Transfer Apps & App Data To sd-ext And Back In CyanogenMod 7 [Android]

Do you own a Nexus One, an HTC Desire or any other Android device with ridiculously low internal memory? Constantly find your device out of memory while installing a new app even though you’ve transferred every last one to the SD card via Apps2SD? If your memory-deprived device supports CyanogenMod 7, then in S2E lies the end of your memory woes. The Apps2SD or Move to SD card feature partially transfers apps to the SD card, leaving their data in the internal memory. This CM7-only freeware can transfer user apps and their data, private apps, dalvik cache and/or download cache to an ext partition on your SD card and back in just a few taps and a system reboot. Read More

Smart Rotator For Android Toggles Auto-Rotate For Individual Apps

Tired of switching auto-rotate on and off on your Android device? Wish you could decide which apps are allowed to switch orientation? Smart Rotator for Android is a free, simple tool that’ll allow you to do just that. The app lets you enable or disable auto-rotate for individual apps, saving you the trouble of returning to your device’s display settings or a global orientation toggle widget on your homescreen over and over again. Very handy, indeed. More after the break. Read More

How To Play Tegra Zone Games On Non-Tegra Rooted Android Devices

Wish you could play those awesome-looking Tegra Zone games on your non-Tegra Android device? Thanks to XDA moderator/developer Chainfire’s configurable OpenGL driver, Chainfire3D, now you can. The app’s primary function is to control certain aspects of OpenGL rendering and features a supplementary NightMode feature for reduced battery consumption by the display. However, it is its ability to install and employ plugins allow it to add support for Tegra Zone games on your unsupported Android device. Read More

Beautiful Widgets For Android – Free Version Released

Beautiful Widgets, one of the most popular and applauded widget suites on the Android Market, now has a Lite version. Though Beautiful Widgets Lite sports less than half the features of the full version, it is still better than most other free clock and weather widgets out there. If you’re new to Android, live in a region where purchasing from the Market isn’t supported or simply want to try out the widget sensation without having to spend a dime, here’s your chance. And you might want to hurry up. The Lite version “might be a limited offer”. Read More

Cloudy For Android – Guide Your Paper Plane To Safety

From the developers of Fruit Slice, Jewels and iRunner comes Cloudy, an innovative Android-exclusive puzzle game with mild visuals and challenging gameplay. The objective of the game is to guide a paper plane to a point on the screen while avoiding storm clouds and collecting every last golden star on the screen along the way. Your performance in each stage is ranked by the time it takes you to complete it. The game features a total of fifty stages (5 tiers with 10 stages each) as of this writing and, according to the description on its Google Play Store page, more will be added soon. Read on for more information and our brief review. Read More

Codeanywhere For Android Is A Code Editor With Built-In FTP Client

Codeanywhere for Android is the mobile client for the free, multi-platform code editing web service by the same name. The app syncs with your codeanywhere account and like the web service, allows you to add multiple FTP or SFTP servers, browse through and edit the added servers’ files and folders, download and edit any HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS and XML files on the go. Simple, fast and easy to use, the app is particularly useful for users who own a website and consistently find the need to make quick changes to it while away from their computers. While we may elaborate on the app's feature set past the break, let's first look at what the official Codeanywhere Android client has on offer. The app's long list of features comprises multi-platform support, an integrated FTP client, dedicated editors for PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript & XML, compete (S)FTP support, built-in file editor, search & replace, support for photos & videos, file permission management, support for SSL and lots more. Read More

Simple Text For Android Lets You Make Icons Out Of Text

Simple Text For Android is a free (ad-supported), easy-to-use tool that allows you to create simple yet snazzy text-based icons with a few taps. Particularly useful for creating dock icons for home replacement apps the likes of ADW Launcher, LauncherPro and GO Launcher EX, the app lets you choose from two default styles (single and two-line text) and create your own templates. Icons created with Simple Text look surprisingly good as dock icon replacements, giving it a unique, elegant look. Read More

Hacker’s Keyboard Is A Full 5-Row On-Screen Keyboard For Android

Android is a mobile operating system that thrives on customization. Ranging from changing the looks of your device's home screen to altering the amount of items to be appearing on it, and tweaking your preferred system settings to resorting to an alternative system app, Google's mobile operating system puts in control over modification of virtually the entire firmware. Same applies to custom keyboard replacement apps as well. While Swype is my all-time personal favorite among custom Android keyboard alternatives, there are certain solutions that have attracted many a user with their own set of features.Primarily meant for ConnectBot users yet a handy solution for users who wish to do extensive typing and/or command entry on their Android devices and particularly useful for tablet users, Hacker’s Keyboard is an onscreen input method for Android that simulates the conventional desktop computer keyboard. In addition to the conventional set of customizable options (settings button visibility, suggestions, auto-complete etc.), the IME comes packed with a few handy options of its own. These include altering the portrait and landscape height of the keyboard and the option to disable the full keyboard layout for portrait orientation. Read More

Unsupported Android Devices Get Netflix Mod With Device Check Disabled

A day after the official Netflix for Android was released to the Android Market with support for a meager five devices, we covered a simple hack that allowed users with root access on their devices to fool the Netflix app into thinking their devices were among the supported lot. While Android users with root access were busy editing their build.prop files, XDA member ften modded the app itself to prevent it from checking the identity device, providing a simpler solution that works for both rooted and unrooted devices. More after the break. Read More

ShakeCall For Android Lets You Receive And End Calls With A Shake

Do you often find yourself fighting with the receive/end slider whenever you receive a call on your Android phone? or do you hate waiting for the screen to wake after you take it off your ear to end an ongoing call? ShakeCall for Android is a free, handy tool that allows you to receive incoming calls by giving your phone a quick shake or simply holding it to your ear and lets you end both incoming and outgoing calls with a shake. More after the break. Read More

LauncherPro Developer Releases WP7 Music Player Look-Alike For Android

Previously, we have seen Windows Phone 7’s simple yet elegant “Metro” user interface duplicated on Android in homescreen replacement apps the likes of Launcher 7, 7 Launcher and Metro UI. LauncherPro developer, Federico Carnales is working on a “WP7ish music app” for Android. The developer released an alpha preview of his Zune Music Player doppleganger yesterday on his Twitter account, mentioning that it was yet to be given a name. Apart from the fact that this Android ‘Metro Player’ (let’s just call it that for now) does not, of course, support Zune integration, it is close to identical to Windows Phone 7’s native music player. The user interface is an absolute gift for the eyes and the animations are smoother and faster than those seen in the aforementioned WP7-style launchers. We’re hoping that the player doesn’t run into legal trouble if and when it finally hits the Android Market. It would be a welcome addition to the shelves and an undoubtedly sleeker, less bland alternative to the stock Android music player. Read More

10 Awesome Go Launcher EX Themes [Android]

The launchers, also referred to as home screen replacement apps, have played a vital part in helping Android succeed as a crowd-favorite mobile operating system. Laced with plenty of colorful and feature-rich alternatives, the Android Market is home to some of the most beautiful home screen replacement apps, and no wonder, there are certain names that have managed to earn great repute in a short span of time, courtesy their relentless hard work and variety of offerings. The GO dev team’s iOS-inpired home replacement app, GO Launcher EX took the Android Market by storm when it was released and continues to have an upper hand in the launcher race; so much so, that you'll not need strive too hard to find out which launcher a large contingent of Android users prefer over all others to embellish their Android home screens. In addition to being feature rich, flexible and extensively customizable, the launcher boasts a sizeable assortment of free downloadable themes. The number of GO Launcher EX themes on the Market has begun to grow at quite a rate, the theme development charge being led by the GO Dev team itself. It seems it won’t be long before the abundance of the launcher’s themes eclipses that of the current launcher theme head honcho, ADW Launcher. Below, we have compiled a list of ten best GO Launcher EX themes on the Market. Read More

Calendar GOWidget For GO Launcher EX Released [Android]

The GO Dev Team - developers of the popular GO Launcher EX for Android - seems to be on a roll here.For the third time in the same month, here we are, reporting yet another commendable addition to the already-quite-awesome GO Launcher EX. The Calendar GOWidget for GO Launcher EX has been released to the Android Market. Like all other GO products, this widget is also available for free and compliments your GO Launcher EX pretty well. More after the break. Read More

BitDefender For Android Keeps Your Device Free Of Malware

Android's vulnerability against internal and external threats is no surprise to anyone. However, a good thing is that there are plenty of security apps in the Android Market that help users keep the lid closed on all such threats. Be it adware, spyware, viruses or any sort of spyware, you're almost certain to find a solution to various types of threats. While some of the tools are offered by relatively new companies, most of the trusted apps come from reputable companies which are gradually starting to take interest in the fast-flourishing smartphone industry. ESET, Norton, Comodo and Trend Micro are just a few examples of some tech giants that have already jumped on to the Android bandwagon. An encouraging aspect, however, is that the trend is still on the rise, as we continue to see other names enter the foray as well. In beta as of this writing, BitDefender Mobile Security is a comprehensive anti-malware application for Android that, with an assortment of user-activated and passive (background) tools for system protection, “keeps your Android device safe on the move” with negligible effect on battery and performance. The app features a cloud-based, on-demand Malware Scanner that sifts through all installed apps while tallying their security status with online BitDefender servers and an on-install scanning service that automatically scans newly installed apps. In addition, it allows users to view scan history (Event Viewer) and a Security Audit of all installed applications with the option to filter by permissions. Read More

Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 For Android Public Beta Released

The new and improved version 5.0 of the highly acclaimed Dolphin Browser HD for Android, which was released as a private beta about a week ago, just went public. In addition to a UI overhaul, the new version brings a built-in Speed Dial page, a Quick menu in the bookmarks bar (sports shortcuts to key options) and the option to add sub folders to the list of bookmarks. Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 beta is available for download from the Dolphin browser’s blog. Read More

Paper War For Android – Two Players, One Screen And Loads Of Fun

Bored? Got your Android smartphone or tablet handy and want to play a game, but tired of the same old collection of games that you have played again and again? If you're looking for a new casual game to help get the hours going in a jiffy, we've looked up one for you that looks like tons of light, casual fun. Paper War for Android lets you play as a cannon to destroy your enemy's cannon or aircraft, all designed with cool paper-drawn graphics. So what are you waiting for? Let's dig into it together after the jump. Read More

Connection Checker For Android Fixes Weak WiFi/Mobile Network Signals

Does it not feel infuriating when your WiFi or mobile network repeatedly taps out due to weak reception. Not only does this hamper your internet browsing experience, download tasks, music/ video streaming session or whatever relevant task you may have at hand, it drains the battery very much like an exhausted, famished jock gulps down an energy drink! If you have tried most of what the Android Market has to offer to rectify said issue, and are still looking for a viable solution to the notorious problem mentioned above, then you might want to check out Connection Checker - a free and easy-to-use Android tool that checks the network status after a user-defined time interval and automatically toggles the WiFi or mobile network Off in the event of weak or no signals till a stable connection is established. Read More

Fusion Is A Free Tool To Merge Photos With HDR Tone Mapping

If you can’t afford professional-grade photography and image processing software, and/ or are tired of losing precious detail in your photos to unfavorable ambient lighting, we have just the thing for you. Fresh out of the oven, Fusion is a free, easy-to-use image processing tool that, with only a few clicks, allows you to automatically align and merge any number of photos with same or differing exposures using HDR (High Dynamic Range) tone mapping or simple summation. Merging multiple snaps of the same scene, each with a different exposure setting, you can preserve image details in both the brightest and darkest parts of the scene. Read More

Notification Bubbles – Floating Notifications On Android Homescreen

Tired of dragging down the status bar for every little notification? Wish you could have them all floating around in plane sight? Notification Bubbles is a free, interactive live wallpaper for Android that displays Facebook, Twitter and SMS notifications on your homescree within floating bubbles. Read on for more information, our brief review and the download link. Read More

How To Make Netflix App Work On Your Unsupported Rooted Android Device

The list of good reasons to get root access on your Android device gets longer. If you’re a big movie or TV show buff, being unable to run the freshly released Netflix app on your unsupported Android device might be killing you right now. We understand your pain and would like to share with you a quick and simple trick that’ll fool Netflix into thinking your device is one of the five currently supported. The method involves altering your phone’s model name from within the build.prop system file and thus, requires root access. Read More