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Glow Hockey 2 For Android Brings Single Screen Multiplayer Game

Sequel to the pong-inspired Glow Hockey for Android, Glow Hockey 2 adds a single-screen 2-player mode and alternate themes to the furious, addictive gameplay and attractive neon-like graphics of the original. That’s right. If your device supports multitouch, you can now challenge your friends to matches of virtual hockey – neons glowing, sparks flying, you slapping away your friend’s hand to score an illegal match point and all that jazz. Tip: always use your own device while challenging a friend. It gives you that “home turf” advantage all those sport savvy folks talk about. More info and less jokes after the break.

Glow Hockey For AndroidGoal!

To switch between themes, select Settings from the main menu. From within the Settings screen, in addition to switching themes, you can change the color of both the paddles and the puck and toggle sound, in-game vibration and particles (the glowing sparks that appear when the puck hits a paddle or the boundary). If you have an older Android device, you might want to disable particles for better performance and smoother gameplay. You can do so from within the in-game (pause) menu as well.



The game is available for free on the Android Market. However, to unlock all ten themes and an additional Championship gameplay mode, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro version for a meager price of $0.99. The free version just has the one additional theme (Table Hockey).

chartYou can upgrade to the paid version from within the game (launch screen). Alternatively, you can download it directly from the Amazon Appstore (link provided below).

Download Glow Hockey 2 (Free)

Download Glow Hockey 2 Pro (Paid)

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