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Install Modified 3e Recovery On Samsung Infuse 4G To Flash Unsigned Zip Files

Samsung Infuse 4GIf you have owned any of Samsung’s Galaxy S series devices, you would know what pain it was to install ClockworkMod recovery onto the devices running the 3e recovery. We say ClockworkMod because that is usually the step taken after rooting your Android Samsung device. However, any unsigned zip file, be it recovery or a ROM, cannot be installed via that recovery. The Infuse 4G is no exception since it also runs the much dreaded 3e recovery. Good news though, there’s a modded version of the recovery available that lets you install unsigned zip files without any issues. More on how to install this modded recovery after the break.

The modded recovery was actually meant for the Samsung Captivate but as luck would have it, it seems to be working perfectly for the Infuse 4G as well. That said, there’s even better news; once the modded recovery is installed, you can flash ClockworkMod recovery to the Infuse 4G. (Link given after the instruction set below)

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. To begin, download the modified recovery from the link above and extract it anywhere on your computer to find a file named recovery.
  2. That done, using a root explorer, mount your system partition as read/write.
  3. Once the system partition is mounted, copy the recovery you extracted to /system/bin.
  4. Reboot your device.

Voila! All done. Your device should now be running the modified 3e recovery. If you want, you can now install ClockworkMod recovery on the Infuse 4G by referring to this guide.

[via XDA-Developers]

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  • Dave

    It will not let me replace the recovery file or put any file into the bin folder. I checked permissions and root explorer permission changes dont go into effect and the app has me as a group user. Any other way replacing the file? I have terminal emulator but not very keen on this os to simple run a line to move and replace

    • Dave

      Finally got it, not big into Linux, so I’m sure there’s a better code for this but this worked for me. this is if your recovery file was in your /sdcard directory. Thanks to http://androidcommunity.com/forums/f8/chmod-23333/ for giving me the idea what to do

      Install these two apps
      -Terminal Emulator

      Open Terminal and type in the following, hitting enter after each line (after the “su” command, it may prompt you to allow root access if this is the first time)

      busybox mount -o remount,rw /system
      busybox chmod 777 /system/bin/recovery
      busybox rm /system/bin/recovery
      busybox cp /sdcard/recovery /system/bin/recovery
      busybox mount -o remount,r /system

      • Seth Parr

        I’m rusty on my Linux so your syntax helped me out too but I wanted to let you know that you didn’t have to change permissions using “busybox chmod 777 /system/bin/recovery” & then delete using “busybox rm /system/bin/recovery”. You did extra work by changing it’s permissions and then deleting it. Why change it if your going to delete it?

        My suggestion is to rename /system/bin/recovery so you have a back:
        busybox mv /system/bin/recovery /system/bin/recoveryBackup
        After this you can do the “busybox cp /sdcard/recovery /system/bin/recovery” From there you can change the permission. I saw you used 777 which gives Read, Write, and Exec access to all. The proper permissions are 755 as this is the original permissions for the file that your replacing

        To recap here’s the suggested code:
        busybox mount -o remount,rw /system
        busybox mv /system/bin/recovery /system/bin/recoveryBackup
        busybox cp /sdcard/recovery /system/bin/recovery
        busybox chmod 755 /system/bin/recovery
        busybox mount -o remount,r /system

        • Klbkoeppel

          Thank you for figuring this out. I’ve been trying to get the CWM running for hours. But thanks to you guys i got it to work Crazy appreciation for u and dave. thanks

        • Diego Chacón Rojas

          busybox mount -o remount,r /system ????
          I don´t understand ‘,r /system’

      • Klbkoeppel

        Thank you for figuring this out. I’ve been trying to get the CWM running for hours. But thanks to you guys i got it to work Crazy appreciation for u and seth. thanks

      • Thanks David, I had been looking for a fix to this for a while without luck, this fixed it

      • Chriswaggs29

        It keeps saying applets not found

  • I did your instructions, and now when I try and go into recovery, it gets stuck on the samsung logo. I tried rebooting and it booted. So I went to install cwm by using rom manager and now my infuse is stuck on the logo again but will not boot. what do i do

    • Diego Chacón Rojas

      yo need backup for  /system/bin/recovery.
       you need restore the original file.
      I have the same problema and fix restoring the file

    • Diego Chacón Rojas

      busybox chmod 755 /system/bin/recovery fix the stuck problem

  • Thisguideblowsass

    Worst guide I have read to date. When making a guide on things such as a phone, its better to make it a little more detailed, especially when these acts void warranties. Shit guide

    • Grafxman50

      This guide is very vague, it like throwing people to the wolves with a gun and no bullets.

  • Thank You!

  • Greg L1


    Just as reported I had similar problems.

    After re renaming the original recovery file and copying the recovery file provided at the link above and attempting to run Clockwork mod my phone will not boot past the “SAMSUNG” logo or enter the recovery mode and appears to be bricked.
    If anyone knows how to restore the original recovery file if the phone won’t boot or unblock it please let me know

    • Gery

      Same thing here. Stuck at SAMSUNG can not enter recovery. Help!!

    • Juan Escobar

      FML. I’m on the same boat here

  • mac2011

    i did this mod last week and it worked great for me, had no problems what so ever!!!

  • Akif Muneer