MessageMe: Cross-Platform Mobile Messenger With Great Sharing Options

WhatsApp is by far the most popular cross-platform online messaging app for mobile devices, but there are also other really good options such as Viber, Tango, Kik and many more that offer many other features in addition to text messages. Most people hate moving from their current messenger app to a new one, but there are times when the features offered by a new one are completely worth the switch. MessageMe might not emerge as a clear winner when you pit it against a few of the giants of this genre, but the new app does have a few really nice features that make it worth a try. Released simultaneously on iOS and Android, MessageMe lets you easily connect with your friends using a BBM-like PIN, or by just searching for contacts on social media. There is also group messaging, advanced media sharing (including support for doodling and push-to-talk) and a smart typing indicator.

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At first glance, MessageMe might appear to be just another messenger that uses your data connection while providing an interface similar to conventional texting, but the app is deceptively good. You have to sign up for a new account using your email ID or a phone number to start using the service. The information you enter is used to send a validation PIN to you. To help you ease into the MessageMe experience, the app offers to look through your local and Facebook contacts to see if any of them are already using the service. It is also possible to invite people to MessageMe by entering their phone number or email.

To start an individual chat session, just tap a person’s name from the ‘Contacts’ list. For group chat, however, you have to create a group, select the contacts you want to add to it and give it a name. The chat window for a group conversation displays read receipts for all messages, and has typing indicators for every member. You can add or remove contacts from a group by going to its ‘Info’ menu.

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Hit the ‘+’ icon in any chat session to access the entire collection of sharing options offered by MessageMe. If you want to send a picture to someone, there are the usual camera and library options, but you can also search for images on Google and share them from within the app itself. To showcase your sketching talents, you can use the ‘Doodle’ button, which provides you with several text colors, brush thicknesses, and an eraser tool to unleash your creativity. You can also draw over a picture using the same option. Videos can be shared from camera roll, or directly from YouTube.

To let you exchange recorded messages with friends, MessageMe offers a ‘Voice’ button. It is also possible to pinpoint your location on the map and send it as a message. A rather unique feature of the app is its ability to let you share previews of songs using the ‘Music’ button.

The typing indicator in MessageMe changes depending upon the type of message the other person is creating. For instance, the usual three dots show up when a text message is being composed, but the icon changes to a camera when your friends are doodling for you.

The Google Images integration and other amazing sharing options make MessageMe a great app to have on your smartphone. The only thing left is wide user adoption, since such a service is useful only if those you want to chat with are using it as well. You can give MessageMe a try by grabbing it for free from the links provided below.

Download MessageMe For iOS

Download MessageMe For Android

  • mkr10001

    only iOS and android…cross platform it does not make

  • insanelyapple

    Hamza Khalid, how about kik messenger?

    • Hamza Khalid

      KIK has become a pretty decent service in recent times. In some areas, like doodling, MessageMe is better, but overall I’d prefer KIK