Searching & Browsing Is Easier In Firefox With Dubser Extension

Dubser is an extension for Firefox which is developed to enhance the searching and browsing capabilities. While doing an extensive research, we usually have multiple tabs opened which can become a real nuisance sometimes. This extension offers an offset of opening the tabs each time for new search and lets you browse and search under a single tab. It supports a wide list of eminent web services which includes; Google Search, Google Maps, Google Translate, Bing Search & Maps, Wikipedia, and more, with a multilingual dictionary support.

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The unified interface plays a pivotal role to make yourself productive while saving a lot of precious time. With simple usage, it will give you breezing experience to search for selected words, phrases, abbreviations, etc. Once the extension is installed, it adds a button next to the search bar.

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Select any word or sentence and click this extension icon to begin the search. It will open a sidebar under the same tab and show the (introductory) search results. You can also start a new search right from this sidebar. Beneath search bar, there are different web services listed, just click any of them to switch to the specified service.  All the links are opened in the main window.

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From the bottom of the search result pane, you can bring up settings to select which services are to be used, customize translation/dictionary settings and clear the search history.

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Below we we have embedded the official video demonstrating the usage in details.

The extension will come extremely useful to those users who have to frequently perform extensive research and are looking for a handy way to search for keywords under a unified interface.

Dubser Extension for Firefox