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Wallpaper Changer For Android Automatically Cycles Through Wallpapers Of Your Choice

Can’t stick to one homescreen background for more than a day? Wish you could set it to cycle through a set of your favorite wallpapers? Wallpaper Changer for Android is a free, handy app that does just that. The app allows you to select a group of images from your gallery or SD card and when enabled, automatically sets one after the other as your wallpaper. In addition, the app includes a (1 x 1) homescreen widget that allows you to manually switch to the next wallpaper in line with a single tap. More after the break.

Wallpapers come and go, but there are some that attract you more than the others, and you wish to use them as your Android wallpaper. However, the problem arises when just a solitary wallpaper doesn’t suffice for you, and/or you want to avoid the hassle of manually switching between multiple choices. This is where Wallpaper Changer steps in.


You can add individual images or whole albums/folders to the app’s wallpaper queue, delete added wallpapers individually or all at once, specify the time interval between successive switches, set the app to start cycling through wallpapers on boot and/or switch to the next wallpaper in line on lockscreen unlock. You can even limit wallpaper switching to instances where your device is plugged in for charging.

The time your device takes to load a new wallpaper depends on the size of the image being loaded. You’ll experience considerable delay for wallpapers with resolutions greater than 640 x 480 and quite a bit of lag during the switch.

The abrupt manner with which the app switches between wallpapers could use a simple intermediary transition effect, like the one in Windows 7’s built-in wallpaper rotation feature.

Most other wallpaper switchers for Android operate over an active internet connection, automatically downloading and applying random wallpapers after regular intervals. Wallpaper Changer’s lets you choose your very own homescreen background queue, which makes it a welcome addition to the Android Market.

Download Wallpaper Changer For Android

[via XDA-Developers]

Update: Wallpaper Changer has been updated in the Google Play Store with a Holo UI and several useful features. The app now lets you circle select wallpaper images in a random order.


In addition, it supports automatically stretching low resolution images to fit them to screen. You can now also tinker with the RGB settings of your images, and select a preferred color blending mode to adjust the image settings to your liking.

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