Here Are Some Great Velox Add-Ons To Spruce Up Your iPhone Home Screen

Velox hasn’t been in the Cydia store for even a month yet, but the tweak has made a huge impact on the jailbreak scene. Everyone expected a few add-ons to come out for Velox but nobody had the idea that in less than a month, the Cydia store would be bursting with extensions for the tweak. Velox already works with most of the stock apps but thanks to these third-party add-ons, you can now get a modified versions of your favorite Velox widgets for even the third-party apps installed on your iPhone, and make the tweak handle them.

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With so many of these add-ons available in the Cydia store, it has become a bit of a nightmare to find the exact extension you want. Searching in Cydia only yields a rather confusing mix of Velox-related themes and add-ons, so we decided to compile a list to help users who want to get the most out of this awesome tweak.

AppLook for Velox

AppLook Velox Here Are Some Great Velox Add Ons To Spruce Up Your iPhone Home ScreenView in gallery
Search the App Store right from your SpringBoard. Multiple results are shown within the Velox folder, complete with each app’s developer name, version number and price. Tapping an entry takes you to the app’s dedicated App Store page.

Repo: BigBoss

UnlimTones Velox Plugin

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UnlimTones offers one of the best and easiest ways of getting new ringtones for your iPhone, so it is nice to see that this Cydia app has a Velox add-on of its own. With UnlimTones Velox Plugin, users can search for their favorite ringtones right from their SpringBoard. There is also the option of managing existing ringtones, thanks to a tab dedicated to just this in the app’s Velox folder.

Repo: BigBoss

Stopwatch for Velox

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The stock Clock app is among the few iOS apps that don’t get a specialized Velox folder of their own by default. That’s not much of an issue though, since you can add a working stopwatch to this app’s folder using the Stopwatch for Velox add-on. This minimal stopwatch comes with start/stop and clear buttons, along with the time display.

Repo: BigBoss


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The Contacts app already has a Velox folder by default, but if you are not satisfied with just a smaller version of your address book in the folder, Addial can prove to be a good choice. This add-on adds three options to the Contacts Velox folder. You can quickly add a new contact, call a number from memory, or dial a number after searching for it in your contacts list.

Repo: ModMyi

Compass for Velox

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Get a fully functional compass on your SpringBoard by swiping on the icon of the stock Compass app for iPhone.

Repo: BigBoss

Google Search for Velox

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This add-on opens a Safari webpage showing results for any query entered in the Google Search app’s Velox folder.

Repo: BigBoss

Torch for Velox

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Although we tested this add-on with the Flashlight app from iHandy, the developer claims that Torch for Velox is designed to work with all popular torch apps available in the App Store. The plugin adds a single control in the supported app’s Velox folder, which can then be used to toggle the camera LED. Simply swiping on the app’s icon can instantly turn the flashlight on as well.

Repo: ModMyi


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CARROT ($1.99) is a popular to-do list app known for motivating users to complete their tasks by giving them different rewards, or throwing insults at them when they get lazy. The Carrox plugin for Velox shows a list of all your pending tasks within a Velox folder. If you are a regular user of CARROT, this add-on can be a great way of using the app as a simple task manager when you don’t feel like bearing the brunt of the app’s bad attitude.

Repo: BigBoss

iTunes for Velox

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A bit disappointingly, this add-on isn’t like AppLook and simply shows search results within the iTunes app once you have entered your query in its Velox folder.

Repo: BigBoss

Calculator for Velox

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It is a bit strange that Velox doesn’t come with a folder of this kind by default, but Calculator for Velox remedies this situation quite comprehensively. The add-on clearly demonstrates the usefulness of having a basic calculator on the SpringBoard.

Repo: ModMyi


VexplosmView in gallery
If you are a fan of Cyanide & Happiness comics, Vexplosm is a must-have for you. The plugin works with both the paid and lite versions of the official C & H app, showing the latest comic published on the site. Now let’s wait for someone to come up with a similar add-on for 9GAG.

Repo: BigBoss

All the add-ons discussed above are available in the Cydia store for free, so you don’t have to make any additional investment after purchasing Velox itself. Apart from these plugins, there are some Cydia tweaks  out there that are either inspired by Velox (like FolderSwipe), or complement it in some way (IconFlip, which tilts the app icon whenever you are viewing a Velox folder, as can be seen in some of the entries of our list).

Which one of these is your favorite Velox add-on? Or did we miss it? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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