Desktop Groups Is A Fences-Like Desktop Organizer For Mac OS X

The best desktop to work on is the one with the least clutter. With the Dock, Launchpad, and Spotlight on Mac OS X, you certainly don’t need shortcuts for an app on your desktop so it’s mostly just your files that are there. Objectively speaking, the number of files you need to have on your desktop varies from person to person, but the one thing most users want is a clean and organized desktop. Desktop Groups Lite is a free Mac app that not only helps you organize files on your desktop, but also keeps it clean. It lets you create frames on your desktop that confine files dragged & dropped within their boundaries, much like Fences, a popular desktop organizer for Windows. You can add as many files as you like to a frame and resize it according to your requirements. A scroll bar allows you to see the files in a particular frame when they exceed the number that can be visible with the current size. The Lite version is a stripped down variant of Desktop Group (priced at $5.99) and allows adding only up to five frames. Read More

View The Latest World News From The Mac Menu Bar & Notification Center With News Loop

You’ve probably got a favorite RSS feed reader on your Mac that you, for one reason or the other, prefer over others. Some of you might still read feeds in your browser using Google Reader or other online feed reader, subscribing to and keeping up with each feed of interest one by one. For those who aren't interested in a particular niche not thoroughly covered by mainstream news sources usually prefer to skip the entire ordeal of looking for, subscribing to and manually checking each news source for updates. Such users have a bunch of solutions available for them in the market, one of which is News Loop for Mac, a free app that sits in the menu bar and displays updates from major news websites, such as Daily News, Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, USA Today and Washington Post. You can, of course, choose which of these sources appear in the updates displayed by the app. You can even have the app keep you apprised of new updates through Notification Center alerts. Read More

Cream: OS X RSS Reader With Instapaper, Pocket & Readability Support

RSS readers for Mac come in a lot of different shapes. Everything from your desktop background, to the Menu Bar or Notification Center in Mountain Lion can be used to monitor RSS feeds. If you still prefer to read feeds in a window, Cream is a Mac app, worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store, that is worth a try. At the core, Cream is a regular feed reader, but it comes with an extra filter that sorts items by your personal preference. As you read different items in your feed, Cream learns what you like and uses the stats to find other similar news items. Soon, the creaminess filter will be able to sort your feed to display items you are most likely to be interested in. Apart from this intelligent filter, the app has one of the best interfaces you will see on an RSS reader. Like many other RSS readers, it comes packed with a few sample feeds, but lets you choose whether you want to include them too or simply want to import feeds from your Google account, Safari or a file. Read More

PDFzen: Annotate & Share PDF Documents From Web, Windows, Mac & iOS

PDF editors come in all shapes and sizes, but not all of them (in fact, hardly any) allow you to easily annotate PDF documents and share them with others for collaboration. PDFzen from Docudesk will set you on a course that makes PDF manipulation a tad easier. It’s an HTML5 based web app (with Windows, Mac and iOS companion clients) that lets you perform basic editing and annotation on PDF documents before sharing them with friends or colleagues. You can share the annotated documents on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Reddit, or copy their source URLs. The service is fairly easy to use, and doesn’t require you to go through the hassle of configuring editing tasks and access permissions. Read More

Obscurity For OS X: Hide Your Files In An App Disguised As A Folder

The days of sharing a single computer with the entire family are almost over, and most people have a separate computer system for each family member. This means you have your very own system to do whatever you want. It’s entirely up to you what your desktop looks like, how you keep files organized and which apps are installed. While you get all this freedom with your personal computer, there still isn’t any guarantee that you will never have to share or lend it to someone. The number one concern you have with someone else accessing your system is privacy. Obscurity is a free Mac app that provides you the simplest way to hide your files. Unlike marking them as hidden files or adding them to an encrypted drive, the app itself acts as a cover for your files. It creates a a mock folder that looks like a normal one, but will not open when double clicked. To be able to open it, you need to right-click the folder and select the Show Package Contents option. Read More

Shortcat Lets You Interact With Apps & Buttons Using Only Your Keyboard [Mac]

Desktop computers need two essential input devices; a mouse and a keyboard. If you use a desktop computer, you’ve subconsciously developed a system that tells you when to switch between a mouse and keyboard. You hardly think twice about which input device you’re going to use, and unless you’re using complex software, you will never have to rethink how you interact with your system. Generally speaking, the mouse is used to scroll and click buttons i.e. perform GUI actions and the keyboard is used to mainly input text and occasionally execute certain commands. Shortcat is an app that aims to end or minimize your usage of the mouse by making your keyboard smarter. It is activated via a keyboard shortcut and works with any selected app. The app lets you hit buttons without having to switch to the mouse; you just need to type in the action text on a button and hit enter. Read More

AudioSwitcher: Quickly Switch Between Audio Devices & Set Input/Output Volume [Mac]

Switching between audio input and output devices on Mac isn’t that hard. If you plug in a pair of headphones, it automatically detects and sets it as the default output device. If you have multiple devices connected to your Mac, you can hold down the Option key, click the volume icon in the Menu Bar and switch to another source. Strictly speaking, this is probably as much as the average user needs. For users with slightly more complex needs, including frequently switching to different audio input or output devices, you might even find holding down the Option key a bit inconvenient. AudioSwitcher is a small utility for OS X that allows you to quickly switch between audio input and output devices connected to your Mac. Not only that, it also allows you to control the volume for input and output separately without having to visit System Preferences. Read More

Set Follow-Up Reminders For Important Emails With RSVP For OS X

Going through every unread email in your inbox everyday is how many people start the day, but going through new mail isn’t enough. Often emails from the previous day need to be followed up on, and it takes time to go through the old ones too to check which ones you were expecting a reply for. Even if you overlook the time you spend going through these emails, you can’t brush off the consequences of overlooking important emails, which is why you need a smarter way to keep track of them. RSVP is a Mac app, worth $1.99 on the Mac App Store, that lets you keep track of emails you haven’t received a reply for yet, so that you may send a follow-up mail to check on your recipient. The app beats out general reminder apps as it works with the Mail app and doesn’t ask you to copy a message to it first. It links to the original email so you don’t have to search for it when a reminder pops up. Reminders can be deactivated or snoozed. Read More

Batch Find & Replace Text In TXT And RTF Files With Replacr For OS X

The Find and Replace option that you will find in text editors is a great and super easy way to make corrections in a document and to ensure that you don’t miss out any of the words you meant to correct. Some of the less feature-rich editors might not have the replace function, but  they still have the Find function. Now, imagine you have a bunch of documents, each with the same recurring mistake. While it sounds unlikely, it can actually happen when templates are used to create documents. This could include mistakes in address, phone number or email that might have been part of the footer or header text. In situations like this, you have little choice other than to correct each document one by one. Replacr is a Mac app worth $4.99 that allows you to find and replace text in multiple files. Files do not have to be opened individually and the text to be replaced is also only entered once. For now, the app supports only text files and not PDFs or DOC/DOCX files. Read More

Poptagram Shows Specific Tagged Instagram Photos At Regular Intervals [Mac]

Instagram is a more-than-familiar name for most amateur photographers, and its user-base has definitely grown with the app being launched for Android OS and the company’s acquisition by Facebook. All this means more pictures are being uploaded. There’s quite a few Instagram browsers available for desktop platforms, but since there isn’t an official app, you will find a host of unofficial ones. Poptagram is yet another free Instagram app for OS X that allows you to search Instagram using a single hashtag. The app then regularly checks for new images that have the same tag, and shows them in the top-right corner of your screen. It's like a bulletin for the latest tagged Instagram images. Read More

FlyingWindows Keeps Only One Mac App Window In Focus To Help You Concentrate Better

Working without distractions isn't easy unless you make a deliberate effort to minimize them in the first place. As far as distractions created by people around you are concerned, you could perhaps hang a Do Not Disturb sign outside your room or office, but that still won’t stop the distractions that appear on your Mac’s screen in the form of emails, instant messages or even your web browser. FlyingWindows is a free Mac app that helps you stay focused in an unconventional way. Most apps that help you stay focused do so by restricting access to certain unnecessary apps or blocking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. What FlyingWindows does is that it keeps only a single app’s window to in focus, and minimizes all the rest. This ensures that while you're working, all other apps are kept out of sight. You can choose to either minimize apps or hide them. Now, you might need more than a single app to work with, and would prefer if they were not minimized or hidden, which is why you have the option to whitelist certain apps to keep them from being minimized. Read More

Organize iTunes Library & Connect To With Tune Instructor

As a Mac user, you never really see an end to the iTunes apps that run in the Menu Bar and you probably have one installed too because it offers easy control. The question is, what does you iTunes controlling app do for you? If you’re really only interested in playing/pausing songs, a simple app with a bunch of buttons is really all you need. If you want more, you’ll never really get tired of trying a new app and Tune Instructor is worth a try at the very least. It is a free Mac app that offers extensive organizing and renaming functions for songs in your iTunes library, connects with your account,  extensively supports keyboard shortcuts and allows you to customize them all, search iTunes artwork and lyrics, remove dead entries and/or correct them, and add songs to your iTunes library. Read More

Share, Group & Sync Documents Across Multiple Platforms With Twindocs

Nowadays, there are lots of services available on the internet that allow you to upload large amounts of data for either sharing with others, or accessing it from a secondary device. Services such as Dropbox,, Google Drive and SkyDrive all provide users with the ability to store their documents online and sync them with multiple devices. Most of these services let you upload files and manage them by using a combination of both Windows services and web portals. For instance, Dropbox enables you to easily upload files by copying or moving them to a specified folder. Any files that you place within the folder will be uploaded to the online storage in real time. Today, we have a service called Twindocs that allows you to send and receive multiple documents at a time using a desktop tool or web portal. Supporting all widely used operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS, it lets you easily upload, manage and sync documents with all configured devices. Read More

Easily Capture Selected Screen Area & Save It To Pictures Folder With EasyScreenCrop [Mac]

Mac OS X has possibly one of the best built-in screenshot tools you can find on a desktop OS. It trumps the simple Print Screen method for capturing the screen in Windows by allowing users to capture the entire screen, an active window or just a selected area of the screen. Despite the screen capturing tool being fairly sophisticated, there are plenty of alternatives available for the same purpose. Some apps allow users to capture and annotate screenshots as well as upload them to a cloud service for quick sharing, while others are fairly simple like EasyScreenCrop, which offers a single functionality; capturing a selected area of the screen. Worth $0.99 in the Mac App store, it might seem a tad pricey since it does only one trick. The application only supports PNG format, and saves images to your Pictures folder as soon as you capture them. Unlike the default screenshot tool, it doesn't require you to use the exhaustive hotkey combination for capturing the screen, instead you can capture the selected screen area using just the left click. Read More

Blinq Turns Your PC Or Mac Into A Server For Sharing Photos

If you are looking for a quick solution to share photos with your friends and colleagues, you will love Blinq. It’s a brilliant, one-click application to share images stored on your computer without requiring you to upload them to any intermediary server. Your computer itself (whether Windows Or Mac) acts as a server, and therefore, you don't need to manually upload photos to any online location. The application is simple to configure. All you need is to specify photo collection folders that you want to sync with your Blinq account and grant the Share access to your friends for sharing your photo collection. The web interface offers a sleek image viewer with navigation controls to easily skim through the shared images and folders. Using its iOS app, you can instantly view the shared photos on your iDevice without having to navigate to shared locations. Read More

Add Custom File & Folder Actions & Access Them From Menu Bar With MenuBrowser

There are quite a few app launchers available for Mac and almost equal number of apps that give you easy access to your frequently used files, folders and apps, but seldom do we come across an app that makes it easier to access these items as well as the context menu options. Context menu options mean more than just copying or pasting files and include other options like adding a file as an email attachment. MenuBrowser is a free Mac app that does all this with only one catch; some actions prompt you to upgrade and buy a $5 license to stop the prompts. You can dismiss the prompt and continue to use the app to its full potential, but if you find it extremely useful, you may want to get rid of these interruptions. You can add actions for opening a file with any app, adding a file as an attachment, sending it over Skype and adding custom scripts for file and folder actions. Read More

Automatic Launch Object Detection: Monitor Launch Agent Activity In Mac

Until only recently, an infected Mac was unheard of, but viruses and malware have both grown smarter and are able to find exploits where they previously didn’t appear to exist. One common way that Mac computers get infected with malware is that they use Launch Agent scripts. The script tells your Mac to load the malware and unbeknownst to you, you have an infected machine. Since the Launch Agent is there, it repeatedly loads/executes the malware. Of course, once it’s running, it can always install or copy more items on your Mac and it is already a little too late to do anything about it. All this is possible with a simple Launch agent. Automatic Launch Object Detection for Mac OS X is a free Mac utility that monitors folders on your Mac and alerts you each time a new launch agent is added. Read More

AppKiller: Kill Mac Apps, Processes & Send BSD Signals From Menu Bar

Advanced Mac users often make changes to the OS via Terminal commands. For some of the simpler options, there are apps available that allow novice users (ones who don’t venture to Terminal) to make these same changes through a graphical UI. For advanced users though, the Terminal really is one of the preferred places to go when a system tweak is to be applied. AppKiller is a free Mac app that has been designed for both novice and advanced users. The name is slightly misleading though, since it doesn’t just kill apps, but also system processes, and provides an easy way to quit/restart the Finder, AirPrintDaemons, AirPort Utility etc. AppKiller executes commands in one of two ways; either by a click, or via Control + Click symbol. For each executable function, you can set one default action from the app’s preferences. It includes a number of BSD signals that you can send to an active app or process. The app’s response will of course depend on how it’s written and how it treats the BSD signal. Read More

5 Major New Features In OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2

The iOS-ification of OS X in Mountain Lion has entered the next stage - syncing over iCloud. Apple has released the stable version of Mountain Lion 10.8.2 alongside the final version of iOS 6. iCloud graduated from beta just recently, and came out with two new apps, Reminders and Notes, which are the iOS apps of the same name ported to the web. This new release of OS X is centered around syncing to iCloud with iOS 6-powered devices now being able to sync that data back. Additionally, when Mountain Lion was first released, only Twitter integration was added, and Facebook integration was scheduled for Autumn. With the release of OS X 10.8.2, you can now post to Facebook that you’re going to crunch leaves, since Facebook integration has arrived (and the leaves have, indeed, started falling). Other features that will be significant for end users are the addition of shared lists in Reminders, Safari’s ability to restore previous sessions, Messages being able to receive iMessages and FaceTime calls made to your Apple ID, and Game Center providing friends’ suggestions from Facebook, as well as acting as a platform to challenge your friends to a game. Read More