TextDropApp: Edit Text Files In Dropbox Directly From Your Browser [Web]

TextDropApp, a web application, lets you edit and create text files in your Dropbox account directly from the browser. The app can especially come in handy for people who like to write while on the move. However, the service is limited to TXT files only. TextDropApp works seamlessly, and all you have to do is simply go to TextDropApp and give it permission to access your entire Dropbox. Once done, start editing or creating new text files and save them directly to Dropbox.Read More

Green Cloud Is A Virtual Printer Driver To Save Paper & Ink Costs

GreenCloud Printer is a virtual printer driver that helps you save money on your daily print jobs. With the help of this application, you can save up to 33% of paper, ink and toner costs, without reducing paper quality (as claimed by the developer). It completely integrates with installed applications as a virtual printer, and allows reviewing printing jobs, removing unwanted pages, grouping pages per sheet of paper and printing documents as PDF. Furthermore, you can directly send your documents to GoogleDocs, Dropbox, Evernote or Minus.Read More

Task Management App Nozbe Updated With New UI, Provision For Free Local Usage [Android]

Task and project management Android apps are abound in the Google Play Store. As with every other app category, the candidates belonging to this particular genre also keep constantly vying for the top spot. Then there is the ever-increasing threat of competition, meaning that the existing players simply cannot rest on their laurels. The only way to move is upwards, and for that, new features must be frequently added to the mix. The official Android client of the well-known web-based task-management service, Nozbe, has been updated to v2.0 with a complete UI overhaul and a bunch of improvements, such as better syncing and integration with content stored on Evernote, Dropbox and Box, easier access to your personal notes, to-do lists, inbox, projects, errands, reminders and lots more. In addition, the app has received quite a few much needed bug fixes and is now much more stable than previous versions.Read More

Scriptogr.am Uses Dropbox To Create Markdown Document-Based Web Log

Markdown language, despite being not as powerful as other markup languages such as HTML, XML etc, allows users to create web document in easy to read & write text format, which complies with all W3C standards and rules. Unlike HTML, XHTML, and other structurally valid web documents, markdown document requires following only a few code syntaxes in order to publish them on web. Unlike other languages, this light-weight, general-purpose language doesn’t require any dedicated compiler to render the formatted text. Scritogr.am is a newly launched service that lets users create their markdown document-based personal blogs/webpages without having to manually configure web page-related settings.Read More

DropboxAppSync: Sync App Data Across Systems With Dropbox [Mac]

If you don’t know what Dropbox is, it might be a good time to choke ?yourself with a light saber. Cloud storage, file sharing and syncing are things that have gained so much traction in the past few years, that it has now become a religion in Sweden (no joke). For those of you who may already be sharing and syncing files via Dropbox, you can now sync app data with it using DropboxAppSync for Mac. This app lets you choose and sync data for other apps between two Macs via Dropbox, ensuring that no matter what system you’re using, you’re data is not only backed up but synced.Read More

CloudOn: Compose & Edit Office Word, Excel & PowerPoint Documents On iPad, Android Tablets

iPad might be the most popular tablet in the world, but there are certain things that just aren’t meant to be for iOS. One such thing is the Office suite by Microsoft, which, despite being the most popular documentation tool in use, does not have an iOS version. Nevertheless, the huge number of apps present in the App Store ensures that users have some good alternatives available for the original Office. CloudOn brings Microsoft Office to the iPad, allowing you to edit and compose Office documents, view PDF and image files & upload your work with Dropbox, Google Drive & Box. While using the app, you are likely to feel that you are using Word, Excel or PowerPoint on your PC rather than on a mobile device, thanks to the stark similarities in interface. Update: The app is now available for Android tablets as well.Read More

Add Actions To Automate Dropbox Folder Tasks With Dropbox Automator [Web]

Dropbox is perhaps one of the most widely used cloud storage service across numerous desktop and mobile platforms. While cloud storage services like Dropbox provide efficient synchronization of data, they have been criticized as of late for lack of security. Moreover, there is no built-in method for task automation for such services. Dropbox Automator is a web service that enables automatically performing actions with files stored in your Dropbox directory. You can, for instance, automatically encrypt files when they are added to a specific directory, including converting the added file(s) to PDF, adding it to a ZIP archive, encrypting it, and more.Read More

Dropbox For Android Updated With Batch Upload, Improved Gallery & More

As announced on the official Dropbox forums, a preview build of the updated (v1.3.0.6) official Dropbox client for Android has just been released, an APK of which is now available for download. Apart from getting a taste of the Ice Cream Sandwich UI, the updated client brings plenty of new features for Android smartphones as well as tablets. These include better and quicker access to your Dropbox content, batch-uploading files to cloud and quick access to favorite content while offline. The updated client also brings a new native gallery to help you select/upload your photos and videos with ease. Preforming various file and folder actions such as renaming, deletion, sharing et al have also been made quite convenient.Read More

How To Setup Dropbox-Like Synchronization Using Windows Live Mesh

Many users who use Dropbox and other cloud storage services, have recently been more concerned about security vulnerabilities that can compromise their personal data. While many people like using services like Dropbox because of the convenience that they provide, Windows Live Mesh can be used as a viable alternative for syncing multiple folders (instead of just one parent folder) between Windows and Mac computers. In this post, we will walk you through the steps of setting up your Windows Live Mesh synchronization folders.Read More

Automatically Upload Screenshots To DropBox With CloudShot

Screenshots, or even simple images, add flavor to whatever you are writing in an article. Images are used whenever you want to make the article more interesting to the reader, while screenshots are useful in situations when you are explaining something important to the reader and you feel that words alone will not be enough to get the meaning across. We have previously reviewed a lot of screenshot taking tools like GreenShot that lets you capture screenshots of a particular region, a window and whole screen, and Shotty, for taking high quality delayed screenshots of complete windows with the Aero Glass effect included. The screenshot tool offered today is rather similar in functionality, but with one added twist. In this post, we are bringing to you CloudShot, an open source application that allows integration of your DropBox account. It lets you take screenshots of any selected region or complete windows, and directly puts them in your DropBox account, enabling you to accesses your screenshots from multiple access points. It can save screenshots in JPG and PNG format, and keeps a history of 10 recent screenshots. Read on to find out more.Read More

Pancake.io: Get Public Link While Keeping Files Private In Dropbox

Dropbox is a great service; it lets you upload files to the cloud, lets you share files publicly and collaborate with others within a folder. Of course, you wouldn’t make just any file public, or you might want to make certain files public to a group of people, like in a forum, but not to everyone visiting the Public folder. Pancake.io is a web service that extends public sharing files in Dropbox. It allows you to upload and share links to files that you upload. You can link to each file individually, make changes to any file and embed a list of links to each file. Details after the break.Read More

Bloodrop For Dropbox: Drag File Onto Mac Dock To Get Its Public Link

One major downside of Dropbox desktop application is that it doesn’t provide a convenient way to get a shareable link for files present in Dropbox public folders and sub-folders. This compels users to open Dropbox Public folder, right-click the file(s) and then select Copy Public Link from Dropbox menu to get public link. Wouldn’t it be better if you could get shareable links for files that you move to Dropbox Public folder via drag & drop? Bloodrop has been developed to provide you with just that. It’s a small system dock application for Mac OS X, which copies public file source link to clipboard when you drag the file over its icon. The application requires nothing except your Dropbox ID and public folder/sub-folder path to copy source links of public files.Read More

Capture And Share Elements Of App Windows & Webcam Images With JShot

We have previously covered a number of screenshot taking tools, GreenShot, Shotty, WebKut, just to name a few. Recently, we came across another feature-rich screenshot taking application, called JShot. It is a cross-platform application that provides many robust screenshot taking options. It enables grabbing screenshots of the whole desktop, current window and widgets (specific area of a window), as well as from the webcam (Windows only). You can also edit screenshots, assign custom hotkeys (in Windows and Linux) and upload screenshots to FTP Server and configured Dropbox, Twitter, Picasa, ImageShack, Skype and Minus accounts.Read More

Aldiko Sync For Android Uses Dropbox To Sync Aldiko eBooks Across Devices

Aldiko Book Reader - a free eBook reader for Android - is already quite popular among users due to its simplicity and multi-format eBook reading capabilities. If you, like XDA-Developers member GameGod72, are a fan of the app, then the developer’s debut venture Aldiko Sync might have something very special in store for you. Designed for Aldiko Book Reader (v2.0.2),  Aldiko Sync is an Android app that syncs all your eBooks (with their last state preserved) from Aldiko to your Dropbox account so that you can easily continue reading the same books across multiple devices - a concept based very much on the renowned 'Whispersync' feature of Amazon Kindle.Read More

Marlin: File Browser With Dropbox & Ubuntu One Integration [Ubuntu]

Marlin is a sleek and fast GTK3 based file browser that provides a number of unique features such as Dropbox and Ubuntu One integration, color labels for files and folders and more. To acquire Dropbox and Ubuntu One integration, Marlin requires installation of separate plugins which are used to enable the functionality to publish, share and synchronize external folders in Ubuntu One and to fetch previous versions for Dropbox files. Marlin is available in the elementary OS daily PPA, thus it can be installed in Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10. You can install it on both GTK3 and GTK 2 provided you have a compatible theme for both of them (GTK2 and GTK3).Read More

Dropout Is Portable Desktop USB And Dropbox Search Tool

Everyone likes to keep their important files on portable drives and in cloud storage directories, such as, a Dropbox folder, so that data can be easily accessed across multiple computers. This means that a lot of data is continuously changing and is not indexed immediately by Windows. Windows Search can miss out files during a search query if the file is not indexed or belongs to an unknown file type. If you often require locating files using Windows Search and find it hard to locate files from a USB device or a folder which keeps changing, then a solution can be to use Dropout. It is a portable indexing tool that creates its own index inside a constantly changing folder to provide quicker search results.Read More

DropboxDiff – Open File Versions For Comparison From Dropbox [Chrome]

Dropbox lets you share files with either a single person or an entire group. You can allow anyone to modify a file in a shared folder, thus making it easier to collaborate on a document. What isn’t as easy is comparing different versions of the same file. DropboxDiff is a Chrome extension that simplifies it. It connects with your desktop file comparison tool and lets you open any two versions of a text file for comparison without having to download both versions individually and open them manually from the comparison tool.Read More

Now Manage Multiple Dropbox, Google Docs, Box.net Accounts With Joukuu Plus [Giveaway]

A while back, we covered Joukuu which brings the utility of managing 3 widely used cloud storage services, namely, Dropbox, Google Docs, and Box.net on desktop. Back then, we reviewed the Lite version which was in beta testing phase and had a lot of account management related issues. Now the product is finally out of beta, providing stable and relatively more responsive environment to manage your uploads. The Lite version is mainly targeted toward those who have a single account on supported services and don't want extra features other than basic file management, including, add and remove files and folders, backup files, move files between added services via drag & drop.Read More

Cloud Experience – 10GB Cloud Storage With Multi Device Sync

Dropbox is the one service that made cloud storage popular, sure there was Google and its cloud but Dropbox had more to offer and since then cloud storage services have been popping up like mushrooms with little to offer, except perhaps 1 or 2GBs of extra space. Needless to say that very few of these services could actually rival Dropbox but Cloud Experience is a cloud storage service that comes very close. Not only does it offer 10GB of free storage space and syncing across different computers but also has an app for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and works on both Windows and Mac platform. Add to that the fact that the interface is much better than that of Dropbox and you have a fairly good rival.Read More

Dropsync For Android Gives True Two-Way Sync Between SD Card & Dropbox

A good few months ago, we covered Dropspace for Android – a free app that automatically syncs, or rather, uploads files from your SD card to a directory within your Dropbox folder after regular intervals of time and, in addition, syncs back any changes made to them (including deletion). However, the app does not provide true two-way synchronization between your Dropbox folder and SD card (does not sync new files from the Dropbox folder to the SD card). New to the Android Market, Dropsync does just that. As of this writing, the app is perhaps the closest you’ll get to a replica (in functionality) of the desktop app for Dropbox. Link a directory on your device’s SD card to any folder within your Dropbox cloud storage and the app syncs existing files, modifications ad deletions both ways automatically after user-defined intervals of time. Said feature along with a host of options to customize the link between your Dropbox storage and SD card makes Dropsync a perfect alternative to the official Dropbox client.Read More