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How to install Proton GE on your Steamdeck

Proton GE is a fantastic variant of Valve’s Proton, packed with numerous game fixes. In this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to get Proton GE up and running on your Steam Deck using GUI tools such as ProtonUp and ProtonPlus.

How to install ProtonGE on Steam Deck with ProtonUp

ProtonUP displaying GE-Proton versions.

ProtonUp is an excellent utility that simplifies the installation of third-party compatibility programs on the Steam Deck. However, you’ll need to install this program before you can use it. To install it on your Steam Deck, start by entering Desktop mode.

To enter Desktop mode, click the “Power” menu option in the Steam gamemode UI and select “Switch to Desktop.” Upon selecting this option, the Steam Deck will load up the KDE Plasma desktop. From here, launch the “Konsole” tool.

Inside the Konsole terminal tool, use the flatpak install command to install the ProtonUp tool on your Steam Deck device.

flatpak install flathub net.davidotek.pupgui2

With the program installed, launch “ProtonUp” from the desktop’s app menu. When this program opens, you’ll see a small window with the “Install for:” section. This section indicates where the compatibility tools should be installed on the Steam Deck (~/.local/share/Steam/compatibilitytools.d/).

Find the “Add version” button and select it. Upon selecting the “Add version” button, a second pop-up window will appear. In this window, select “GE-Proton” under “Compatibility tool,” then choose the latest version of ProtonGE.

After making your selection, locate the “Install” button and click on it. When you select the “Install” button, it will begin downloading GE Proton to your Steam Deck, into the proper folder.

How to remove Proton-GE with ProtonUp

If you want to remove Proton-GE from your Steam Deck using ProtonUp, follow these steps. First, launch the ProtonUp app. Once it’s open, use the mouse to select the version of Proton-GE you wish to remove. Then, click on the “Remove Selected” button to delete that version of Proton-GE from your Steam Deck.

How to install ProtonGE on Steam Deck with ProtonPlus

ProtonPlus displaying GE Proton versions.

If you wish to install ProtonGE on your Steam Deck with the ProtonPlus tool, you’ll first need to install the program as a Flatpak. To do this, enter Desktop mode on your Steam Deck by selecting “Power,” and then selecting the “Switch to Desktop” option.

Once you’ve accessed the Steam OS desktop, open the “Konsole” app. This program is a terminal interface that allows you to install software on your Steam Deck. With the Konsole app open, use the flatpak install command below to install ProtonPlus on your Steam Deck.

flatpak install flathub com.vysp3r.ProtonPlus

With the ProtonPlus application installed on your Steam Deck, launch it. Upon opening, it will automatically detect your Steam app installation. From here, navigate to the “Runners” section and click the drop-down button next to the “Proton-GE” option.

After selecting the drop-down button next to the “Proton-GE” option, choose the download button next to the latest version. When you click this button, the app will download and install the latest version of Proton-GE on your Steam Deck.

This download may take a few minutes to complete, so patience is advised. Once the installation is complete, you can close the ProtonPlus app, as it is no longer needed.

How to remove Proton-GE with ProtonPlus

If you wish to remove a version of Proton-GE from your system using ProtonPlus, follow these steps. First, open the ProtonPlus app. Once the app is open, locate “Proton-GE,” click on the drop-down menu, find the version of Proton-GE you want to remove, and click the trash can icon to delete it.

How to enable ProtonGE on Steam Deck

Enabling custom Proton on your Steam Deck is managed on a per-game basis. To enable it, exit Desktop mode on the Steam Deck and enter Game mode. Once you’ve loaded Game mode, access your library of installed games.

Upon accessing your games library, browse through the installed games and select one. After finding a game, click the gear icon to access the game’s settings. Then, navigate to the compatibility section.

In the compatibility area, choose the version of Proton-GE that you downloaded using either ProtonUp or ProtonPlus. After selecting it in the settings, you can exit the settings menu and click the “Play” button to enjoy your game.

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