Official Vine App For Windows Phone Available For Download

Windows Phone: it's fast, it's beautiful, but it's just not as powerful as its direct competitors because of a distinct lack of customization options and apps. The latest and greatest third-party apps often come to iOS first, before being ported to Android, and then on to Windows Phone; by that time, the iOS app has already gone through multiple useful iterations. It's going to take some serious time before this development trend changes. Until then, Windows Phone users will have to make do with what they have. Microsoft has been pushing big-name third-party devs to port their app to Windows Phone, and their efforts are paying off. Instagram is in the pipeline, and Vine is out today. Yes, the app that launched the crazy six-second video trend has made its way on to Windows Phone. We discuss it in more detail after the jump. Read More

[Ask The Readers] Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5s vs. Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. Lumia 1020

After formally announcing all the new features in Android 4.4 KitKat, Google has revealed the Nexus 5. It's the successor to the well-received Nexus 4, has high-end specs, and yet, is half the price of equally high-end competition. In this post, we'll compare its specs against the incumbents: iPhone 5s, the Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Lumia 1020.  Read More

adidas miCoach For WP8 Guides You Through Workouts & Builds Stamina

Fitness buffs have some pretty decent apps at their disposal in the Windows Phone Store. Even back in the days of WP7, the platform had a word class fitness trainer in Endomondo, while more recent offerings include the likes of Caledos Runner. No matter how good an app is though, there are always people who are only comfortable with offerings from big brands. adidas miCoach certainly is from a big brand, but that’s not the only point that goes in its favor; the app also has a feature set that you might not find in most of its competitors. With miCoach, you get workout plans, training advice, and instructions in the voices of top athletes. Rather than making users choose the type and duration of workouts, adidas miCoach maps these things out automatically, starting with easy tasks and making things tougher as you go. Read More

Phonly Is A Great Free Feedly Client For Windows Phone 8

Google doesn’t have any official apps available for Windows Phone, but developers often try to fill this void with third-party apps of their own. Back in the days of Mango, WP7 had some really good Google Reader clients like Aloud and Reader2Go. Now that Google Reader is dead, there is a clear need of some fresh additions to the genre of RSS readers in the Windows Phone Store. On other smartphone platforms and desktop, the one service that seems to have taken the place of Google Reader for most people is Feedly. So, it makes sense that the first major RSS reader to come to WP8 is a Feedly client. Phonly is a very thorough app, offering everything you are ever likely to find in similar apps on iOS or Android. You can manage your feeds, read articles, and even add new sources to the mix with ease. Read More

Mood-Based Music Streaming App Songza Comes To Windows Phone 8

With Xbox Music slowly gaining momentum (at least on Microsoft’s own platforms), a lot of third-party music streaming services are bound to feel a bit threatened. Although Songza is essentially a music streaming app, one can't help but feel that it is unique enough to always deserve a place on most people’s devices. For those not familiar with it, Songza automatically creates playlists depending upon the time of the day, and your current mood. You don’t have to painstakingly look for good songs that you feel like listening to; just choose an occasion, and the service does the rest. Songza has been around on iOS and Android for quite some time, and was released on Windows 8 a few months ago. The app is now available on WP8 as well, complete with all of the features that have made it popular on the other platforms. Read More

Sing Karaoke, Create & Share Your Own Music Videos On Windows Phone 8 With Singster

Sing! and Strum are just two of many karaoke apps available on Android and iOS, but Windows Phone hasn't been too lucky in this regard. If you are a Lumia owner, there aren't many options to consider whenever you get the urge to sing your heart out, be it alone or with your friends. Singster is a WP8 app that fills this void quite nicely, and in addition to offering karaoke for a variety of popular tracks, it even makes it possible to shoot a video to go with your singing. Based on your efforts, Singster awards a score to your video at the end of the recording. You can then share your song with friends and Singster followers, or just explore the app and discover what others are singing. Read More

Effectual Syncs Your To-Do Lists Between WP8 & Windows 8 / RT

Although some good options like TinyDO have recently started arriving on the platform, Windows Phone still has a long way to go before it has task management apps that are even comparable to their iOS and Android counterparts. When WP8 was announced, it seemed like a platform that would have deep integration with Windows, which made users expect to see a lot of to-do apps that would offer seamless syncing across the two platforms. There might not be a lot of apps that can do this, but there is one that syncs with Windows 8 or RT quite flawlessly. Effectual is a service that lets you create task lists with ease, and then makes sure that these lists are accessible across all devices associated with your Microsoft account. In addition to the syncing, Effectual also has some other decent features, like a comprehensive tagging system, the ability to associate specific/non-specific deadlines with tasks, and of course, a very useful live tile. Read More

Rublon Brings Its Two-Factor Authentication For Multiple Services To Windows Phone

Almost all major email and social media services are frequently under attack from hackers, and while these big organizations often ward off such attacks with ease, some responsibility rests with the users to make things as difficult for the black hats as possible. For this reason, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo!, Twitter and a lot of other services support two-step authentication. Generally, two-factor verification requires users to perform some sort of verification from their mobile phone such as entering a code or scanning a QR code, in addition to providing the login details on their computer before they can successfully sign in. Rublon offers similar QR code-based authentication, but is different because it isn't limited to just one service. In fact, any website or service can integrate Rublon and make use of its authentication. Users just have to install the Rublon app on their Windows Phone, and scan the QR code generated by the service every time they want to sign in from an unfamiliar device. Read More

wallpapr Sets WP8 Lock Screen To Auto-Cycle Through Flickr Photos

Forget the snazzy camera apps and superior Facebook integration, it’s features like the dynamic lock screen and resizable live tiles that make Windows Phone 8 a much better OS in everyday routine than Mango ever was. In the past, we have seen the likes of Shoopix and Lock Widgets gain considerable popularity owing to the fact that they tap into Windows Phone’s ability to let apps change wallpapers automatically. wallpapr is another similar app, but has the distinction of pulling photos from Flickr to let users enjoy some high quality backgrounds on their lock screen. The app is capable of automatically changing wallpapers with the passage of time, but it also comes with an image browser of its own that can be used to manually pick photos that you think should grace your WP8. Read More

How To Interop Unlock Samsung ATIV S On Windows Phone 8

WP8 has been around for quite some time now, and has certainly turned out to be more of a success than Windows Phone 7. One area where the new version of the OS has been lagging behind though, is root access and developer unlock. If you have never been a user of Microsoft’s older mobile platforms, going through our guide to unlocking WP7 might help you understand what unlocking means for Windows Phone. Basically, an interop unlocked device lets users install any app on their device via XAP files (even if the app requires admin rights, or isn't available on Windows Phone Store), and also offers the ability to access and edit protected system files. All that was until Mango though, and we were left waiting for something even close to unlocking for WP8 since its release. Finally, almost out of the blue, a developer over at XDA has come up with a working interop unlock for Windows Phone 8! At present, the method only works on Samsung ATIV S, and makes use of the amazingly useful diagnostics app that comes with Samsung Windows Phone devices. Read More

Video Messaging Finally Arrives On Skype For Windows Phone

Skype was a latecomer on Windows Phone, but everyone thought that once the app became available, it won’t be too different from its counterparts on iOS and Android. With the passage of time, this assumption has been proven wrong many times over, as despite being owned by Microsoft itself, the WP app of the service seems to have always been way down in the priority list when it comes to rolling out new features of the service. A few months back, Skype introduced video messaging on all other platforms, but WP7 and WP8 were left out of the picture. Now, however, the feature has finally been added to the Windows Phone app of the service, which means you can record video messages for anyone easily, and then share them even if the other party is not online. Thanks to Skype’s latest update, you can share as many videos with your friends as you want, and that too without having to worry about all the awkwardness that comes with live video chatting. Read More

Tapatalk For Windows Phone Now Available As A Free App

If you are an active user of multiple community forums, the name Tapatalk shouldn't be completely unfamiliar to you. The service has been around on major mobile platforms for quite some time, letting you discover interesting online communities on the go. On Windows Phone, however, the official Disqus app beat Tapatalk to the Store. When Tapatalk was finally released a few months back, it came with an early access price tag of $2.99. Though it was understood that the app will go free some time in the future, and that time has finally come. Tapatalk has evolved into a decent app that's is up to the standards set by other variants of the service. You can search for forums based on their categories or topics, create new accounts for almost any forum, and participate in discussions. Read More

Get A ‘Back to Top’ Button In Internet Explorer On Windows Phone

The release of Windows Phone 8 brought a lot of changes to Microsoft's mobile platform, but one thing it didn't change too much is Internet Explorer. Sure, IE 10 offers some improvements over its WP7 counterpart, but the basic features and UI remain unchanged. Internet Explorer isn't too bad for a mobile browser, and a testament to this is the fact that not many third-party web browsers have managed to gain a considerable user base on WP8. Having said that, there are still some shortcomings that IE 10 suffers, like the lack of easy tab switching, much-needed buttons like ‘forward’, and page search. In the past, we have discussed ways of overcoming these issues with the use of bookmarklets. In IE 10, there is yet another button that can be added to the mix by using the ‘add to favorites’ option of the browser. Read on if you want to discover a rather convenient way of adding a ‘Jump to Top’ button to all webpages in Internet Explorer for WP8. Read More

Easily Scale Or Reduce Size Of Photos On Windows Phone With Shrinkit

The likes of Photo Genius and Fhotoroom have always enabled Windows Phone users to have some pretty good photo editing options at their disposal, but there are times when you need more than just image filters and a few shiny features. For some editing tasks, there is no way other than transferring photos from your device to a computer and doing the work there on an editor like Photoshop or GIMP. Even something as simple as reducing a picture’s dimensions and file size cannot be done too easily on WP without the help of desktop tools like MS Picture Manager or ImageSmaller. Now that the Windows Phone Store has matured though, there are a few apps that can help you in this regard. Shrinkit is a very simple utility that lets WP8 users reduce the resolution and dimensions of the photos stored in their device’s camera roll, and that too with a comprehensive set of options. Read More

TinyDO Is A Neat, Gesture-Based Reminder App For Windows Phone

Windows Phone doesn’t have any shortage of to-do list apps, and even big names like Indigo grace the WP Store with their presence. Having said that, many of he truly unique apps belonging to this genre are yet to arrive on the platform. In the recent past, no reminder app has gained more popularity than Clear for iOS. The thing that makes Clear such a success is its ability to perform almost all of its tasks through gestures. This is exactly why TinyDO for Windows Phone might prove to be a hit with users. The app comes with a host of gestures, along with some additional useful features like voice commands and the ability to organize playlists into multiple folders. You can also make the app place upcoming tasks on the lock screen. Read More

breez Is A Beautiful WP8 Weather App With Interactive Animations

Windows Phone certainly has no shortage of good weather apps. In the past, we have seen the likes of SkyMotion and Bing Weather dazzle users with their neat UI and useful features. While the Bing app has a beautiful live tile, SkyMotion can claim to be the most up-to-date weather app available on the platform. Despite that, breez is a new WP8 app that has shown that there is always room for improvement in even the most crowded categories of the Windows Phone Store. You just have to launch the app once to see why it is unlike other weather apps available for WP8. For one thing, breez is largely gesture-based, and functions almost entirely button-free. The app’s UI is really eye-catching as well, with animations responding to the user’s touch and the tilting of their device. Read More

See All Nokia & Samsung-Exclusive Apps & Updates In One Place On WP8

Windows Phone comes with a really convenient way of arranging all the apps installed on your device, but if there’s one thing the WP8 App List lacks, it is the ability to differentiate between system and third-party apps. If you want to check if an app came preinstalled on your device, there is no way other than trying to delete it (if it can't be uninstalled, it's a system app). Similarly, users can’t see OEM-specific apps in one place either. Admittedly, there are separate sections for each OEM in the WP Store, but they don't list all the available apps. In addition to that, you can't be sure if the versions of the OEM-exclusive apps you have are the latest or not. To help users overcome this problem, a Windows Phone developer recently came up with an app named SysApp Pusher, which checks the WP Store for new OEM apps and updates. That app hasn't been around in the Store for long, and is already facing competition from a couple of new releases named Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Updates. Read More

Lock Manager Adds Info-Rich Widgets To The Windows Phone Lock Screen

Lock Widgets for WP8, and LW2 before it have managed to demonstrate that a Windows Phone’s lock screen has the potential of housing a lot of useful stats and information related to the device. Thanks to these widgets, users get to view the remaining battery percentage, weather information and some other useful tidbits without even unlocking their phone. Lock Manager is a new WP8 app that might not appear too different from Lock Widgets at first glance, but it offers way more customization, and the widgets it features are pretty decent as well. With Lock Manager, the displayed information isn't limited to just system stats and weather, and you also get to view your pending reminders and upcoming appointments from the calendar. As the background for this data, Lock Manager allows users to set up slideshows or load the Bing Daily wallpaper. Read More

6tag Is A Windows Phone 8 Instagram Client With Video Upload Support

Instagram might still be the Holy Grail of Windows Phone apps but with the release of WP8, developers have finally started coming up with alternatives to the official client of the service. Instagraph, Instance (formerly Itsdagram), and Hipstamatic all offer Instagram uploading right from your Windows Phone, so it might look like 6tag has arrived a little late to the party. However, the app does have an ace up its sleeve that isn't yet offered by any other third-party Instagram client we've seen for the platform: video upload capability! 6tag has been released by the same developer who came up with 6sec, so the two apps have some similarities, especially in the UI department. The photo effects and camera on offer are quite decent as well, while you can also perform tasks like leaving comments and likes on posts from people you follow on Instagram. Read More

Nokia Releases A Pack Of Elegant Utility Apps For All Windows Phone 8 Devices

Before smartphones took over, Nokia used to be the king of mobile devices. The brand was best known for making phones that were incredibly tough and had amazing battery life. When the Finnish company announced its partnership with Microsoft, people were anticipating Windows Phone devices having similar traits, but a smartphone does have to sacrifice a few basic utilities and its battery life in order to accomplish more complicated tasks. That’s what these devices have apps for though. Thanks to a few very simple apps, your WP8 can act as a stopwatch, flashlight, or countdown timer. Finding the right apps for all these tasks can be a bit of a headache though, and that’s likely the reason why Nokia has decided to release a set of utility apps for all WP8 users. These apps have been released by a Polish company, working in partnership with Nokia. Read More