How To Find The Startup Time For An App In Windows

The Task Manager in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 has a neat tab called 'Startup'. This tab lists all apps that launch when you boot your system. It also shows you which apps drag down your system at startup. The tab also lets you enable or disable programs from launching at start-up. It really is one of the best things about the Task Manager for the average user. Under this tab, programs have low, medium, or high impact on start up. If a user thinks their system is taking too long to startup, this tab is the perfect place to investigate which app might be the cause. The tab shows you the impact on startup but you can also find the startup time for an app in this tab. Here's how.Read More

How To Get Google Reverse Image Search In File Explorer In Windows

Google's reverse image search feature is a great way to spot if an image is real or fake. It's one of the best available tools for figuring out if the information you're sharing is even real. Google reverse image search is a desktop feature. It doesn't work on smartphones. There are workarounds that let you do a reverse image search on your mobile phone. There's an app that lets you do a Google reverse image search on your iPhone from just about any app. Google Image Shell is a small portable Windows app that brings this same functionality to the File Explorer. It's an extension that can add Google reverse image search in File Explorer. It works with JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats.Read More

How To Add Google Photos To Windows Photos App

Google Photos does not have a desktop client. It has a web interface and you can use it from your desktop via a web browser. It has a desktop sync app that will backup your photos. There is no official app that lets you view or sync your Google Photos to your desktop. This means your browser is the only way to view images in Google Photos on your desktop unless you use a work-around. While there is no official Google Photos app, there is great Google Drive app. Google Drive can sync Google Photos. You can use the app to add Google Photos to Windows Photos app in Windows 10. Here's how.Read More

How To Get The Windows Experience Index Score In Windows 10

Windows 7 introduced the Windows Experience Index. It scored the hardware capabilities of your system against Microsoft's benchmarks. It's usefulness was contested. Some users were of the opinion that it isn't accurate because Microsoft's benchmarks just aren't meaningful enough and the way they arrive at them isn't public knowledge. The scores were generic and gave users only a vague idea about their hardware's capabilities. Microsoft removed it in Windows 8 and it didn't come back in its original form in Windows 10. That said, you can still get the Windows Experience Index Score in Windows 10. You don't need to install any third-party apps to do so.Read More

How To Force An App To Use The Dedicated GPU On Windows

An average PC comes with two graphics cards. The first, the default one, is called the 'On-board' graphics card and it's usually an Intel chip. The second is the 'Dedicated' graphics card and Nvidia, and AMD are some of the best ones available. A dedicated graphics card is normally found on gaming PCs but it's not uncommon to find a low end one on a non-gaming rig. When an application's requirements exceed the capabilities of the on-board graphics card, your system switches to the dedicated GPU. This happens mostly when you play games. You can however force an app to use the dedicated GPU. Here's how.Read More

How To Get ‘Open Command Window Here’ Option In Explorer In Windows 10

PowerShell comes installed by default in Windows 10. Microsoft has slowly been pushing PowerShell to center stage. It's likely PowerShell will eventually replace the Command Prompt completely. There's still a little time left to go before that happens but it has started. After the Creators Update, Windows 10 replaced Command Prompt on the power users menu with PowerShell. It also removed the 'Open command window here' option in Explorer. In older versions of Windows, and up until the Anniversary Update of Windows 10, if you held down the shift key and right-clicked inside a folder you got an 'Open command window here' option in the context menu. It's been replaced with PowerShell but you can get it back. Here's how.Read More

How To Edit A GIF Without Photoshop On Windows

GIF is a popular image format and creating GIFs is pretty easy. There are tools that let you record a screencast and save it as a GIF. There are quite a few tools that can create high quality GIFs. Imgur has a dedicated tool for creating GIFs from YouTube videos. It's pretty easy to create a GIF if you already have a video, or if it's a GIF of your desktop. What's not as easy to do is edit a GIF. By editing, we don't just mean adding text or resizing a GIF. We mean editing individual frames, adding text, reversing direction, speeding up playback, and more. Photoshop can create and edit GIFs but it's not a cheap or easy-to-use app. Here's how you can edit a GIF without Photoshop using a free app called ScreenToGif.Read More

How To Kill All Instances Of An App In Windows

Some Windows apps let you run multiple instances at once. It's a feature of sorts. A common example is your browser. You can open multiple windows of the same browser. In Chrome, every tab you open is treated as a separate process. Likewise, MS Word behaves similarly. You can open and edit multiple documents at once without any trouble. Other apps like the Spotify app or the Netflix app support only once instance, and for good reason. What both types of apps have in common is that they might continue to run in the background even after you've closed them. This isn't a feature. It's either the app, or Windows, acting up. Chances are it's more a Windows problem. You can solve it by quitting an app from the Task Manager, or by running a command to kill all instances of an app. Here's what you need to do.Read More

How To Fix Resume Playback In VLC Player After The Creators Update

VLC player has a neat little resume playback feature. It detects when you play a media file that has recently been played in VLC. It knows where you left off when you closed a file. When you open it again, VLC player offers to let you resume where you left off. There is nothing similar in the Videos & TV app that comes with Windows 10. Speaking of Windows 10, the Creators Update has broken the resume playback feature in VLC player. Of all the problems a Windows update could have had, this is the most unpredictable. It's possible, though not much, that VLC will roll out a fix for it. If you don't want to wait, there is a much simpler way to fix resume playback in VLC player.Read More

How To Run NES Games On Windows

The Nintendo Entertainment System was the best gaming console of its time. Gaming platforms have since evolved. The games themselves have evolved but there is still a solid fanbase for those 8-bit games. Modern mobile games often use the 8-bit art style though, given the improved technology, they look exponentially better. The NES is extinct for the most part, unless you have one lying around in your attic. Those who still want to play an NES game, can do so on their desktop. To run NES games on Windows, you need an emulator. There are quite a few NES emulators available so you're spoiled for choice. If you're looking for something easy to set up and use, give Nintaco a try. Games not included.Read More

How To Get System Wide Access To Fastboot And ADB Tools [Windows]

Google released fastboot and ADB stand alone binaries last year. You can download them if you aren't interested in downloading the entire Android SDK. Compared to the massive SDK file, these tools are tiny. If you aren't a developer, they're what you usually need to mod your device. In order to use it, you have to extract the tools in the same folder as, for example, the image you want to flash on your Android device. The tools can't be accessed from any folder of your choice. The good news is, it is possible to get system wide access to Fastboot and ADB tools if you know how to set it up.Read More

How To Change The System Font Size In Windows 10 Creators Update

Every major Windows 10 update makes the Control Panel slightly more obsolete. Microsoft has been migrating features and settings from the Control Panel to the new Settings app. The process has quite a few growing pains. For users, it's hard to find a particular setting. Often, it's unclear whether a setting is in the Control Panel app or if it has been moved to the Settings app. It gets all the more confusing when you realize that sometimes, a setting hasn't been moved. Instead, it has been removed altogether. Case in point; the ability to change the system font size. It's been removed in the Creators Update. The good news is that System Font Size Changer is a free app that fills this gap.Read More

How To Get Updates On A Next Gen CPU On Windows 7 And 8.1

If you have a next generation CPU and you're running either Windows 7 or 8.1, you can't receive updates from Microsoft. This is a new restriction placed by Microsoft that prevents anyone running the best hardware from running an older version of Windows. If that logic doesn't make sense to you, you're not alone. This restriction doesn't stop security updates from being delivered but it is unnecessary. Microsoft wants you to run Windows 10 if you have great hardware specs. The only reasonable response to this is anarchy. A patch has been developed that lets you install Windows 7 and 8.1 updates on a next Gen CPU.Read More

How To Make Your Controller Emulate An Xbox Controller

PC Gamers have kept a safe albeit unhealthy distance from console gamers with the argument that PCs with gamepads are more powerful and more capable than consoles. However that gamepad is exactly what defines consoles. They take the enormity of the keyboard and mouse and condense it into a single controller. Modern games come with "full controller support", meaning they can use any console's controller on a PC exactly as it was intended on a console (complete with accurate button mapping). Xbox controllers are heavily favored by Windows, such that the Xbox One S controller even connects wirelessly to a PC exactly as it would on the Xbox One S console. However, for gamers who use non-traditional controllers, there is a way to connect your controller but have it emulate an Xbox controller.Read More

How To Dual-boot Ubuntu And Windows 10

Many people want to run both Linux and Windows at the same time. The reason is pretty simple: Linux has strengths, and Windows does too, so why not get the best of both worlds and dual-boot them? In this tutorial, we'll go over how to correctly set up a dual-boot between Ubuntu Linux and Windows. This article assumes that Windows 10 (or 7/8/8.1) is already installed on the system. If Windows is not already installed, go through the standard Windows installation process, then refer to this tutorial to dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows 10.Read More

How To View Battery Percentage For Xbox One Controllers In Windows

If you game you've likely at some point heard the PC vs Console debate. If you really love the PC or Console you play on, you might have engaged in this debate too. We're no one to judge which is better. Regardless what you play games on, you use one common device; a controller. Windows lets you connect game controllers with your laptop or desktop. You can connect a wired controller or a wireless one.  The choice is yours. The only problem is Windows doesn't give you an easy way to check the battery percentage for Xbox One Controllers.  XInputBatteryMeter is a free Windows app that fills this gap. It works for Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10.Read More

How To Fix White Photo Thumbnails In Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft hasn't quite gotten the hang of delivering updates without breaking something. The Creators Update has arrived and it has its own set of problems and incomplete features. As predicted, things have broken. For some users, the same problems they encountered when they updated to the Anniversary Update are resurfacing. For others, there are new problems to fix. One problem some users are facing are white photo thumbnails. When you open a folder with photos in it, the thumbnail is supposed to show a preview of the image or the icon for the app associated with it. This bug prevents the thumbnail from appearing. All you see is a white file as though there is no app associated with it. Here's how you can fix white photo thumbnails in Windows 10 Creators Update.Read More

How To Enter Fullscreen In A UWP App In Windows 10

Windows 10 users complain that Microsoft Edge doesn't have a fullscreen mode. Every modern browser has one but Edge doesn't. It seems odd that Microsoft would develop a new browser only to have it missing essential features. The truth is that Microsoft Edge does have a fullscreen mode. If you're using Windows 10, every single UWP has a fullscreen mode. This fullscreen mode is a Windows 10 feature and you can use it only if you know the correct keyboard shortcut. This shortcut is, surprisingly, not common knowledge. It lets you toggle fullscreen in a UWP app in Windows 10.Read More

How To Import And Export Themes In Windows 10

You can create custom themes in Windows 10. It's a pretty simple process that we detailed last week. A theme includes a wallpaper and an accent color. When you create a theme, it is saved to your App Data folder as a .theme file. If you delete a .theme file, you're effectively deleting the theme from your system. It will no longer show up in Themes in the Settings app. This would suggest that this file is all you need to copy a theme from one desktop to another but that's not the case. If you copy a .theme file to another system, it will only apply the accent color. The wallpaper will not come with it. To import and export themes in Windows 10, you need to save them differently. Here's how.

Read More

How To Move An App Installation To Another Drive In Windows

When you install an app on your PC, the installer asks which drive you want to install it in. By default, the apps are installed in the C drive where the operating system is installed. Windows 10 lets you change the default drive for installing apps. In some cases, it also lets you move an app installation to another drive without uninstalling it. This option is available only in Windows 10 and it is limited to certain apps. For the most part, this option is available for UWP apps and some desktop apps. FreeMove is a free open source Windows app that lets you move an app installation to another drive. It makes sure the files don't break in the process. All you have to do is select the source and target folders.Read More