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Get Lock Screen Widgets & Dynamic Wallpapers On Windows Phone 8

Lock screen widgets were available only for developer-unlocked devices in the days of WP7, but before releasing Windows Phone 8, Microsoft realized the true potential of an information-rich lock screen. WP8 supports automatically changing lock screen backgrounds, and widgets that shows real-time data. While there are a few very good apps that make your lock screen dynamic, not much work has been done on the widgets front. As has often been the case, the famed Windows Phone developer Jaxbot has come to the rescue. His newly released Lock Widgets app lets you set up a dynamic lock screen, and also offers real-time widgets for battery status and weather information. Thanks to this great app, users can set up dynamic wallpapers by using Bing or NASA images as sources. If you want to use the app only for its widgets, that can be done too.

Lock Widgets WP8 Start Lock Widgets WP8 Settings Lock Widgets WP8

When Lock Widgets is launched for the first time, you have to grant it the permission to change your lock screen backgrounds. This step ensures that users don’t have to manually enable dynamic lock screen from Settings. The ‘Background’ section of Lock Widgets has three options, including ‘Bing daily’, ‘NASA daily’ and ‘From photos’. Choosing either of the first two sources makes the lock screen background dynamic, updating daily from the selected source. If you want to select an image from the Pictures hub instead, go for the third option.

Users of the app get to decide whether they want a single widget or a combination of all the available ones. Lock Widgets is a fresh release, so there aren’t many configuration options available so far. For example, it is not possible to switch between temperature units for the Weather Widget; it displays the current and forecast temperatures only in Fahrenheit. The Weather FX widget makes the background reflect the sky outside, so be ready for a blurred background when its cloudy. The battery meter shows the remaining battery percentage, along with the time for which the battery is expected to last. A few users have complained that the battery widget is a bit inaccurate though.

The developer really needs to add support for different temperature units, but overall we highly recommend Lock Widgets. The app costs $0.99, but the trial version is fully functional and doesn’t even have ads, so you can consider the price tag as just a donate button. Since older Windows Phone versions aren’t capable of supporting dynamic lock screens, Lock Widgets works only with WP8 devices. Give it a go by heading to the following link.

Download Lock Widgets For Windows Phone


  1. You link at the end of the article says “Download Lock Widgets For iOS” But its not for iOS its for Windows Phone.

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