List Lite Is A Gesture-Based To-Do List App That Imitates Clear For OS X

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Meet List Lite, a free to-do list Mac app that mimics Clear, which is worth $9.99 on the Mac App Store. The app is a fairly good imitation with some slight interface differences but full gesture support. It responds well to trackpad gestures and runs in the Menu Bar, though it will add an unnecessary icon in the Dock as well (just like Clear). There are no preferences to manage in the app, and you can start adding items immediately. You get a select number of colors to differentiate between the tasks, but unlike Clear - where the color of tasks gets successively lighter (much like a heat map) according to priority - the colors for a task in List Lite stay fixed. Read More

Sync Files Between Macs Through iCloud The Dropbox Or iDisk Way

iCloud is a little more than a year old, but it has a large user base. Apple first made the service available through iTunes and has, since then, slowly integrated it with OS X and iOS. In its current form, it lets you upload photos from both your mobile device and desktop. Additionally, it syncs app data, which is something neither SkyDrive in Windows 8 nor Ubuntu One in Ubuntu 12.10 do. What it doesn’t do is let you save files directly to iCloud. It still depends on apps to add files (iPhoto for images and TextEdit for text files on OS X). For some users, this means they can make limited use of their iCloud storage. iClouDrive is a free Mac app that lends greater flexibility to how you use iCloud. Once installed, the app lets you use iCloud as if it were Dropbox or Google Drive. You can add or remove files by just dragging & dropping them onto the iClouDrive folder that the app creates. Read More

Maxthon Cloud Browser Boasts New UI, Cross-Platform Sync & Sharing

We already have several options when it comes to feature-rich and visually attractive cross-platform web browsers, and the newest addition to the list is Maxthon Cloud Browser – Maxthon’s freshest attempt to compete with the likes of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other major players in the industry. Just released for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, Maxthon Cloud Browser v4.2 introduces plenty of cloud syncing options for its desktop and mobile clients to offer users a seamless and unified web browsing experience across their various devices. Besides a complete interface overhaul, the app brings the option to remotely push URLs, photos, text, tabs and downloads to your dedicated Maxthon Cloud as well as other devices connected to your home network. The app’s stern integration with its dedicated cloud service ensures that you can access your personal data, browsing sessions and downloads regardless of the platform you’re currently using, whether you’re at home, in office or in transit. Read More

[Giveaway] Hypegram: Stream Unlimited Songs Gathered From Music Blogs

A big music appetite is hard to satisfy, but if your taste in music isn't particular to a specific genre, or you  find online radio stations from services like Pandora or Grooveshark aren't picking the right kind of music, try Hypegram. Hypegram is a  $4.99 Mac and Windows app that allows you to search for and listen to unlimited music. The app is essentially a client for music blog aggregation and discovery service Hype Machine. It allows you to follow blogs and view music selections from them. The app differs from other online music services because the music is selected by people and instead of following radio stations for a particular artist, you can follow music blogs. This gives you a larger variety of music to listen to. You aren't restricted to a particular genre, and you can refresh the app to get a new playlist each time. Songs can be favorited and purchased on iTunes. Read More

Share Links From Menu Bar With Another Mac On The Same WiFi Network

Sharing files between two computers is something users do so frequently that the market for apps that facilitate the transfer of files is growing all the time to keep up with their needs. For Mac users, Air Drop is a simple native file sharing solution that is available on most post 2009 models. Now, assume it isn't files you want to send; it’s links. You have your messengers for this purpose, but should you grow tired of going through your chat history looking for a link shared a day or an hour ago, there is The Great Link. It’s a free Mac app that allows you to send files between two Macs over a Wi-Fi connection, provided you have Bonjour enabled. The app keeps a complete history of links that you've sent and received, it can copy links from an active browser window (Chrome & Safari only), open an incoming link, or copy it to your clipboard. The Great Link runs in the Menu Bar and supports Notification Center if you’re on Mountain Lion. Read More

Easily Set Any Image As A Folder’s Icon Using Plaster For Mac

For those who love to customize their Mac, there are a large number of folder icons to replace the default ones. Though they are good for adding a personal touch to your Mac, these custom folders don’t really offer much utility. Plaster is a free Mac app that takes the concept of having custom folder icons and puts it to good use. The app allows you to take any image of your choice and set it as any folder’s icon. The result is a folder that, in addition to being identifiable from its name, can also be identified with the image on it (much like a book’s illustrated cover). Read More

Create A Separate Mailbox For Ungrouped/Unimportant Contacts In Mac

Not all contacts are equally important, which is why people group and sort the important ones so that they’re easier to manage. The contacts you don’t email often, or who send you unimportant emails too often, rarely get sorted into anything more than an unnamed group. If you’re using Mountain Lion and have synced your Twitter and Facebook contacts with the Contacts app, it is likely you’ve got an even larger number of ungrouped contacts. Now imagine those contacts, grouped and ungrouped ones, all emailing you. You have a single mailbox, or perhaps two or three set up, but one or all include emails from the not-so-important contacts and you’d like to sort them so that they have a mailbox of their own (which you can ignore). You can manage them in one of two ways; invest some time and group them properly, or have Smart groups in Contacts and Smart Mailboxes in Mail to do all the heavy lifting. Read More

Take & Sync Notes Across Windows, Mac & iOS via Dropbox With Notebooks

Every once in a while, a new service comes forth and claims to be unique, productive or an improvement over what’s already available in the market. And when this service or product is being offered for free, it instantly becomes a lot more appealing. Notebooks - available for Windows, Mac and iOS - opts for an understandably similar approach. It basically allows you to create and synchronize notes via Dropbox and WebDAV. Why would anyone use Notebooks over Evernote or OneNote, you might ask? Well firstly, OneNote is a paid application and secondly, the native Dropbox integration gives Notebooks an edge over the former (and Evernote, for that matter) by virtually freeing you from any limitations on the maximum number of notes you can have. Read on for the full review! Read More

View Email Notification Alerts For Select Accounts In Mac OS X

The Notification Center in Mountain Lion is one of its best features but so far, it offers little customization at the app level. You can only choose which apps to receive notifications from and can’t select whether you want a notification for each event / action of the app, or just a few select ones. This limitation is most obvious if you've added more than once account to the Mail app. By default, you receive a notification for new emails received on all accounts. If one of those accounts is your personal account that you don’t want to be bothered with while you’re working, these alerts can be less than welcome. While there isn't an official way in Notification Center to customize notifications for each account, you can work around this one with the Mail app by making use of Smart Mailboxes. Read More

Upload Screenshots From OS X To Your Public Dropbox Folder With UpShot

Dropbox is more than just a cloud drive; with an API that allows other apps to add Dropbox integration, it’s been used in a lot of unique ways. Not only does it make collaboration easier, it also allows developers to create apps that can sync their app data over to it. One of the more frequently used features of Dropbox is the public folder where you can upload files for public viewing. Anyone with the link to your files can view or download them, and they don’t even need to have a Dropbox account for this. UpShot is a free and open source Mac app that makes use of the public folder to share your screenshots publicly.  The app runs in the Menu Bar and while enabled, it automatically uploads the screenshots you take to your Dropbox public folder. Read More

Rearrange Windows To A Previously Recorded Layout On Mac With Slate

Small screens don’t usually give you enough room for viewing multiple app windows side by side but a large screen does. Considering how big your screen is, you might be able to arrange two or three windows on it in any sort of arrangement. The only shortcoming with this is that you have to rearrange them each time you launch your apps. This is because while apps do remember their last window size, they don't keep track of their last position on the screen. Mac users on any version above Lion might find this a bigger problem since they have desktop spaces that apps can be assigned to, but the window arrangement is still not remembered. Slate is a free Mac app that partially handles this problem. It remembers the arrangement of windows in a single desktop space, and can restore it provided those apps are running. Read More

Sorter Runs Rule-Based File Actions On OS X Without Automater Or AppleScript

Advanced Mac users can use AppleScripts to get a lot of things done. These simple scripts can be written to execute actions on files; files and apps can be opened or closed in response to another action, and processes can be started or ended. Not everyone can be good at writing scripts however and for the not-so advanced users, there are apps that help you automate functions like this. Sorter is a free app available in the Mac App Store that allows you to monitor folders for files and enter rules for executing actions like deleting or moving them, redirecting them to an Automator workflow, or running a script on them automatically. The app is useful for ordinary as well as power users. The rules you create with Sorter are executed manually or based on certain triggers, and there isn't any way to set the app to run them periodically, which might make it less useful for power users. However, this doesn't diminish its usability for the rest of us. Read More

How To Bring Back The Shortcuts Sidebar In iTunes 11 For Windows & Mac

Enable Sidebar in New iTunes 11
Let's face it, iTunes hasn't really been known for changing with times and adapting to newer UI trends. So it came as a rather pleasant surprise when the new iTunes 11 finally shed all its extra baggage and came up with a neat interface. Having said that, many users have become so accustomed to the older way of doing things that this update has really left them feeling lost. The biggest change in the interface is iTunes’ apparent breakup with the sidebar view. By default, the sidebar that houses all the important shortcuts in older versions of the suite is no longer there in iTunes 11. If you are really missing it though, you will be pleased to find out that Apple has just hidden it instead of removing it altogether, and you can easily bring it back just the way it was before. Read More

Hands-On With New Features In iTunes 11 [Review]

iTunes 11 New Features
In what might be the most delayed iTunes release from Apple ever, iTunes 11 was finally bumped to the users a few hours ago. The management suite’s major revamp was announced with the release of iOS 6, but it took a few months for it to actually become available. iTunes has always been unpopular, even with the most loyal Apple fans. With the recent update though, it is nice to see that almost all the issues that caused many horror stories of data loss and syncing failures have been addressed in the revamped interface. A lot of unpopular features (like Cover Flow and iTunes DJ) are gone and replaced by things that actually get the job done. Although still not perfect, iTunes’s iCloud integration is now much more comprehensible than before. In iTunes 11, Gift Cards can be scanned using a Mac or PC’s camera, which will surely save users a lot of bother in the upcoming holiday season. Read More

How To Disable And Delete Chat History In OS X Messages

iChat, OS X’s stock chat client, became Messages when Mountain Lion rolled out. For the most part Messages is the same as iChat with one major difference; it now saves your chat history and given someone has iOS 6 on their iOS device, you can make / receive FaceTime calls from them in Messages. Chat history was welcomed by many users given old conversations can be revisited, images and files can be sent, and reminders can be created from date and time mentioned in chat. Though chat history is a good feature, there's nothing to say that users wouldn’t like to disable it or occasionally clear their history. The process is extremely simple and detailed below. Read More

View Your Twitter Feed On Mac Screen Saver With TwitterTicker

Mountain Lion came with Twitter and Facebook integration and there still aren’t a lot of ways for users to take advantage of it. Even the integration itself is very basic with no support for keyboard shortcuts, and surprisingly, there isn’t a crazy number of apps in the Mac App Store to take advantage of it either. TwitterTicker is a free Mac app that makes a screen saver out of your Twitter feed. The app is very basic and allows you to choose how many recent tweets should be shown and how long each tweet should stay on the screen. The tweets themselves are displayed with subtle hints to make them easier to read, Hash tags are brighter than the rest of the text and links are slightly dull to highlight the main text of the tweet. Previews for images uploaded directly to Twitter are shown; however, links to images uploaded to Instagram etc. are not. Read More

Have Your Mac Shut Down, Logout Or More When A Bluetooth Device Is In/Out Of Range

Earlier this year, we reviewed Bluetooth Screen Lock an app worth $1.99 in the Mac App store that locked your Mac whenever a Bluetooth device you had paired with it and added to the app went out of range. For forgetful users, the app presents an excellent way of ensuring you never leave your Mac open for anyone to use. If you’d like a similar but better and free solution, give Blue Butler a try. It is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that allows you to assign any power function (Shoutdown, Logout, Restart or Sleep) to be triggered when your Bluetooth device goes in and out of range. In addition to setting power functions, you can also have the app to open any number of files (or AppleScript files to perform a list of actions) when a device goes in and out of range. Compared to the previously reviewed Bluetooth Screen Lock, this app not only offers more functionality, but also has a lot less bugs. Read More

Save High Quality Wallpapers To Dropbox With Desktoppr

Background wallpapers are the prime example of desktop customization. The right wallpaper works as a foundation of which way you choose to go in terms of embellishing the desktop with applications like Rainmeter and Rainlendar. I recently stumbled upon an incredible wallpaper web service, which is not just intuitive, but quite fun to use as well. Meet Desktoppr, an enticing web app that does a wonderful job in providing you with fresh wallpapers every day. It uses your Dropbox account to quickly send the selected wallpapers to your computers. Read More

Add Upcoming Facebook Events And Birthdays To Calendar

If you linked your Facebook account to your Mac running OS X 10.8.2, Mountain Lion, you would have noticed there was an option to import your Facebook friends to the Contacts (previously called Address Book) app. As far as automatically importing data from your Facebook account to Mountain Lion goes, this is the full extent of it. There is still other information, like Facebook events that you could do with viewing in Calendar (formerly known as iCal) but there isn’t an apparently easy way to do it. It is extremely easy to import your Facebook events to Calendar and the process only seems obscure because you can’t import them to Mountain Lion from Calendar; rather, you have to export them from Facebook to Calendar. You’ll need to open Facebook in your browser on Mac, not necessarily Safari, but you will need to be using your Mac. This isn’t something you can do by accessing Facebook on your iOS device. Read More

Record Multiple Mac Screens With Highlighted Clicks Using Ripcorder

The only thing that normally stands between you and a really great screencast app for your Mac is possible the really large price tag that some of the best screen casting tools come with. It’s rather disappointing if you look at the situation; many apps in the Mac App store have paid light versions which have you pay anywhere between $1 – $5 for limited time recording of your screen. Ripcorder Screen is a free Mac App available in the Mac App Store that not only provides you unlimited recording time, but also supports multiple screens, highlights mouse clicks and allows you stop recording automatically when the custom time (set by the user, of course) runs out. The only catch here is that it doesn’t support audio recording. That might render it useless if you plan to do a voice over but if you’re just going to add music to the video later, this app is all you need. It runs in the Menu Bar and shows the entire recording in a small screen that can be hidden as per your preference. Read More