate, or even share it over social media or via email, all by just highlighting that text on the page and selecting the desired option? If you are a Google Chrome user, Instair lets you do just that. Let’s learn more about this handy little extension after the jump. Read More

Browse & Apply Gorgeous Android Themes With Themer By MyColorScreen [Review]

Android users are really spoilt when it comes to all the gorgeous customization and theming options available out there in form of launcher themes, ROM themes and what not. However, applying a complex theme to your entire device isn’t often the easiest of tasks when it involves making changes to several aspects of the interface (launcher, widgets, certain apps) individually to get the perfect look. If you are into Android theming and have been looking at all the great designs at MyColorScreen enviously, and not using any of them due to the complicated steps involved, the popular Android theme sharing service is easing things up for you with an app of its own. Currently in private beta, Themer by MyColorScreen allows you to browse gorgeous themes for Android, and apply them to your device with one tap. Read on for our detailed review. Read More

Easily Download Different Google Apps Packages On Android With EasyGApps

If you have ever flashed a major ROM such as CyanogenMod, AOKP, Paranoid Android, Slim Bean etc. on your Android device, you’d already know that they don’t include Google apps (Play Store, Maps, Gmail etc.) and that you have to flash a Google Apps package (referred to GApps) in addition to the ROM itself, in order to get the Google part of Android (which is technically not a part of the Android OS itself). The process isn’t exactly difficult, as you simply need to do one more flashing operation from recovery when you’re already there to perform the ROM installation. However, there are various Google Apps packages available out there, including universal ones as well as those custom-built for particular ROMs or their derivatives. Finding the latest version of the right Google Apps package when you need it may not be a hassle, but there’s still no consolidated source that can point you to all of them. Not anymore, thanks to EasyGApps by XDA-Developers Senior Member MBQ_. This Android app serves as a one-stop shop for all your GApps needs, and lets you download official GApps as well as BaNKs, Slim and PA versions from their respective sources without having to search for, remember or bookmark them individually. Read More

Set Firefox To Bypass Redirected Links & Open Target URLs Directly

Two of the annoyances that we often come across online while browsing are shortened URLs and URL redirects. While most people don’t mind the former because short links can be quite helpful when it comes to sharing information with others over social media sites like twitter, they can actually be used to hide the true source of malicious links and trick users with phishing scams. That’s why tools like URL uncover and ExpandIt were created to help users see where they were headed before clicking a link. URL redirects fall under the ‘more annoying’ category, especially because they first take you to one site, from where you are sent to the one that you originally intended on visiting. These are often used for tracking external links from a site by its administrators, especially if doing so is bringing in some form of revenue (affiliate links, user behavior tracking etc.) Furthermore, they can be annoying for those of us who often need to copy links and reuse them online to share information. Redirect Bypasser is a handy little extension for Mozilla Firefox that helps you with this annoyance by automatically decoding URL redirection for all your links, and at multiple levels. Let’s find out more about this awesome tool right after the jump. Read More

Double-Click Words To Instantly View Their Definitions & Synonyms In Chrome

While browsing the web, we often come across words or phrases that we don’t understand. Needless to say, this happens a lot more frequently for those of us who don’t have English as our mother tongue. Yes, one can always just google for the definition of such words manually, doing so isn’t exactly intuitive, as it requires you to open a new tab, and copy + paste or manually type the word or phrase to perform a search for it. Doing so also takes your focus away from what you were reading. Fortunately, there are several solutions available for this problem in form of browser extensions. Dictionary Bubble (Instant Dictionary) is one such extension for Google Chrome that shows you definitions for words on any web page by double-clicking them, much like Google's very own 'Google Dictionary', but with synonyms and adjectives added to the mix. The definitions are shown in a popup that you can easily dismiss. You can also choose to get definitions when you highlight words and phrases on the page. Read More

Popular eBook Reader Readmill Now On Android; We Go Hands-On [Review]

Smartphones and tablets are versatile devices with countless purposes, and with the right app, a device with a decent screen size can easily serve as a great eBook reader. While there are many Android apps available for the purpose, Aldiko is by far the favorite of most (including us), and it even lets you sync your books as well as reading position across devices with Aldiko Sync. Though that doesn’t mean that there’s no room in the market for other alternatives – after all, reading is a personal experience and the more choices there are, the better. Readmill is one such option that – after gaining a significant amount of popularity on iOS – has recently made its way to Google’s smartphone and tablet platform. Optimized to work well on both phones and tablets, the app lets you easily import your eBooks into it and read them on the go. Also, it’s backed by a web service of its own that keeps all your books as well as your last reading position synced across all your devices with the app installed, and even on any device with a modern web browser via its website. In what follows, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this app and all its features on Android. Read More

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 With CF-Auto-Root

The first thing we power users usually do upon getting a brand new Android phone is rooting it. When it comes to popular devices, there’s often a race among developers to see who comes up with the first as well as the easiest rooting method for them as soon as they are released, and at times even before their public release. Galaxy Note 3 can certainly be considered one of the top devices available out there right now, and if you’re among the lucky ones who’ve managed to get their hands on one, but can’t wait to gain root access on it, XDA-Developers Elite Recognized Developer Chainfire has you covered with his tried-and-tested CF-Auto-Root. In what follows, we will guide you through the complete process of rooting your Galaxy Note 3 using CF-Auto-Root. Read More

Turn Dates On Web Pages Into Google Calendar Events With Spot For Chrome

When browsing the web and especially its social side, we often come across several events, some of which we would really like to attend. However, it’s easy to procrastinate the task of adding such events to your calendar, ending up forgetting about them altogether. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a tool that would help you keep track of all such events by recognizing them automatically with one click, and letting you add them to your Google Calendar with another, without having to go through the hassle of manually adding any of their details? If you use Google Chrome, we’ve got just the extension for the purpose! Spot – Date Clipper for Google Calendar is a handy Chrome extension by the makers of SpotOn that can help you ensure you never forget about any interesting event that you come across online. Read More

Espier Brings A Perfect iOS 7 Control Center Clone To Android

Espier Studios is known for apps that bring a near-perfect iOS look to Android, just like its new Espier Launcher & Screen Locker iOS7 as well as the Espier Notification Center iOS7 that we recently covered. With these three, you get a near-perfect iOS 7 look and feel on your Android, with the only thing missing being the Control Center. The brand new Control Center in iOS 7 has received a lot of critical acclaim, and is being considered by many as one of the best features of the update. For those who want to stick with Android but still get the looks and some features of iOS 7, we covered the first Control Center clone for Android when it was released, but the app has since been taken down from Play Store. Besides, not being by Espier Studios, it didn’t integrate well into the other aforementioned apps. Espier Control Center iOS7, on the other hand, replicates the iOS 7 Control Center perfectly on Android, all while fully integrating with Espier’s other apps to provide you a complete iOS 7 experience on your phone. Read More

How To Cut, Copy & Paste Multiple Tabs In Firefox Windows

Cut, copy and paste operations have been a part of our computing experience since the very beginning days of digital computers in the primitive word processors of those times. With the advent of graphical operating systems, these have become even more ubiquitous, letting us easily organize all our digital content both within apps and at the OS level. If you use Mozilla Firefox and have ever wanted the same functionality for your browser tabs, you’re in luck! An add-on by the name of Cut, copy and paste Tabs lets you do just that by adding these options to the context menu for your tabs. The same developer has also built another extension called Allow multiselect operations on tabs that further extends this functionality by allowing you to select multiple Firefox tabs together; you can then use cut, copy and paste functions of the former extension on all selected tabs in one go. Details after the jump. Read More

How To Use Google Chrome’s New ‘Search By Image’ Feature

Google image search has been a handy feature of the search engine for quite a while, allowing you to upload an image and searching for matching or similar images from around the web. So, it was only fitting for Google to add support for image search right into its own web browser, which was first done in form of a Chrome extension by the name of ‘Search by Image’, and the functionality was later baked into the dev (and later beta) channel of Chrome itself without the need for any extension. With the latest update, this feature has made its way to Google Chrome’s stable version, meaning all Chrome users can now natively search for any image using Google image search without having to install any extension for the purpose. For more details, continue reading. Read More

Get iOS 7 Notification Center On Android With This Espier App

The iOS 7 redesign has been controversial, to say the least, with many panning it for its Hello Kitty-esque color scheme, while others praising it for letting go of skeuomorphism in favor of a flat layout. Although I’ll personally take the sleek and futuristic looks over iOS’ tacky interface any day, there are some Android users out there who just want their devices to look like they are running Apple’s OS, and testimony to this is the popularity of apps by Espier Studio – a developer obsessed with replicating the look and feel of iOS features for Google’s smartphone platform. We have previously covered Espier Launcher iOS7 and Espier Screen Locker iOS7 that bring the home screen and lock screen of iOS 7 to Android, and today, we’ll be taking a look at Espier Notification iOS7, which replaces the stock Android Status bar and Notification shade with the status bar from iOS 7, complete with its Notification Center. Read More