Accent: Quickly Insert Accented Characters, Copy URL Escape Codes On Mac

Inserting accented characters in Mac isn’t really difficult, as we explained in a tip just last week; all you need to do is hold down a particular character key, and the letter will appear. The one caveat of this tip is that you must have disabled repeating a letter, and that can lead to some inconvenience when typing. There is still the option to use the Option key, but that is obviously the long way that most might want to avoid. For just these unique situations, there is Accent, a Mac app worth $0.99 in the Mac App Store that lets you view all accented characters and some basic symbols that are normally difficult to insert. The app lists them in a large, tiled layout, and you can copy a character for pasting anywhere by just clicking it. Additionally, the app lets you copy URL escape codes for any of the characters. Read More

[Giveaway] Mailsum: Mac Email Client That Tells You How Well You Handle Your Mail

If you’re someone who operates more than one email ID, and most people usually juggle a work and personal ID, you know that it isn’t always easy to manage the two side by side. Additionally, email is one of those things that just eat away at your time; if you don’t read/answer email, your work gets hampered, but if you set to answering every single email, you might just end up neglecting other important tasks. It’s one of the double-edged swords of modern day. Mailsum is a Mac app worth $4.99 that might help you manage your email better; the app gives you insight into how you handle email on your Mac. It gives a detailed account of how often you send and reply to emails, how much time you take to respond to an email, how many go unanswered and much more. Read More

PDF Reader Pro Is One Of The Most Comprehensive Document Viewers For iPhone & iPad

PDF Reader Pro iOS
An iOS app that handles PDF files might not sound like something too exciting, but PDF Reader Pro has so much more to offer. The app lets you view PDF files on your iPhone or iPad, but that’s not all it does. It rises above the crowd owing to the staggeringly large number of additional features it has on offer and is undoubtedly one of the best if its kind out there. PDF Reader can handle images, videos, HTML, iWorks files, common document formats and, of course, PDFs. Most of the formats compatible with the app can be converted to PDF with a single tap, regardless of the file’s size. In addition to all this, PDF Reader Pro comes with some amazing sharing options, and you can get files in and out of the app over WiFi, via email, iCloud or just about any other cloud service you can possibly think of. The app’s reader is sleek, and comes with a lot of options to improve your reading experience. Read More

AirServer: Comprehensive Mac & PC AirPlay Suite With Screen Mirroring

I’ve never tried to hide my preference for iOS over Android, and for multiple reasons. While both platforms have a healthy share of strengths and weaknesses, iOS offers certain features (natively) that tip the scale, at least for me, in its favor, one of them being AirPlay. The formerly-labeled-AirTunes protocol received a feature and nomenclature overhaul back in 2010, whence it included not just audio, but any kind of media to be streamed to any AirPlay compatible device. Then, with iOS 5, Apple pooled in AirPlay mirroring, allowing you to replicate your supportive iPhone, iPod touch or iPad’s entire screen on the likes of compatible HDTVs, laptops, Macs etc. Speaking of Windows PCs and Macs in this regard, there’s perhaps no shortage of AirPlay apps for both platforms, paid or free, that offer pretty reasonable functionality. That’s why I was not too enthusiastic about AirServer, an AirPlay server application for Mac and Windows that claims to be way ahead of all its peers. Turns out, my skepticism was ill-warranted, as the app clearly blows away all the competition. Read More

Dashboard X: Add Notification Center Widgets To iOS Springboard & Lock Screen [Cydia]

Dashboard X
Widgets are something that have been exclusive to Android so far, and although iOS now offers a couple of native Notification Center widgets, they are not the same as Android’s ever-present and feature-rich ones. Fortunately, things have finally taken a turn for the better for jailbroken iOS users. Now, it is possible to have home screen widgets on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, thanks to the recently released Dashboard X Cydia tweak. The tweak can be considered a whole new platform for widgets that allows users to add several Notification Center widgets to the home screen. Not only that, you can make the lockscreen area of your iPhone more functional and productive as well, using the tweak’s Dock Mode, which lets users summon widgets at will, so that they don’t clutter the screen all the time. Sound interesting? Read on for details. Read More

[Giveaway] ESET Mobile Security For Android Out Of Beta, Now Supports ICS & Honeycomb

The reliable computer and network security solutions provided by ESET are highly regarded among domestic and professional computer users all across the globe. When the company launched the public beta of ESET Mobile Security for the Android platform in June last year (2011), Android users were introduced to arguably one of the most comprehensive protection tools for their devices. This multi-lingual app encompasses several sought-after security features to secure your device and all the underlying data from any sort of unauthorized access. The app's feature set includes real-time device protection from viruses and malware through on-demand (user-requested) and on-access (event-triggered) scanning, specifying blacklists for all incoming calls, SMS, and/or MMS from specific users, integrated security audit to identify the most vulnerable aspects of your Android device, multiple anti-theft tools (SIM matching, specifying a trusted SIM card via its IMSI number), and a built-in task manager. The app just recently shed its beta tag and is now available as a 30-day free trial, after which it requires you to purchase a 1-year license to continue availing all the security features. Read More

[Giveaway] EdgeCase Prevents Unintentionally Moving Mouse Cursor Between Displays [Mac]

If you work with multiple monitors, you must have noticed that your mouse doesn't always understand that you didn’t mean for it to move to the next display, even though you continued to move it to the left or right of the screen. The mouse is meant to act like that, and it only makes sense that you would be able to move the mouse comfortably between two displays. There are, nevertheless, usage scenarios where the second display attached to you system is really meant to monitor a feed or an app or any other system activity. You don’t necessarily need it for performing your ‘work’, and that’s when your cursor jumping between monitors gets irritating. EdgeCase is a Mac app worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store that prevents the mouse from accidentally jumping between displays. Read More

xDownload: iPhone Download Manager With Support For Flash Videos, Simultaneous Downloads & More

It is possible to download and use a lot of file formats in iOS, but not all of them are compatible with Safari, and you might need a plethora of third-party apps in order to use those files on your iDevice. This can prove to be cumbersome, as you might not even be aware whether a particular file can be used with your device. xDownload for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch is one very simple solution to this problem. It is a download manager supports a staggeringly large number of file formats. Probably the best feature offered by xDownload is its ability to download flash videos, which are automatically converted to MP4 to facilitate playback on your FLV-crippled iOS device. Apart from that, you can archive whole websites with the app as well. Details to follow. Read More

[Giveaway] DragonDrop Makes Drag & Drop Easier By Providing A Temporary Holder For Copying Files [Mac]

If you’ve used a Windows PC, you know there is no such thing as Desktop Spaces like there are in Mac, and, without question, they are an excellent feature to have. While they make it extremely easy to manage windows and group your work by the apps you have opened, it can sometimes be inconvenient when you have to move an item from one desktop space to another. DragonDrop is a Mac app, worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store, that acts as a ‘holder’ for any file, folder or text you want to copy and paste from one location or space to another. The app works entirely in the Menu Bar and captures anything you drop onto it, leaving you free to use your mouse for clicking, selecting and dragging other things around. Read More

Reddit Notifier: Menu Bar Notifications & Audio Alerts For New Reddit Messages [Mac]

When it comes to web portals, Reddit is an amazing one; it may waste a lot of your time, but you will still end up learning a ton of new things in the process. While the site is one of the many reasons people all over the world don’t manage to get to sleep as early as planned, it is also a great place for raising awareness about important events. If you obsessively read everything on Reddit, and are more than the average lurker, Reddit Notifier is a Mac app (worth $1.99 in the Mac App Store) that you may find useful. It gives you notifications in the Menu Bar and sounds audio alerts when you receive a new message on Reddit. The alerts are customizable, so you can set them to sound once, continuously or not at all. Read More

iLockit For Android: Lock Screen App With Unique Image-Based Methods Of Pattern Unlock

Just a couple of weeks ago, we covered an Android app called Photo Lock Screen that allowed users to define their own custom tap sequence/patterns on an image of choice to unlock their screens. Sporting somewhat the same concept, but far more features, iLockit Lock Screen is another security-oriented Android app that has been around for quite some time now (way before Photo Lock Screen, it seems). iLockit offers as many as four different screen locking methods that you can use in a combination of your choice. For instance, you may set any image as the lockscreen's background and select a single point within it, tapping which will unlock the screen, or pick multiple points on the image that you must touch in some order to do the same. Then, there is a method that involves pressing and holding a specific point on the image for a desired time duration. You can also add an invisible line within the image and swipe across it to unlock. Read More

Time Sink: Record & Generate Reports For Usage Time Of Mac Apps

As much as you may convince yourself that you’re a productive, well focused and difficult to distract person when it comes down to work, the fact is that the internet is ruled by kittens and you just can’t get enough of them. For many people, especially those who work remotely, the temptation to check your Facebook feed or read an interesting article is sometimes too much to overcome, often leaving them wondering where the time went. Time Sink is an excellent Mac app, worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store, that tells you just how you’ve been spending your time. Not only does the app have an excellent interface, but is feature rich, allowing you to create ‘app pools’ to measure the time spent on a particular task which may involve using more than a single app. It additionally gives you the option to run either as an application window, or from the Menu Bar. At the same time, it supports an activity monitor in its Dock icon, which pretty much means you can’t escape the fact that you’re wasting precious time. Read More

Screenshot Journal Helps You Manage Your iPhone & iPad Screenshots

Screenshot Journal iOS
Until recently, iOS was the only smartphone platform that came with built-in screenshot capabilities (now, of course, the feature is available in the newest version of Android, ICS, as well). Due to the availability of this feature in iOS, the stock Photos app tends to accumulate a lot of screenshots over time. Unfortunately, an iOS device cannot differentiate between an ordinary photo and a screenshot natively, and treats them just the same. This can prove to be a bit of a nuisance on a lot of occasions, and it can take hours of your precious time if you go about separating screenshots and photos manually. This is where Screenshot Journal comes to the rescue. This paid iOS app automatically imports all the screenshots found in your iPhone or iPad and allows you to sort them out from within its interface. This little tool can be particularly handy for UI designers, who have countless interface mockups and screenshots cluttering their camera rolls. Read More

Liquid Words: Search, Reference & Translate Text Selected From Within Any App [Mac]

The right-click context menu in Mac is a fairly sophisticated one. It allows you to search the web for text selected from within any app. This simple little feature makes it easy for us to look up the background story of something, or just search for the meaning of a word. Worth $0.99 in the Mac App Store, Liquid Words is a handy Mac app that not only allows you to search text, selected from within any app, in Google, Google Images, Google Maps, YouTube, Flickr, Amazon and LinkedIn, but also lets you convert currency, temperature, area, speed, distance, volume, weight and data, reference items from Wikipedia, Wordnik, Wolfram Alpha, Google Definition, IMDB and Etymonline in the same manner. That's not all; it even allows you to translate selected text from any language to another. Read More

PearlMountain Image Converter: Batch Photo Editing & Conversion Tool For Windows

Most free image editing tools are made for a specific purpose. For instance, you will have to use one tool to convert the image format, another to correct its colors, while a third will be required to add a watermark to the image. Having so many tools installed on your system not only creates unnecessary clutter, but also reduces the efficiency when you have to open this many programs every time you want to perform a simple editing operations on an image. PearlMountain Image Converter is an easy-to-use image editing & converting tool with an eye-candy GUI, which allows you to export an image in different formats, resize, crop and watermark it, rename it according to pre-specified criteria, perform color corrections, and apply borders. All of these functions can be performed at once in a batch operation, eliminating the time wasted in performing each function one by one. Read on to find out more about PearlMountain Image Converter. Read More

[Giveaway] Turn Your Portraits Into Facial Animations With LiveFace For iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, then you probably would have  come across many apps that let you create animations with relative ease. Usually, you have to perform a few steps before the animation is actually created, and then it mostly has a few shortcomings or flaws. LiveFace for iOS  is a fun app that lets you bring your portraits to life, literally. It lets you easily create animations from face shots, allowing you to export the results as GIF, MP4, SWF or JPG files. You can animate faces in photos in several different ways with no more than a few taps, making your friends wink or appear extatic regardless of what mood they were in when the photo was shot. Read More

Bluetooth Screen Lock Automatically Locks Your Mac When A BT Device Moves Out Of Range

Security may be equally important for everyone, but not everyone treats it as seriously as they should. While some people just don’t believe they have anything to a hide or no reason for anyone wanting to gain access to their personal files, it is no excuse to not protect your important data. For those that aren’t jumping at the latest military range defense and security systems, but would like to enable some level of security, the first place you can start is your Mac. There are people who are in the compulsive habit of locking their screens even if they bend down to tie a shoe lace while others are often forgetful of doing this simple little task to secure their systems. Bluetooth Screen Lock is a Mac app worth $0.99 that relieves you of the responsibility to lock your screen. The app lets you associate any Bluetooth enabled device with your Mac and when the device is no longer in range, it locks your screen. Read More

645 PRO: Professional-Grade Camera App That Lets You Save Photos As Lossless JPEG & dRAW

iPhone camera apps are numerous, owing mostly to the awesome quality of photos that Apple’s hardware (the iPhone 4S, in particular) can offer. You can edit your photos, snap them in any way you want, but ultimately, it is the quality of the device's camera that has the most profound effect on the result. 645 PRO is a camera replacement app for iOS that brings the best out of the device's camera, producing results with quality that is on par with that of digital cams. It is, as the developer claims, the first app of its kind that allows you to capture dRAW (TIFF) and lossless JPEG images. Results aside, the interface itself provides the look and feel of a professional-grade camera, making the app an excellent substitute to the stock camera app for photography enthusiasts. Details regarding the apps many features after the break. Read More

Voice Answer Is A Chat Bot & Speech Based Search Engine For iPhone/iPad

Siri might be good-looking and popular, but as is generally the case, beauty and brains are rarely found in one place. You can ask Siri to set reminders for you, and ask her what dress she is wearing, but when you come to think of it, Siri’s knowledge is quite limited, and more often than not, it ends up pointing you to web search. Now imagine if there were some way of making Siri the most geekiest and knowledgeable bot in existence, won’t it be awesome? There is no such tweak or app app available just yet, but Voice Answer might be the next best option available. This newly released iPhone app will answer every question its users ask, no matter how technical or complicated. The app’s bot, named Eve, will solve mathematical equations for you, let you know all about scientific facts and historical figures, and will prove to be a pleasant companion when you are just bored and not really looking for some useful information. Read More

[Giveaway] CopyLess For Mac: Manage & View Clipboard Content By App

Clipboard managers aren’t hard to find, and they are extremely useful since they let you get a whole lot more out of your default clipboard. Most clipboard managers focus on text snippets and there are few that will allow you to copy images and more. CopyLess is a Mac app worth $4.99 in the Mac App Store that extends your clipboard up to 100 items, lets you copy items in just about every format supported by Mac OS X and filters your snippets by the app they were copied from. Additionally, the app lets you favorite snippets that can be pasted using a custom shortcut, paste the last ten snippets via keyboard shortcut and wipe any text clean of its formatting before pasting it. Read More