How To Disable And Delete Chat History In OS X Messages

iChat, OS X’s stock chat client, became Messages when Mountain Lion rolled out. For the most part Messages is the same as iChat with one major difference; it now saves your chat history and given someone has iOS 6 on their iOS device, you can make / receive FaceTime calls from them in Messages. Chat history was welcomed by many users given old conversations can be revisited, images and files can be sent, and reminders can be created from date and time mentioned in chat. Though chat history is a good feature, there's nothing to say that users wouldn’t like to disable it or occasionally clear their history. The process is extremely simple and detailed below. Read More

View Your Twitter Feed On Mac Screen Saver With TwitterTicker

Mountain Lion came with Twitter and Facebook integration and there still aren’t a lot of ways for users to take advantage of it. Even the integration itself is very basic with no support for keyboard shortcuts, and surprisingly, there isn’t a crazy number of apps in the Mac App Store to take advantage of it either. TwitterTicker is a free Mac app that makes a screen saver out of your Twitter feed. The app is very basic and allows you to choose how many recent tweets should be shown and how long each tweet should stay on the screen. The tweets themselves are displayed with subtle hints to make them easier to read, Hash tags are brighter than the rest of the text and links are slightly dull to highlight the main text of the tweet. Previews for images uploaded directly to Twitter are shown; however, links to images uploaded to Instagram etc. are not. Read More

Have Your Mac Shut Down, Logout Or More When A Bluetooth Device Is In/Out Of Range

Earlier this year, we reviewed Bluetooth Screen Lock an app worth $1.99 in the Mac App store that locked your Mac whenever a Bluetooth device you had paired with it and added to the app went out of range. For forgetful users, the app presents an excellent way of ensuring you never leave your Mac open for anyone to use. If you’d like a similar but better and free solution, give Blue Butler a try. It is a free Mac app available in the Mac App Store that allows you to assign any power function (Shoutdown, Logout, Restart or Sleep) to be triggered when your Bluetooth device goes in and out of range. In addition to setting power functions, you can also have the app to open any number of files (or AppleScript files to perform a list of actions) when a device goes in and out of range. Compared to the previously reviewed Bluetooth Screen Lock, this app not only offers more functionality, but also has a lot less bugs. Read More

Save High Quality Wallpapers To Dropbox With Desktoppr

Background wallpapers are the prime example of desktop customization. The right wallpaper works as a foundation of which way you choose to go in terms of embellishing the desktop with applications like Rainmeter and Rainlendar. I recently stumbled upon an incredible wallpaper web service, which is not just intuitive, but quite fun to use as well. Meet Desktoppr, an enticing web app that does a wonderful job in providing you with fresh wallpapers every day. It uses your Dropbox account to quickly send the selected wallpapers to your computers. Read More

Add Upcoming Facebook Events And Birthdays To Calendar

Add-Facebook Bithdays to-iCal
If you linked your Facebook account to your Mac running OS X 10.8.2, Mountain Lion, you would have noticed there was an option to import your Facebook friends to the Contacts (previously called Address Book) app. As far as automatically importing data from your Facebook account to Mountain Lion goes, this is the full extent of it. There is still other information, like Facebook events that you could do with viewing in Calendar (formerly known as iCal) but there isn’t an apparently easy way to do it. It is extremely easy to import your Facebook events to Calendar and the process only seems obscure because you can’t import them to Mountain Lion from Calendar; rather, you have to export them from Facebook to Calendar. You’ll need to open Facebook in your browser on Mac, not necessarily Safari, but you will need to be using your Mac. This isn’t something you can do by accessing Facebook on your iOS device. Read More

Record Multiple Mac Screens With Highlighted Clicks Using Ripcorder

The only thing that normally stands between you and a really great screencast app for your Mac is possible the really large price tag that some of the best screen casting tools come with. It’s rather disappointing if you look at the situation; many apps in the Mac App store have paid light versions which have you pay anywhere between $1 – $5 for limited time recording of your screen. Ripcorder Screen is a free Mac App available in the Mac App Store that not only provides you unlimited recording time, but also supports multiple screens, highlights mouse clicks and allows you stop recording automatically when the custom time (set by the user, of course) runs out. The only catch here is that it doesn’t support audio recording. That might render it useless if you plan to do a voice over but if you’re just going to add music to the video later, this app is all you need. It runs in the Menu Bar and shows the entire recording in a small screen that can be hidden as per your preference. Read More

Globally Record Whatever Audio Your Mac Is Playing Without A Mic

Have you ever needed a quick audio extraction tool? Something that will allow you to extract sound from a documentary and maybe use it in a presentation? If you’re using a Mac and aren’t in the mood to pay up for an expensive app, give WavTap a try. It is the simplest of Menu Bar utilities that allows you to record the audio output of your Mac. You can start and stop recordings with a simple keyboard shortcut and cut down the length of the recording to save only the last few seconds of it. As far as recording apps go, WavTap is ridiculously simple to use but also low on features. It does not make use of the mic on your Mac, which is why you won’t have to worry about any external noise in the recording. Read More

Remove Photobombers & Unwanted Items From Your Photos [Mac]

Before everyone started taking and sharing pictures from their smartphones and digital cameras, there used to be film based photography where your pictures were printed out on high quality 4x6 cards that made it impossible to cut out photo bombers or that one cousin no one really likes from the family picture. With digital photography, if you have the right software, the required skills and a few hours of time to kill, removing unwanted objects from a photograph is possible. For photographs with many subjects, you might need a very feature app to do the trick and considerable image editing skills on your part but for ordinary images (like ones you might have snapped on vacation), you can use a simple app like Intelligent Scissors to get the job done. Intelligent Scissors is a Mac app worth $3.99 in the Mac App Store that allows you to identify and remove unwanted items from a picture. The app is easy to use and gives you a live preview of the changes you make. Output is saved in JPG format. Read More

How To Hide The Dock Icon For Any Mac App While It Is Running

The Dock is what you would consider prime real estate as far as icons for active apps on a Mac are concerned. It’s a place where you house not just your active apps but some of your frequently used ones, alongside your favorite folders. The point is, the Dock is where apps compete for space and whether you like it or not, most apps that you have running will add a Dock icon even when it is not necessary. While some developers will have the foresight to recognize that the icon is useless and will provide a way of removing it, they are admittedly a very rare breed of developers. If you’ve got quite a few apps that you prefer didn’t have a Dock icon, a little editing of the Info.plist file for the respective app should sweep it under the rug for you. Read More

Add Events To OS X Calendar Directly From Conversation In Messages App

OS X is a very smart operating system and you don’t really realize that unless you start paying attention to the minor details and minute functionalities it has at the system level. One of the intelligent functions you might have observed if you use the stock Mail app is that it detects date and time. It creates a connection between the Mail and the Calendar app and allows you to record an event on the said date directly from the Mail app. This same functionality exists in the Messages app; should you find yourself talking to friends and family deciding dinner, a co-worker discussion a meeting time, or just someone reminding you to take your dog to the vet, if the date and time of the "event’ is mentioned in the conversation, you can create a Calendar event from it within Messages. Read More

Enable HiDPI On Non-Retina Mac With Lower Resolutions For Sharper Image

QuickRes is a free app for easier resolution management on Mac. Switching between resolutions on a Mac isn’t that big a deal, but if you add Retina displays to the mix, you’ll find this app quite useful. QuickRes allows you to change resolutions on your Retina MacBook from the Menu Bar, and on non-Retina MacBooks, the app lets you enable HiDPI, and experience output closer to that of a Retina display without an actual Retina display. The app adds a display screen icon to the Menu Bar which allows you to select any one of the supported resolutions and quickly switch to it. From the app’s preferences, you can then enable HiDPI mode which will give you better display output than you previously had on lower resolution. Granted that the output will always be better on a Retina MacBook, you will still find your non-Retina is better to read on with this app. Read More

Windows 8 vs OS X Mountain Lion: A Battle Of Features

Three years after Windows 7, Microsoft has released the next version of Windows dubbed Windows 8. If you've been following any of the pre-launch buzz surrounding this release or have tried your hand at either the consumer or developer preview, you will know that it’s the largest interface overhaul that Microsoft has ever made to its operating system. It’s also something of a hybrid that’s meant for both desktop PCs and tablets, specifically the Surface. Windows 8 is mostly being compared to its predecessor and how easy or difficult it will be to adapt to for users running Windows 7. In what follows, we will take a look at some of the salient features of Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion, and see how they are implemented in their respective OS. Read More

Evernote 5 Beta Released; Interface Overhaul And Location Tracking

Evernote is a popular note syncing service and its presence on so many platforms is just one of the many things that makes it great. Oddly enough, as great a service as Evernote is, its Mac app is just as unflattering. This is about to change though and hopefully very soon. Evernote has released the Beta version of Evernote 5 for Mac and in addition to new features the interface has been overhauled completely. Not only are there significant cosmetic changes, but the flow of the app and how you view items has been changed for the better. The new version features several different ways for viewing the notes you’ve added in your notebooks. Navigation has been improved as has been the note editor and an Atlas has been introduced that lets you see the geographical distribution of where you added your notes. Additionally, keyboard shortcuts have been introduced. Read More

Run Multiple Instances Of Any App On Your Mac With An AppleScript

Two heads are better than one and perhaps, so are two apps. The only thing that’s better than a good app is perhaps two good apps. Given that you already have a really great app for a specific function, and you would like to run multiple instances of it, you might have your work cut out for you if the app doesn’t support it and you’re on a Mac. Running multiple instances of any app on a Mac may sound difficult but it’s surprisingly easy. You need only use a simple script and you can run as many instance of an app as you like. The multiple instances run in isolation of each other and each one is represented by the app’s respective icon in the Dock. Read More

Bring Back Display Resolution Menu Bar Item In Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion’s new features are great - so great, that they tend to let you ignore the little things that Apple took away from the OS. Among the casualties of the upgrade, was the battery notification in the Menu Bar that told you how much charge time you had left, the RSS in Safari, adding an external display to your MacBook and using it even when the lid is not closed, and the ability to adjust the display resolution from the Menu Bar. Mountain Lion doesn’t really tease you when it comes to working with multiple displays, but taking away this little functionality was a step backward. Like with the battery time issue that eventually found a solution in the form of third-party apps, you can bring back display resolution management to the menu bar with Display Menu. Read More

Enable AirDrop Over Ethernet On Unsupported Macs [Tip]

AirDrop is OS X’s native utility for sharing files between Macs over Wi-Fi. You can find a lot of apps that add this same functionality, but the default utility does it best (and for free). Unfortunately, not all Macs support AirDrop (the earliest Mac models that support it are Late 2008 MacBooks, Late 2012 MacBook Airs, early 2009 iMacs and Mid 2010 Mac Minis). MacBook Airs and Mac Mini’s that are more than two or three years old do not support it. However, since apps you download from the Mac App Store allow you to do somewhat the same thing, there is a workaround for some of the unsupported Mac models. With the slight limitation of being connected with an Ethernet wire, you can enable AirDrop on an old Mac by running a simple Terminal command. Read More

Official Pocket App For Mac Released; Allows Clutter-Free Offline Reading Of Bookmarked Articles

Pocket, formerly known as Read It Later, is an immensely successful web service that allows you to mark online content for reading later. In addition to its web service, it also has web browser extensions and apps for Android, iOS and Kindle, and now, for OS X as well. The Pocket app for Mac is basically a desktop reader for articles you bookmark while surfing the web on any of the mentioned platforms. It allows you to download items in your list for offline reading, and can also be used to save items directly to your Pocket account from the clipboard. The app shows you the number of unread items in the Dock and lets you sort the content by type, same as it does on its web interface. It syncs automatically and has full screen support for clutter-free reading. Bookmarked items can be emailed and/or shared via Facebook, Twitter, Evernote or Buffer. Read More

Group Different Files On Each Desktop Space In Mac With iDesktop

Desktop Spaces are a great and unique way to manage apps, especially if you’re working with them in full screen, and want to switch between them easily. With Desktop Spaces, you can have a different space for each app or for a number of apps, which allows you to group apps relevant to a particular task in one space. The trouble with the default feature is that it's only for managing app windows, and it doesn't allow you to have different icon arrangements on each Desktop Space. Basically, you get the same files, folders and apps on each space and any changes you make to it are reflected across all of them. In a nutshell, where the spaces allow you to group apps separately, they do not allow the same for files. If you do want to sort files and folders differently for each desktop, you will need  iDesktop, a Mac app worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store, that adds a different set of desktop spaces to your Mac and allows you to change which files you see on each one. You can keep personal files on one desktop and office files on the other. Unlike the default Desktop Spaces, however, you can’t assign an app to a particular space. Read More

Add Contacts From Mac Clipboard & Easily Manage Groups With Guenon Contacts

The stock address book app in Mac OS X, Contacts, is great in terms of both functionality and design. Managing contacts with it is pretty easy in itself, especially if you’re just looking to move a single or multiple contacts to a group, but as far as an overview of an individual contact is concerned, the number of groups associated with it is left out. Guenon Contacts is an extremely lightweight contact manager, which lets you create groups and add contacts to them from the clipboard. The app can be minimized to a thin bar and activated by a keyboard shortcut. If you think managing groups in Contacts is easy, you will be surprised at how much easier it gets with this app. Read More

Nitro Is A Simple OS X To-Do List App That Syncs To Dropbox & Ubuntu One

Task management, at times, gets so complex that you need a better way to keep track of the things you have to get done, other than just taking a mental note of them. Not doubting the use of a stack of Post-it notes, but you might want to use a more sophisticated method for creating  lengthier to-do lists or reminders. Nitro is a free Mac app that lets you do just that. Besides an aesthetically pleasing interface, the app is very well written in terms of functionality. Tasks can be grouped into lists, you can set a due date for a task and add tags and notes to it. It supports keyboard shortcuts, allows you to control how the week and date are laid out, comes loaded with five UI skins to chose from and last but not the least, syncs with Dropbox and Ubuntu One. Read More