Protect Your Firefox Browser From Hijack Attempts With Browser Protect

Protecting browser settings from getting hijacked is becoming more and more difficult as most software that we install often manipulate our browser setting and search bars for their own benefit. Browser Protect is a Firefox extension that protects you from such hijack attempts and keeps your Firefox browser free from such takeovers.

The Browser Protect options can be accessed from the tools drop down menu in your Firefox browser at the add-on section. From here you can simply select Browser protect in extensions and click on the Options button to configure your settings.

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The General Tab allows users to select a security level with the option of a high, medium and general level of security. From this tab you can also choose to enable protection for your homepage, search bar and address bar.

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The rest of the there tabs enable exception related options for users. The Homepage Exceptions tab allows users to add or remove the homepage of certain websites to be excluded from monitoring hijacks.

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Similarly, you can enable or disable monitoring of websites in the search bar from the Search bar Exceptions tab.

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The URL Bar Exceptions tab can be used to set alerts for attempted changes in the search engine. You can add or remove URLs that you want Browser Protect to monitor. You can also add entire website domains to exceptions by adding * with the domain name in all three exception tabs.

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It is quit unfortunate that many generic software that we install often exploit users by forcibly adding extra toolbars and changing the user’s homepage and search bar preferences. Many a times such changes become irreversible without the help of certain uninstallation tools. In the wake of such mischievous applications, Browser Protect is a welcome relief. This extension works with Mozilla Firefox 3 and above.

Download Browser Protect Extension For Mozilla Firefox

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