Set / Change Time Zones In Outlook 2010

If you travel a lot for meetings back & forth to places with different time zones, you might need to add/set time zones accordingly. Outlook 2010 offers an easy way to set the time zones, it offers the same build-in Windows time zone list to let you choose maximum of two time zones which can be swapped anytime.

To change the time zone, on File menu, click Options.

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This will open up Outlook Options, from left sidebar, select Calendar, and in main window, from Time zone drop-down list, select the desired time zone. Note that, on changing time zone all of your meeting & other event timings will get re-scheduled accordingly.

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Beneath Time Zone option, you can enable Show a second time zone option and set another time zone. Once both time zones are added, you can swap them anytime clicking the Swap Time Zones button.

  • Ian

    Just noticed my Outlook 2010 doesn’t seem to be respecting my Daylight Saving time for the time or received messages, +1 hour, even though the PC is.

  • Thank you

    Thanks you