SnipSnip Is A Powerful Screenshot Tool That Can Capture Individual UI Objects

There are a lot of applications for taking screenshots and we've covered quite a variety here at AddictiveTips. To separate itself a tad from the lot, SnipSnip offers a feature that captures individual UI elements anywhere in the OS, in addition to the basic photo editing functions like cropping, resizing and annotating with shapes and customized text that you would expect from any decent screenshot tool these days. SnipSnip doesn’t run in the background like Greenshot or Shotty, so you need to launch the program every time you want to take a screenshot. This makes it great for those who don't take screenshots very frequently, yet want to have a capable enough tool at their disposal whenever the need arises. Read More

Remotely Monitor & Manage Your Children’s PCs With Emma Parental Control

Being a parent is no easy business, especially when you’re conflicted between being protective of your kids, or being permissive. “You’re more likely to underestimate them than overestimate” is usually a pretty effective heuristic for bringing perspective to your neuroses. Nevertheless, the satisfaction of knowing you’re in control of what your children are exposed to, especially online, might ironically make you a more generous parent. Emma Parental Control is a complete monitoring and administrative suite that connects your children’s computers and mobile devices to your online account, which you can then use to set rules, limit access to online content, and view detailed reports and statistics of their activities from anywhere. With a unified view of all your children’s activity, you can look out for them in everything they do online, from talking to strangers to visiting certain types of websites. Emma Parental Control requires no complex configuration and allows you to access the statistics report online from any computer browser. Read More

Create Evernote Templates To Organize Notes Your Way With KustomNote

Everyone recommends Evernote so much these days that it gets hard to imagine at times what the world was like before the little catch-all app came along. While Evernote works great for generic notes in all the supported formats, there are scenarios where you need to frequently note down information that is in a specific format, and you want to be able to save all that information while keeping the structural separation of the format intact. There may be a few such services out there, but many want to avoid the hassle of using multiple note-taking apps and would want to stick with their tried-and-tested Evernote. Fortunately, we've come across a service that takes care of all of this. Meet KustomNote - a web app that works as a companion to Evernote and lets you create templates to quickly and easily collect your ideas, appointments, research data etc. in a format of your choice. Your notes are still saved in Evernote itself, but everything looks neat and clean, on top of being very well organized. Read More

Kikutext Helps Teachers Communicate With Parents Via Text Messaging

Being a teacher can be a wonderful experience, but it’s quite exasperating too, especially early on. And, as if your classroom duties weren't enough, you’re required to maintain consistent communication with lots of anxious parents and enhance school-to-home interaction, so students perform better. While these apparently conflicting demands are stressful, they’re also central to your teaching experience, and hence, implacable. Kikutext is a web application that understands the necessity of these stresses and seeks to mitigate them. Using the system, teachers are able to send quick individualized status updates directly to parents’ cell phones as text messages. Parents can respond to these updates by simply replying to a message from their cell phone. Read More

YNote Classic Is A Text & Code Editor With Macros, Multiple Tabs & Panels

We’ve covered quite a few really good text editors in the past. ModernNote, for example, is a feature-rich Windows 8 modern UI app with quite a minimal design, and NeechPad is a great a overhaul of Windows’ native Notepad app. Continuing this lineage of worthy text editors is YNote Classic, a Windows app with tabbed and multiple documents view, intelligent syntax editing, auto-indent, auto-completion and code-folding – features that aren't found in many minimal text editors. The app has the potential to become your next go-to text editor, especially since it can highlight any language using Regular Expressions, as well as handle files with hundreds of thousands of lines of code quite adeptly, thanks to its File Binding Mode. Read More

Open, Edit & Sign Documents In Gmail With The HelloSign Firefox Add-On

Ever wonder why signing an online document can feel so primitive? That’s because most of us follow this simple-minded route: download document, print it out, sign, scan, upload, and send to the concerned party. Yep, primitive would be the right term. From the extension of the team behind HelloFax comes HelloSign for Gmail, a Firefox add-on that changes this by enabling users to create signatures on the spot, stick them on any document and send it right from within your Gmail inbox, without soliciting any cumbersome third-party software. If you need someone else’s signature, simply assign a field to the document and send your request to them - it’s that simple! The extension was initially released for Chrome and later, the HelloSign service itself went mobile with the release of its iOS and Android apps. Read More

Batch-Download Facebook Videos On Windows For Offline Viewing

Facebook can be an awesome platform for viewing and sharing different videos from around the web, but sometimes you like a video enough to want to view it again and again. Signing in to Facebook every time you want to view the video can become a bit tedious. In such a scenario, you’d want to download the video to your computer and enjoy it offline, as you would other videos stored on your computer. AVGO Free Facebook Video Downloader is a Windows app that makes that very convenient; grab any clip you want, and copy it to your hard drive! Read More

Silver Key Offers Quick File Encryption & App-Independent Decryption

The internet is to the online community what a forest is to the traveler: full of spectacular sights and sounds, but occasionally wearying. Exchanging sensitive data is one such cause for concern. Encryption is the way to go, but how do you send private files to people without them having to install or learn frustrating decrypting software? Try the one-click Silver Key to unlock that problem; with its 256-bit encryption key and reputable AES cipher, you can quickly secure any number of files right from Windows Explorer. Parcels can be made as self-extracting EXE files as well, meaning the recipients won't need Silver Key installed to extract them. What’s more, Silver Key can even run from a USB drive! Read More

FooTab Makes Chrome Launch Faster Using On-Demand Tab Loading

Chrome’s tabs are legendary – or should I say infamous? If you've found yourself staring at a blank screen for minutes on end while the browser struggled and spluttered to reopen yesterday’s fifty-tab session, you know what I’m talking about. The problem lies in that Chrome tries to reopen all the tabs at once, hogging the computer’s physical resources, and then crashing. On Firefox, the issue was resolved this eons ago with the powerful BarTab that prevents new tabs from loading until you actually click them, and the add-on's code was later added to the browser itself to bring the feature to it natively. FooTab can be considered it’s protégé, though admittedly less powerful and a bit unstable, depending on your OS, browser version and computer speed. But it’s definitely worth a shot; for a full ten seconds, the add-on prevents inactive tabs from sending web requests and only restores web traffic to them when you want to visit them. To activate a blocked tab, simply click it. Read More

Scroll Over Firefox Search Bar & Context Menu To Switch Search Engines

Ever notice that a lot of other browsers don’t have the switch-search-engine function in their search bar, like Firefox does? Chrome, as Google’s flagship web browser, is naturally more inclined toward googling than surfing per se, for example, but Firefox tends to not think that way. Using the search bar next to the URL bar, you can quickly switch to a different engine, from Twitter to Bing and everything in between. Scroll Search Engines, an extension for Firefox, makes this even more convenient. Now you don’t have to click the down-arrow and select a search engine to go with;  simply hover your cursor over the bar, and use the mouse wheel to scroll through the available option till you have the one you want. Read More

Switch Any Chrome Tab To Incognito Mode & Back With A Click

Incognito mode is a great tool for Chrome sleuths, but switching back and forth between Incognito and normal browsing windows can prove a bit of a hassle, and one can often lose track of which tabs you had open in which of these windows. Well, you can give Incognito Tab Switch a try; the browser extension works both ways, so you don’t have to fumble around going from private to normal browsing mode ever again. Quite convenient, isn't it? Wondering if that feature’s really worth another button on your toolbar? Check out the screenshots and details after the jump. Read More

Learn Languages Via Subtitles While Watching Movies With LaMP

A really great way to get good at a foreign language is to watch films that have subtitles in the language you’re learning; this allows you to correlate what you hear with definite, discrete words, and thus enhance your pronunciation. LaMP or Lingual Media Player is a Windows program that can play any film you load into it while reading its SRT (subtitles) file that you have stored on your computer. You can, in fact, have LaMP read two subtitles files simultaneously; one of the language you’re learning, and the other of your native tongue, so you always know what’s going on. What’s more, if you’re suspicious of a potential translating mistake, you can confirm it instantly, using the onboard translation service that’s hooked up with Microsoft Bing and Google Translate. Fascinating! Or should I say 迷人 instead? Read More

Get A Universal Google Services Menu In Chrome & Remove The Black Bar

For a lot of users, Google is the internet, and that makes perfect sense; why go anywhere else if your local store is better than the competition? I know it sounds a bit hyperbolic to say this, but Google makes some of the best apps, products and services around. How it enables users to access them is quite another matter altogether; most of us aren't particularly inclined towards the black bar that runs across the top of Google’s homescreen, since it’s limited and non-customizable. Let me introduce you to the brilliant Black Menu, a Chrome extension that places all of Google's most popular apps and services together in a simple, customizable panel, bringing everything you need within single-click radius. If the internet ever had a start button, it’d be this. The developer is also offering Black Bar Removal extension to get rid of the black Google bar that you will no longer need with Black Menu. Read More

Tweak Firefox Download Panel, Change Height & Number Of Items

Download Panel Tweaks for Firefox is an extension that - as the name suggests - enables you to trim and adjust the browser’s download manager drop-down. If you’re a power user who needs to continuously download a horrendous amount of software countless times throughout the day, Download Panel Tweaks can makes things a little more convenient for you. The add-on increases the number of displayed downloading items, reduces the height of each entry, switches to a more concise time format, changes the panel’s style, and alters a few other things. Let's find out more details about this handy little add-on's working after the jump. Read More

AV Audio Editor Is A Powerful, Mid-Level Sound Editing Tool For PC

What makes an audio editor special? Some of us like just need tools that can convert files into different formats, provide basic file splitting & joining options, and offer a few effects, often preferring a dedicated editor for each separate function such as Wave Editor for effects and Shuangs Audio Editor for trimming. Others will settle for nothing less than the full smorgasbord of editing options, complete with sonogram, spectrum analysis and input/output oscilloscope. Wavosaur or Audacity might be good choices for them. But if you’re a beginner looking to get a taste of advanced options without either under- or overwhelming yourself, AV Audio Editor can be a good bridge. Combining quick-edit actions and powerful editing tools, this Windows app has something for everyone to try. Read More

Easily Find Out If An EXE File Is 32-Bit Or 64-Bit

While to most end users, the difference between them isn't exactly visible, there may be times when knowing whether the app you downloaded is 32-bit or 64-bit would be important, especially when it comes to drivers. At times, you might be trying to run a 64-bit file on a 32-bit computer and wondering why it isn't working. If you quickly want to find that out for an app with a name that doesn't make the distinction clear, it isn't exactly possible just by looking at it or checking out its properties. Instead of going ahead with your best guesstimate in such a situation, why not be sure when you can? Simply open a Command Prompt window and get EXE 64bit Detector to find it out for you. The lightweight application is especially designed to ascertain the architecture of valid PE – portable executable – files, including EXE, OCX and DLL. Usage details & screenshots after the break. Read More

MoveBOT Schedules Recurring Copy, Move & Delete Operations on Windows

“Why do it yourself when you can get the computer to do it?” As a computer geek in-the-making, it still surprises me just how much there is to that simple rule of thumb. For example, why go through the grind of copying and pasting files from one folder to another, or between your hard drive and portable drive, when MoveBOT can do that for you in a heartbeat? You can set the app’s timer anywhere from a few minutes to over a hundred days from now. You can also move files instead of copying them, and even have a particular source directory trashed or permanently deleted, all on a schedule. Read More

Get A Clean Yet Complete YouTube Experience On Windows 8 With Hyper

In the world of online video-sharing, content is king, but aesthetics aren't a pawn either. YouTube may be the world’s premier video-streaming website, but it’s not necessarily the world’s best-designed one. We've covered a good many facemasks for YouTube before, some with real potential like Toogles and Cinetonic. Windows 8 users have it even better, cherry-picking their favorite from great-looking options like PrimeTube, MetroTube, and now, Hyper. This latest Windows Store YouTube app has at least two factors going in its favor: one, its generous, unapologetic emphasis on the viewing experience, and two, that you can sign in with your YouTube account, subscribe to different channels, access your uploaded videos, and customize the app’s home screen. Read More

USB Extension Auto Creates Desktop Shortcuts For Plugged-In USB Drives

USB Extension is a sporty little click-saving application that’s designed to detect a removable device when you connect it to your system, and automatically create a shortcut to it on your desktop. Now you don’t need to go to Windows File Explorer and sift through all the other USB devices, network drives, CD-ROMs or flash cards in order to find the right one. Simply plug in a portable device and click its newly created desktop shortcut to see its contents without having to click or navigate anywhere else. Removing the USB drive automatically removes its shortcut as well. Read More

Quickly Scroll To Top Or Bottom In Chrome Using Middle Mouse Button

The keyboard was created so man could navigate computers better. But man soon grew tired of pressing keyboard keys to scroll and created the mouse instead. The mouse soon had two buttons, then three, the latest addition being the scroll wheel. In our quest for laziness, we have seen some pretty neat solutions making quick use of mouse buttons such as MouseControl for Firefox and the feature-laden Mouse Button Control for Windows, but as far as reducing scroll-time is concerned, the Least Effort prize goes to Middle Click Scroll - an ingenious one-click solution for Google Chrome that transports you to the top and bottom of a webpage instantly. Scrolling through those long web pages will never feel like a finger-marathon again. Read More