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Excel 2010: Merge Cells (Concatenation)

While working on spreadsheet you might want to merge cells values into single column or row, which are widely dispersed in the spreadsheet. With Excel CONCATENATE function you can easily merge columns, rows and data values. It takes location of cells or data values as argument. In this post we will be applying this function to merge only two columns.

Launch Excel 2010 spreadsheet on which you want to apply concatenation function. For illustration, we have included a spreadsheet containing fields; First Name, Last Name, and Course.

table names

Now we need to merge the content in First Name and Last Name columns. First we will be adding a new column and label it as Full Name.

full name

We will be using a simple function that will concatenate the content.

The syntax of the function is;

=CONCATENATE(text1, text2….)

we will write it as;


In function arguments, B2 and C2 are the locations of data cells which we want to merge, and the double quotation marks with space inside “ ” refers to enforcing a single space between the values.

The function will merge the content of both fields in field Full Name, as shown in the screenshot below.

merge cells 1

Now drag the plus sign at the end of the cell towards the end of the column to apply this function over the whole column.

full name 1

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