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Find Length of Characters In Excel 2010

With simple formula, you can find out the length of characters in text, sentence and in the table data instantly. Through Excel LEN function, you can check the length of characters your datasheet contains. LEN is a simple function, which requires only one argument to be provided with. This post will be putting some light over it.

Launch Excel 2010, and open a datasheet in which you want to know the length of data cells. For illustration purpose, we have included a datasheet, containing fields; Course, and Length which will contain character length of respective course titles. We want to calculate the length of characters, which makes up Course title. We will be adding a simple formula at location C2 in Length Column.


The syntax of the formula is;


We will fill the single argument of the formula with the location of the cell which contains text, rather than specifying text directly.

So the formula goes like;


Location B2 contains the text for which we want to know the character length. As you can see in the screen shot below, that it yield 20 as character length.

length calculated

Now you just need to drag the plus sign at the end of the cell towards the end of the column to find out the length of each course title.

length full

Now if you you want to exclusively check the length of characters of any word for any reason. You just need to give text as argument in double quotation mark.

=LEN(“Addictivetips We Review Software”)

It will yield 32 as length of characters in the sentence, as it also considers blank space as a character.

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  1. I see how to get the character length in a single column using the =LEN(text) formula but when I drag the plus sign down to the bottom of the column it does not show the lengths of each cell as your examples does. I’m using excel 2007.

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