35 Best iOS Apps Of The Year 2014

With the first month of 2015 coming to a close, we’re finishing our ‘best of 2014’ lists with the best saved for last. Here is our round-up of the very best iOS apps reviewed last year. We normally only review apps that are free but will occasionally make an exception for a particularly amazing paid app, and some of those apps have made it to our list. Enjoy!

ios apps 2014 35 Best iOS Apps Of The Year 2014View in gallery

1. Gyf (Turn Videos Into GIFs and Control Playback & Frame Rate)

Gyf record 35 Best iOS Apps Of The Year 2014View in gallery

2. Stickered for Messenger (Add Stickers To Photos)

Stickered_photoView in gallery

3. Calltag (Send A Message To Let Someone Know Why You’re Calling)

Calltag_nameView in gallery Calltag noView in gallery

4. TakeOff (Schedule Instagram Posts To Be Published At Regular Intervals For The Day)

optionsView in gallery

5. Beam for Redddit (Yet Another Great Way To Procrastinate)

Beam frontpageView in gallery BeamView in gallery

6. Facebook Groups (Facebook’s New Groups App)

Facebook GroupsView in gallery Facebook Groups homeView in gallery


7. Waaaaay! – Follow the Arrow (An Easy-To-Follow Navigation Tool)

Waaaaay destinationView in gallery Waaaaay directionView in gallery

8. Tunity (A Shazam-Like App That Sends TV Channel Audio To Your Device)

Tunity_scanView in gallery

9. Fused (Blend Two Photos Or Videos Into One Amazing Image)

Fused arrangeView in gallery Fused maskingView in gallery

10. PhotoMath (Solve Linear Equations And Fractions Using Your Camera)

PhotoMath SolveView in gallery PhotoMath Solve answerView in gallery

11. Hooks – Alerts that Matter (Get Alerts For TV Shows, Concerts, Games, Rain And More)

Hooks add alertView in gallery Hooks alert detailsView in gallery

12. Miranda (Coordinate Time In Multiple Time Zones)

Miranda current cityView in gallery Miranda add cityView in gallery

13. Hyperlapse (Record Time Lapse Videos & Lets You Share To Facebook And Instagram)

Hyperlapse speedView in gallery Hyperlapse shareView in gallery

14. Camu (All-In-One Photography App Offers Live Editing, Filters And Text)

Camu straightenView in gallery Camu textView in gallery

15. Youmiam (Swipe through Instruction Cards When Following A Recipe)

Youmiam follow recipeView in gallery

16. Kinomatic (Record, Edit, Render, And Upload Videos From Your iOS device)

Kinomatic - Intro 2View in galleryKinomatic - IntroView in gallery

17. That Movie With (Find Movies By Searching For Any Two Actors In It)

That Movie With searchView in gallery That Movie With andView in gallery

18. ContactBox (Privately Share Contacts Between Android And iOS Devices)

ContactBox Sign UpView in gallery ContactBox ConfirmView in gallery

19. Marco Polo (Find Your Phone by Shouting Marco & It Will Answer Polo)

mic accessView in gallery listeningView in gallery

20. Driving Curve (Measure Your Driving Behavior & Style)

optionsView in gallery profileView in gallery

21. Newsbeat (Hear Your Favorite News Stories Read Out Loud On Your Phone)

Newsbeat_Select NewsView in gallery Newsbeat_NewsView in gallery

22. Traveling Tunes (Play Music Easily While You Drive)

playerView in gallery

23. Notegraphy (An Instagram Like App For Typography)

Notegraphy_PublisjhView in gallery Notegraphy_SidebarView in gallery Notegraphy_ExploreView in gallery

24. Drink It Smart (Estimates Your Blood Alcohol Level Based On The Drinks You’ve Had)

add drinkView in gallery drunkView in gallery

25. Marvel (Turn Your iOS App Wireframes & Sketches Into Working Prototypes)

uploading imagesView in gallery add hotspotsView in gallery

26. Microsoft Office For iPad

Microsoft Word for Ipad (2)View in gallery

27. KMPlayer (Popular KMPlayer For iOS)

KMPlayer for Android 1View in gallery KMPlayer for Android 2View in gallery

28. Pushbullet (Popular Android File Transfer App Pushbullet For iOS)

Pushbullet-iPhone-to-ChromeView in gallery Pushbullet-Chrome-to-iPhoneView in gallery

29. Spoiler Shield (Hide Spoilers From Facebook & Twitter)

Spoiler Shield_ShieldsView in gallery ShowsView in gallery

30. Horizon (Always Record Horizontal Videos)

horizon ios always take horizonal videoView in gallery

31. SwiftKey (Popular Android Third Party Keyboard For iOS)

SwiftKey iOS - ConfigurationView in gallerySwiftKey iOS - Add KeyboardView in gallery

32. Pic Scanner (Scan & Edit Printed Photos In Bulk On Your iPhone )

Pic Scanner iPhone CollectionView in gallery Pic Scanner iOS FXView in gallery

33. Paper (Stories from Facebook)

Facebook-Paper-customizationView in gallery Facebook-Paper-for-iPhoneView in gallery

34. Yahoo! News Digest (Intelligently Summarizes The Day’s Best Stories)

Yahoo News Digest iOS CountdownView in gallery Yahoo News Digest iOS ExtrasView in gallery

35. Studio Design (Instagram For Designers)

Studio Design_ShapeView in gallery Studio Design_PublishView in gallery

  • Franklintheturtle

    You missed my 2 favourites!

    1) Timeline (the beautiful News app)
    2) Dingaling (the FREE worldwide communication app)

    Overall not a bad list though 🙂 Especially love swiftkey, and drink it smart.

  • soumik

    nice article but you forgot to add instafusion image blender app.