Minimize Outlook 2010 To System Tray

If you’re having many programs pinned in taskbar, you might want to shift one or two applications from taskbar to system tray. Outlook 2010 offers a small handy option to always minimize the program to system tray. Let’s take a look a how to minimize Outlook to system tray.

To hide the Outlook window from taskbar when minimized, right-click Outlook in system tray and select Hide When Minimized.

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It will instantly remove Outlook from taskbar, letting you to access it only from system tray.

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    What if there is no option for “hide icon when minimized” when you right click the outlook icon in the system tray? All I can see is unpin and open microsoft outlook. I am using windows 7.

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      Make sure right click in your system tray (sometimes hidden under an arrow).

    • I think that’s happening because you’re clicking the Outlook logo on the left side. you need to click the Outlook logo on the system tray (which is on the RIGHT side- by the time)…

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