MoviePile Is A Great Movie Manager With Support For Extracting Animated GIFs & Short Video Clips

When it comes to movie management and video playback software, there are way too many choices available, some of which are simply great, while others, not quite so. That said, it also comes down to personal taste and preference. We've covered some very fantastic movie managers in the past, such as the excellent jMovieManager and today, we bring you yet another one. MoviePile is a Java-based desktop movie manager for Windows, Mac and Linux that looks great and brings a host of interesting features to the table, the most terrific of which is dubbed Tagmark that allows you to tag specific parts in a video and play them directly with a single click later, or just turn them to an animated GIF. Pretty impressive, right? Read on! Read More

Sismics Is A Windows, Linux & Mac RSS Server With A Web-Based Reader

Google Reader users looking for a new home for your RSS feeds should know that they don’t have much time left now to move over to a different service because in one week, Google will retire the 8-year-old Reader for good. Fortunately there are many Google Reader alternatives available and today, we’re going to take a look at a new, open-source option by the name of Sismics Reader. The application runs on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine as a server and allows multiple users to use it with their separate RSS accounts through any modern web browser running on a computer, table tor smartphone. Sismics' design is based on keeping things simple, just like Google Reader. It presents everything in an easily understandable way and Google Reader users should feel at home using it. Read More

Edit Images & View Them In Sync On Multiple PCs Over LAN With Nomacs

There has never been a shortage of image viewers on Windows as well as other major desktop platforms; hop on to any software repository on the internet and you will find plenty of options for viewing your photos. So, do we really need another one? Perhaps yes. Especially when image viewers like Nomacs  come packaged with an umpteen number of features, the offer becomes even more enticing. On the surface, it looks exactly like any other image viewer, but deep down you will find a slew of handy tools that are likely to make Nomacs one of your favorite apps. The application supports almost all the major image formats out there (Including RAW), and lets you easily view and edit pictures in JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, XPM, PGM, CR2, NEF, RW2, PSD and DNG formats, among a handful of others. A rather unusual feature is Nomacs' ability to sync the image view across multiple PCs over your local network, which really sets it apart from other similar tools. Read More

Design Your Own Photo Calendar In Windows, Mac & Linux With Pically

An album is about the past and a calendar is about the future, but that doesn't mean they have to be mutually exclusive. A great way to combine looking forward to the time ahead while reminiscing your glory days from the past is to make your very own picture calendar with Pically. Pick out one favorite photo for each month, add holidays and special occasions, print the resulting calendar, and hang itin front of you – a portrait of what you have been, and a canvas for what you may yet become. The java-based app is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Details to follow. Read More

qrSend Lets You Scan QR Codes To Transfer Files From Windows, Mac & Linux To Android

Do you transfer a lot of files from PC to your Android device? What sort of connection you mostly prefer for the purpose? If it’s, Wi-Fi then today we have an impressive app for you that will make file transfers dead simple. qrSend is an Android app with desktop counterparts for Windows, OS X and Linux that lets you transfer files by scanning QR codes. That’s right - no more drag and drop or copy-pasting files around, because all you have to do is scan the QR code that's displayed on your computer and bingo, your desired item will instantly be transferred to your phone or tablet. Click the Read More button for the details. Read More

Hands-On With The New Features In Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail

Staying loyal to its release cycle, Canonical has recently released the latest version of the world’s most popular Linux distribution – Ubuntu 13.04. Dubbed ‘Raring Ringtail’, this release brings with it a bunch of new features, along with several significant improvements to many existing ones. Just a couple of months back, we got to take Ubuntu’s under-development mobile OS, Ubuntu Touch Preview for a spin and were left fairly impressed. While not to be considered a major revamp of the last version, the operating system’s latest desktop release hasn’t been a disappointment either, improving significantly upon its predecessor. In what follows, we will take a look at some of the new features and improvements in Ubuntu 13.04. Read More

BitTorrent Sync Introduces Unlimited & Secure Two-Way P2P File Syncing [Review]

IF you've ever wondered how file syncing can take place in the absence of a server and the need to create an account with it, BitTorrent has the answer for you in form of their latest app - BitTorrent Sync. It’s a peer-to-peer file syncing client by BitTorrent that relies on ‘Secrets’, which are 32-character long passcodes that you can set up to connect two computers and sync files between them - no link sharing or account sign up with any web service needed. The biggest benefit such a setup has over traditional Dropbox-style web service-based syncing is that there are no limits on file size or total space - you are only limited by the total space on the connected devices themselves. Though one drawback is that you don't get to have your files saved on the cloud for access from any computer or smartphone. The app is in public Alpha and undergoing active development, so there might be some quirks yet to be ironed out. The apps are available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and as per our tests, they all work perfectly for syncing files. Read More

Shotcut Is A Nifty Multi-Platform Video Clip Editor With Custom Filters

Video editors like Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas Pro are exceptionally powerful when it comes to professional-grade video production, but these programs don’t come cheap. If you’re looking for a powerful video editing application that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, try Shotcut. It’s an open-source, cross-platform app that provides an expanded workspace with a whole variety of features to let you quickly edit your homemade videos and recordings. In fact, it’s so powerful that you might soon find yourself carving out commercial-grade videos, after going through the initial learning curve, of course. It can encode videos at up to 1080p and packs a ton of options, while keeping the interface simple. Read More

Secure Folders With Bluetooth, Remove Duplicates & Rarely Used Files With PC Manager

Is your PC running out of memory? Time to get rid of some duplicate files that you've been pilling up for a while. Applications that get rid of duplicate files like Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, DeDupler, BitFinder and DoubleKiller are sure to be handy, but recently I came across PC Manager and found that it does a lot more than simply trashing clones. PC Manager is a Java-based application that not only lets you find and remove duplicate files, but also offers tools like rarely used files remover, files securer via Bluetooth, and password generator. Read More

Screenbird Is A Java-Based Screen Recorder With On-The-Fly ‘Do Over’ & Online Sharing

One good web app can often end the whole ‘which platform has better apps’ debate, and Screenbird is arguably one of those apps. It's a screencasting tool that runs entirely in your browser and allows you to record anything and everything on your screen. Unlike most browser-based screen recording tools, Screenbird is not restricted to recording inside the browser window. The recorded videos can be saved locally and uploaded for sharing as well. The service’s free version allows you to upload up to 150 minutes of videos to the cloud. That isn't Screenbird's best feature though; it has a 'do over' feature whereby you can select any point in a recording and re-record from that point onward. The portion of the video before that point remains intact, while the rest is overwritten. Read More

QuiteRSS Is A Powerful, Multi-Tabbed RSS Reader For Windows & Linux

Google Reader’s inevitable demise that’s only a couple of months away now has sent many on a wild goose chase to seek an equally good service that matches the quality and simplicity of this leading RSS platform. Feedly, for instance, is being considered as the top contender right now that goes neck to neck with Google Reader, but that doesn't mean we don’t have any other option. Just a couple of weeks ago, Fatima compiled a list of some of the best Google Reader alternatives for Windows, Mac and Web around. And today, I’m adding another one to list called QuiteRSS. Let’s take a closer look. Read More

Copy Offers File Sharing, Cloud Storage & Sync With 12GB+ Free Space

File sharing has become immensely easy over the past few years, thanks to the fast internet availability in many parts of the world, and services like Jumpshare and Dropbox. The aforementioned file sharing solutions help users share files with much more ease than they could just a few years ago. In addition, such services also provides them with virtual cloud storage to back up their content as well as access it remotely over the internet. Copy is a great new file sharing and cloud storage service that I recently discovered and took for a spin. Available for desktop, mobile and web, the service makes file sharing as well as collaboration simple and intuitive. Update: Copy is shutting down. Read More

SlimBoat Is A Fast, Cross-Platform Web Browser With Several Built-In Tools

Firefox and Chrome have apparently become everyone’s favorite web browsers, thanks to their extensive add-ons/extensions support, excellent UI and countless features. Microsoft has also improved its browser in Internet Explorer 10 that was first shipped with Windows 8 and got released for Windows 7 as a stable build today. Though there are many other web browsers out there as well that are simply overlooked by most of us due our usual hesitation of making a switch to a different one. If you want to try out something different for a change, give SlimBoat a shot. It’s a free web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux that comes packed with plenty of features out of the box. Read More

Ubuntu Touch Preview: A Complete Hands-on Feature & Interface Analysis

Since smartphones and tablets got into the hands of masses from being niche devices after the release of the iPhone in 2007, we have seen many players such as Android, Windows Phone, WebOS and MeeGo enter the field, some of which have stuck around and done well, while others have been pushed into oblivion by the tough competition. Nevertheless, it’s a lucrative industry that’s been attracting several other big names lately, the latest among them being Ubuntu Touch for Phones and Tablets. Recently, Canonical released the first Developer Preview of its touch-centric Linux-based OS to give users an early taste of things to come. Does it have what it takes to survive in today’s highly competitive industry, or is Canonical too late to the game? Let’s find out in our review of Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview. Read More

Design Your Own Fonts With BirdFont For Windows, Mac & Linux

The right way to market a product or service is to choose a captivating logo for your brand, and when it comes to designing such a logo or other material related to your brand identity, using the right font play a pivotal role. Using a poor typeface in your branding can result in a bad impression on your potential customer base, as it makes your brand look unprofessional. If you’re looking for a way to create your own fonts, give BirdFont a shot. It’s an open-source tool that lets you create various font characters from scratch by drawing vector outlines for them. The application also allows exporting and importing fonts in TTF, EOT and SVG formats. Read More

Download Android App APKs From Google Play Store To Your Desktop

Back in February 2012, we reviewed a Google Chrome extension that lets you download APK files of Android apps from Google Play directly to your PC, to be able to manually sideload them to your device. This method helps you grab any app that you are otherwise having problems installing to your device due to regional restrictions. Though that extension required some tinkering after Chrome's latest updates, and stopped working for some altogether. Today, we're bringing you a Windows app called Real APK Leecher that provides a more convenient way to download Android applications to your PC by similarly using your Google account associated with your device. Read More

Tonido Allows Remote File Access & Cloud Sync Across All Major Platforms [Review]

Syncing files between two computers isn’t a novel concept and services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and many others have simplified it greatly. If you want to able to access files from your PC on your smartphone; you can sync them over one of these services. The only problem here is that given the limited storage space, you can’t sync all your files; and you will always have to choose the files to sync by adding them to your cloud storage folder, or setting a custom folder to sync (offered by only a few such services). Tonido is service with free apps available for Mac, PC, and Linux and free mobile clients for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry that allows you to access all your files on any device from another. Additionally, it lets you sync 2GB of files between your devices for free. Though instead of offering both these services from the same apps, Tonido splits file access and file syncing between two different apps. Here is a simple breakdown of how you can set it all up. Read More

jMovieManager Offers All You Need From A Film & TV Series Organizer

jMovieManager-Windows film organizer
If you have a large collection of movies and TV series on your computer, keeping it all organized manually can be a hassle. Previously, we have covered some very fascinating movie and TV series managers for Windows, both in standard and Modern-UI flavors, including DVD Chief, Coollector Movie Database or TrackSeries, just to name a few. Today, I came across another one such app called jMovieManager and was impressed by its interface and features. It is a Java-based application that lets you access your entire offline movie and TV show collection complete with all metadata, from its intuitive UI. This way, you don’t have to rely on websites such as IMDb all the time to manually look up information, and will be able to play any of these videos right from the app at any time, without having to find them individually on your disk. Moreover, the app is portable, thus saving you the hassle of going through any installation process while allowing you to take your movie collection on the go in organized format on a portable disk! Read More

Broadcast Your Screen To Multiple Computers For Live Presentations Using TiffanyScreens

Presentations aren’t always on large projectors and when you need to present in the absence of one; a smart screen sharing app can come in handy. TiffanyScreens is an app available for Mac, Windows (7, XP & Vista), and Linux that allows you to share your screen with other systems. The app's free (Std) version allows you to broadcast your screen to three other systems. To stream to more computers, you will need to purchase the pro version, most likely meant for classrooms and workplaces. In either case, the recipients only need the free version to watch the stream. TiffanyScreens allows you to predefine the window size for received broadcasts and has five different channels that you can broadcast to. The app also lets you manage the refresh rate for the screen and control the quality of your transmission. Read More

Reditr: Awesome Reddit Desktop App With TweetDeck-Like UI & Cross-Platform Sync [Review]

As famous a website and social network as Reddit is, it doesn’t have official apps on all major platforms. Redditors who Reddit on desktop mostly use the website but Reditr is an app available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome that will make you forget the website altogether. The desktop client lets you manage one or multiple Reddit accounts and create a Reditr account that syncs your activity across all its own apps. It maintains a history of links you’ve visited, supports keyboard shortcuts and provides an easy-to-navigate, TweetDeck-like column view for all subreddits that you follow. The app is great if you have both a real and several throwaway accounts or if you’re just a lurker. Post links can all be previewed within the app (this includes videos and GIF images) while links in comments open in your browser. Reditr actively monitors for new comments and up/down votes, sports a gallery view for subreddits and lets you upload images directly to Imgur when you submit content. Read More