What Free Upgrade To Windows 10 Means For You

The Windows 10 event was huge and not just because it listed a lot of new changes that are to be implemented in the next Windows 10 build or because of Cortana but also because of the HoloLens announcement and the news that Windows 10 will be free for everyone running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1. I'm still very excited about the HoloLens preview and the mind blowing Minecraft integration shown but apart from that this news of the free upgrade is a major point of interest for me, and possibly for many other people. Here's a look at what the announcement means for both consumers and for Windows as a product. Read More

How To Use WhatsApp From The Desktop

In May 2013, Viber released desktop clients for both Windows and Mac along side a feature called ViberOut which allows users to hand off a call from their mobile devices to their desktops. A good year later, WhatsApp has rolled out something to that same effect. WhatApp conversations can now be held from your desktop. Their solution isn't as flexible as what Viber had to offer. To begin with, there is no desktop app; the conversations are to be held over a web interface (linked at the end) and for now, only the Chrome browser is supported. Like with Viber, your connection is still tied to your phone and the phone number registered with the app. You will have to upgrade your current WhatsApp app and unfortunately, iOS will not get this new feature (yet?). The present offering is available for Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and Nokia S60. Read More

Give Ethernet Higher Priority Over WiFi Connection In Windows 10

change adapter settings
Long before routers were the default way to connect to the internet, when we had dial-up modems that were louder than car alarms, and wireless connectivity just wasn't something your system had because it was a tower PC, we had the choice to select which connection, of those available, Windows should connect with. I can still remember the havoc I caused because I didn't know what it was for and played around with it more than anyone would normally need to. Today, WiFi is the preferred way to connect to the internet simply because there are no restraining wires involved and it's super easy. That said, laptops still come with Ethernet ports and they are still used to connect to the internet sometimes being preferred over WiFi. It's common enough to see people connected to an Ethernet network when at their desk but still preferring to keep the WiFi switch on so that they don't lose internet connectivity when they have to step away. If you're in a similar situation, here is how you can tell Windows 10 to always connect to the internet over the Ethernet network when it's available and only switch to a WiFi network when the cable is disconnected. Read More

Get The Meaning For Any Word In Subtitles By Clicking On It

Media players, those that come pre-installed on our systems and the third-party ones we install, can all play video files complete with subtitles. The more sophisticated players will let you change how these subtitles appear on your screen so you have a better viewing experience. Many will support language detection, still more will even offer to search for and download subtitles for you. Medio is a video player that lets you play subtitles with one special offering you won't normally find; it lets you look up what a word in the subtitles means. Subtitles are most helpful for people who don't understand the language being spoken and can be a pretty good learning tool if you're trying to learn a new language but that doesn't mean the words in the subtitles will be easy to understand. Medio caters to this need. Read More

Control Your Desktop From iPhone or iPad With Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome is by far the most popular web browser in the world. Where it's really fast, it's also pretty simple to use and because it has such a huge market share any features it offers automatically have a large user base off the bat. A good long while back, Chrome came out with remote desktop support that would allow users to access and control other connected desktops, remotely. The connection was established through the Chrome browser. In April of last year, a Chrome Remote Desktop Android app was released so that you could connect to a computer from your tablet or phone. The same Chrome Remote Desktop has now been released for iOS and it couldn't come at a better time than when we have larger iPhones. It does not require a jailbroken device, and it's absolutely free with complete mouse and keyboard control. Here's our review. Read More

58 Top Tips & Tutorials Of The Year 2014

This past Monday we gave you a list of the best Windows apps reviewed in 2014. To start the weekend off, and maybe give you something you might want to try over the weekend, here are the best tips and tutorials covered in 2014. Ranging from simple little tricks for your smartphone, to far more complicated tutorials or running Windows on a Mac, this list features how-tos for the Android, iOS, Windows, and the OS X platform. Read More

Download Files & View Progress Without A Browser With File Downloader

file downloader
I avoid download managers on principle; I have to install them n my system and any download I launch is automatically routed to the application. Not only do I find this annoying, but when said download manager tries to get me to install toolbars or modify my search engine, or when the interface features ads, I grow more apprehensive of it. That said, there are times when I wish downloading apps and flies wasn't something that I did exclusively through my internet browser. Meet File Downloader, a Windows app with possibly the most generic name you could ever want to aptly describe what the app does. It downloads apps; you paste the download link, set the download directory and file name, and begin downloading. The app is very basic which means pause and resume features for the download are only available if the server hosting the file supports it. The app can also be run from the command line to initiate a download. The best part is that File Downloader is a portable app so no installation required. Read More

Create Profiles With Triggers To Open & Close Apps, Folders, And URLs

splat profile
User accounts allow different people to use the same system very conveniently. You're never bothered about making a change that might later annoy another user on the same system because your account, your section, is kept separate from all others. The solution is pretty simple and very effective but if you are a single user wanting to make very minor changes such as which apps are running and which are not on a regular basis, you might not want to create a different account on your own system. Splat is a free Windows apps that lets you create profiles which have triggers for launching or quitting apps and folders. The triggers are as simple as a profile being activated, or can be set so that they are dependant on CPU usage or are time delayed. Read More

35 Best Windows Software Of Year 2014

We've successfully finished another trip around the sun. It's been a pretty exciting year for technology whether you think of hardware or software. 2014 gave us our first look at Windows 10 and heralded the return of the start menu that we all sorely missed in Windows 8. And like every other year, we at AddictiveTips continued to look for the best apps for this platform. Here are our top picks for the best Windows apps reviewed in 2014. Read More

Insert Custom Number Of Rows In Excel With This Simple Macro

The MS Office apps are designed very intelligently and I'm not saying this just because they make my work infinitely easier. I'm saying it because its true. A few days back we did a post on inserting YouTube videos in Office 2013 and noted that the option was absent in MS Excel simply because it wasn't needed there. This is the type of intelligence I'm talking about; knowing which features are needed in a specific type of app. It makes sure nothing irrelevant makes it into the final offering. That said, I was surprised to find that where Excel allows you to insert more rows in a worksheet, it doesn't let you select the number of rows you want to add. You have other work arounds for accomplishing this like selecting the number of rows you want add from the existing ones and then using the insert function. Or you could repeat the insert row step for as many rows as you want. It is repetitive but if you're willing to spare five minutes, this little Macro can take care of the job for you. Read More

Prevent Others From Editing Important Parts Of A Shared Word File

Often times, working on a documentation task in groups can result in confusion. Unless you've made absolutely certain that no one is going to attempt to edit a section they are not supposed to edit, it's going to be hard to keep the essential bits of the document unchanged. Fortunately, MS Word has for a long time supported a great tool called Content Control which allows the author of a document to prevent others from editing any part of it. It's as simple as selecting the text which may be the literature review, concluding remarks, the index, or anything similar that took a great deal of work to put together, and then applying a simple control to it. The only tricky bit is knowing where to look for that control. Read More

How To Start A Conversation With Firefox Hello

Firefox 34 was released just a short while back and where it wasn't big on features in terms of numbers, there was one huge feature that was introduced in the release; Firefox Hello. Think about Google Hangouts; a chat service that is restricted to your Gmail account and the Chrome browser. Remove those restrictions and you have Firefox Hello. You are restricted to needing Firefox to initiate a conversation but neither you nor your recipient need a Firefox account and they also don't need to use Firefox. Here's how you can start either an audio call or a video call with Firefox Hello. Read More

Windows Hidden Steps Recorder Turns Screen Action Into Step-By-Step Instructions

Have you ever tried to explain a process to someone, had to write out instructions, or receive instructions or steps for using a particular software or reproducing a bug from someone who isn't very good at reporting them? The simplest way around problems like this are screencasts. You can create one to use as an instruction medium, or you can ask someone to make one and send it to you so you can see what steps were taken to result in a bug. Not everyone is comfortable with screencasting tools, even the simplest ones and just getting the instruction for downloading the right kind of software to the person you're trying to help might be a problem. Fortunately, Windows has a built-in tool called Problems Steps Recorder that records your on-screen actions and converts them into text-based instructions. You run the app, hit record, and execute the steps you want to explain or that are resulting in an error of some sort. Once you're done, you only have to send the output file to the recipient. The app is present in both Windows 7 and Windows 8. Read More

Begin Projects by Creating An Outline & Organizing Your Content

Getting started on a project or report, academic or work related seems daunting. There are so many things that should be included but at the same time, the information needs to come together in just the right way to make sense. There's two approaches you can take to it; you can gather the information first, and arrange it later. Alternatively, you can start with an outline so you don't spend too much time looking for information you won't need. Foldout is a very simple Windows tool that lets you create outlines for a project. It's a great way to get organized whenever you're documenting anything new and the app lets you export your outline to HTML, DOCX, and TXT format. Read More

Inserting & Embedding YouTube Videos In MS Office 2013

Going from Office 2003 to Office 2007, the only thing that popped out at me was the annoying format problem. It was a plague for me because I was still studying at the time and project documentation in a group became a problem. With Office 2013 though I was seriously excited because it offered some truly amazing new features, my favorite of which is the 'pick-up where you left off' feature in MS Word. Office 2013 also makes it ridiculously simple to insert online videos in both Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. The revamped insert video feature lets you embed a YouTube video, and even search for one from without ever leaving the application. Here's a quick guide to doing just that. Read More

3 Great Ways To Use The Count Function In Excel

Excel is a truly amazing app that's helped countless people analyse and manipulate large sets of data. In my opinion, it is a great tool that can find some sort of utilization in just about any field (except maybe oil rigs). A short while back we did a post on five Excel functions that can be exceptionally useful in making mundane, boring, repetitive work considerably easier. Many of us, specially those doing managerial or administrative tasks on a daily basis grow quite familiar with many of the functions that Excel supports and while we may know how to use one, where to use it and how a function can make life easier isn't always so obvious. Today I'm detailing three uses of the very simple 'Count' function in Excel. Read More

New Features In Firefox 34 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 34 is now available. If the update hasn't already downloaded, go ahead and check for it now. Firefox 34 is leaning more on the end-user side in terms of new features. The Android version isn't big on either developer or end-user features with Chromecast mirroring being the only significant one. The most interesting feature in Fiefox 34 is easily Firefox Hello, a new way to exchange private messages, both audio and video though the feature is still in its Beta phase. Other significant features are the new theme switcher and a way to fix the 'Fire. fox is already running' problem that users encounter at times. Read More

Equalizer Frequencies & Settings On Music Players Explained

The best music players have music equalizer settings and  come with pre-sets to make the music you're listening to sound really good. These pre-sets are defined by the genre they're best suited for such as pop or rock (but never with a goth metal satanic screaming pre-set for some reason). But what are these mystery settings that claim to improve our listening experience? Are they even real or is it just something developers the world over have collectively conspired to add to music players for the sake of looking cool? The equalizer settings are 100% legit as is the claim that the right setting will improve the quality of music you hear, subject to what kind of speakers you have. We're going to take a look at what the equalizer is and just what each of those sliders mean. Read More

Get Alerts When Your Laptop Battery Is Low Or Full [Windows]

windows low battery level
I had a spot of trouble with my laptop these past few days. Now that it's been repaired, I have to keep a very close eye on how much the battery is charged. Before this happened, all I ever needed to care about was if my battery was plugged in and charging. Since it hadn't bothered me in the past (and this is about 4 years worth of past), I really had zero ideas as to how to monitor battery percentage levels without expanding too much effort. There was the obvious risk that I'd just forget to check how much charge my battery had left, or how full it was. Fortunately, both problems were solved by using a script, and some built-in battery checks that Windows has. You can use both to get on-screen and audio alerts for when your battery has charged up to a certain level and it works for when you want to set a limit to the minimum or maximum charge.

Read More

Find Easy Thanksgiving Recipes With These Apps & Websites

Thanksgiving is only a day away and while there is much debate on whether or not major retail stores should be open on Black Friday, one thing is for certain; there will be lots of food. Normally, we can cut as many corners as we want when it comes to everyday cooking for our personal sustenance but on a holiday, one that food is a major part of, a lot of people like doing a little something extra for a better meal. For experienced cooks, this might mean phoning up grand-ma and asking her for the recipe to her secret sauce, trying a new stuffing for the bird, or just experimenting with something completely new. For the novice cook, this might mean a nervous breakdown as they try and figure out what groceries to buy. Regardless of what your expertise is, we have a list of resources for both seasoned (pun intended) and novice cooks to help you eat better this Thanksgiving. Read More