Aldiko Sync For Android Uses Dropbox To Sync Aldiko eBooks Across Devices

Aldiko Book Reader - a free eBook reader for Android - is already quite popular among users due to its simplicity and multi-format eBook reading capabilities. If you, like XDA-Developers member GameGod72, are a fan of the app, then the developer’s debut venture Aldiko Sync might have something very special in store for you. Designed for Aldiko Book Reader (v2.0.2),  Aldiko Sync is an Android app that syncs all your eBooks (with their last state preserved) from Aldiko to your Dropbox account so that you can easily continue reading the same books across multiple devices - a concept based very much on the renowned 'Whispersync' feature of Amazon Kindle. Read More

Marlin: File Browser With Dropbox & Ubuntu One Integration [Ubuntu]

Marlin is a sleek and fast GTK3 based file browser that provides a number of unique features such as Dropbox and Ubuntu One integration, color labels for files and folders and more. To acquire Dropbox and Ubuntu One integration, Marlin requires installation of separate plugins which are used to enable the functionality to publish, share and synchronize external folders in Ubuntu One and to fetch previous versions for Dropbox files. Marlin is available in the elementary OS daily PPA, thus it can be installed in Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10. You can install it on both GTK3 and GTK 2 provided you have a compatible theme for both of them (GTK2 and GTK3). Read More

Dropout Is Portable Desktop USB And Dropbox Search Tool

Everyone likes to keep their important files on portable drives and in cloud storage directories, such as, a Dropbox folder, so that data can be easily accessed across multiple computers. This means that a lot of data is continuously changing and is not indexed immediately by Windows. Windows Search can miss out files during a search query if the file is not indexed or belongs to an unknown file type. If you often require locating files using Windows Search and find it hard to locate files from a USB device or a folder which keeps changing, then a solution can be to use Dropout. It is a portable indexing tool that creates its own index inside a constantly changing folder to provide quicker search results. Read More

DropboxDiff – Open File Versions For Comparison From Dropbox [Chrome]

Dropbox lets you share files with either a single person or an entire group. You can allow anyone to modify a file in a shared folder, thus making it easier to collaborate on a document. What isn’t as easy is comparing different versions of the same file. DropboxDiff is a Chrome extension that simplifies it. It connects with your desktop file comparison tool and lets you open any two versions of a text file for comparison without having to download both versions individually and open them manually from the comparison tool. Read More

Now Manage Multiple Dropbox, Google Docs, Accounts With Joukuu Plus [Giveaway]

A while back, we covered Joukuu which brings the utility of managing 3 widely used cloud storage services, namely, Dropbox, Google Docs, and on desktop. Back then, we reviewed the Lite version which was in beta testing phase and had a lot of account management related issues. Now the product is finally out of beta, providing stable and relatively more responsive environment to manage your uploads. The Lite version is mainly targeted toward those who have a single account on supported services and don't want extra features other than basic file management, including, add and remove files and folders, backup files, move files between added services via drag & drop. Read More

Cloud Experience – 10GB Cloud Storage With Multi Device Sync

Dropbox is the one service that made cloud storage popular, sure there was Google and its cloud but Dropbox had more to offer and since then cloud storage services have been popping up like mushrooms with little to offer, except perhaps 1 or 2GBs of extra space. Needless to say that very few of these services could actually rival Dropbox but Cloud Experience is a cloud storage service that comes very close. Not only does it offer 10GB of free storage space and syncing across different computers but also has an app for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and works on both Windows and Mac platform. Add to that the fact that the interface is much better than that of Dropbox and you have a fairly good rival. Read More

Dropsync For Android Gives True Two-Way Sync Between SD Card & Dropbox

A good few months ago, we covered Dropspace for Android – a free app that automatically syncs, or rather, uploads files from your SD card to a directory within your Dropbox folder after regular intervals of time and, in addition, syncs back any changes made to them (including deletion). However, the app does not provide true two-way synchronization between your Dropbox folder and SD card (does not sync new files from the Dropbox folder to the SD card). New to the Android Market, Dropsync does just that. As of this writing, the app is perhaps the closest you’ll get to a replica (in functionality) of the desktop app for Dropbox. Link a directory on your device’s SD card to any folder within your Dropbox cloud storage and the app syncs existing files, modifications ad deletions both ways automatically after user-defined intervals of time. Said feature along with a host of options to customize the link between your Dropbox storage and SD card makes Dropsync a perfect alternative to the official Dropbox client. Read More

DropIn – Storage Manager For Dropbox Data (Files And Folders)

Managing data in Dropbox is not as easy as organizing files and folders in local locations on hard drive, as one needs to keep the available space in mind before transfering files to Dropbox folder. If you frequently transfer data from multiple locations to Dropbox folder and then move it back to your hard drive, DropIn can help you manage data transfer between Dropbox and local folders, effortlessly. It is a Dropbox storage manager designed to save the time and effort involved in moving and managing files and folders which you send to Dropbox and then move back to your local locations. Read More – Search Email Attachments, Download & Send To Dropbox

Attachments are those extremely important things that are too easily lost and very difficult to find and even built-in email search isn’t as effective as it should be. is a service that makes it easy to track down your email attachments; it lets you search attachments in you Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts, it searches your Facebook and Twitter stream for images, audio, video, documents, news, events and code. You can download items directly, share them on email, Twitter, Facebook or Dropbox. Read More

How To Make Your Dropbox Portable With DropboxPortableAHK

Synchronizing data with Dropbox on multiple computers can indeed have a lot of privacy issues. While one may think that their Dropbox data is safe and secure on their office computer just because it is not a shared system or they have a Domain account, there is just one issue they might have overlooked, i.e. the privilege of the System Administrator. If you think that is not an issue, then think again. Being a former system admin, I know state it with experience backed up by plentiful facts that "Nothing is safe" - in fact, quite far from it. In such a case, it is far more practical to keep your Dropbox data on a USB stick, instead of saving it on office computers. Read More

Cloud Notes For Windows Phone 7 & PC Creates Notes, Syncs With Dropbox

Looking for a simple way to sync notes from your Windows Phone 7 device and Windows PC to your Dropbox account and back? Look no further than Cloud Notes. The app lets you create notes, share them via email and upload them to your Dropbox cloud storage. Both the mobile client and desktop variant establish a two-way sync between notes stored on your WP7 device/PC and a directory of your choice within your Dropbox folder. That is, any changes made to notes from within the app will be reflected in their Dropbox copies and vice versa. The application is not to be confused with a previously reviewed desktop gadget by the same name that syncs notes with Google Docs. More after the break. Read More

Send Email Requests So Others Can Upload Files To Your Dropbox Account

It may be a nightmare for you to ask people to email important files and you’re probably looking for a simple and effective way to get it done (like perhaps sending a troop of gorilla fighters to a coworker’s home and have them hold the last slice of pizza hostage until he/she emails you the file) or you could try something simpler like FileStork, a web app that combine two of the most commonly used services; your email and Dropbox, to make it easier to securely send file requests and receive files. Read More

Play Music Files Directly From Your Dropbox Account With DropTunes

Dropbox is a service that inspired people to create dozens of new services using its API and took the simple file syncing service to a whole new level. DropTunes is one such service that acts as an online media player for music files you’ve saved to Dropbox. It plays all MP3, M4A, OGA and WAV format files in your browser. For Chrome users this might not be a big deal since the browser plays almost all types of media files but for other browsers that can’t play all audio formats, the service can be extremely useful. Read More

Download Files Directly To Dropbox In Any Folder & Your Email Inbox

We previously reviewed URL Droplet, an online service for downloading files straight to your Dropbox account without accessing either the website or your Dropbox folder. One of our readers turned us on to sideCLOUDload; a service that does all that and more. It lets you download files but also gives you the freedom to create folders to download them to or to download them to existing folders. It isn’t just meant for sending files to Dropbox but also to your personal email inbox. The service has a bookmarklet that you can use to easily send files you might have open in your browser. Read More

URL Droplet Downloads Online Files To Your Dropbox

Dropbox has changed how we sync our files, instead of being plagued by USBs or emailing ourselves important document, we send them to the cloud right from our desktops and can then access them from anywhere. URL Droplet is a web service that enhances how we add files to Dropbox. It acts as a download manager and lets you queue files to download directly to your Dropbox account. Read More

DropBox Linker – Copy Public URL Of New Dropbox Files To Clipboard

Dropbox's native Public folder greatly serves the need of sharing uploaded files with others, but unlike its web UI, the desktop app doesn’t provide a convenient way to share links of files in public folder, as one has to open the Dropbox public folder and select Copy public link option from right-click context menu. Dropbox Linker makes this process seamless for users who share their uploads on regular basis and also modify the files. It’s an open source tool which requires nothing more than your Dropbox public folder path and public user ID to post notifications about latest file changes, and update / copy public link of recently modified or added files to Windows clipboard. This surely saves a lot of time to verify the file link whilst you can keep track of all the recent changes you’ve made to your Public folder. Read More

How To Empty Dropbox Cache (Hidden Deleted Files) To Free Disk Space

Who knew that Dropbox contains a hidden cache folder which is meant to store deleted files? This folder is present so that when one tries to recover deleted files from Dropbox, as the saved files within the cache are restored to quickly recover your data, instead of downloading it from Dropbox servers. While this  may seem to be quite useful, it does have its demerits. The cache folder is saved on the hard drive which can take up a lot of space. This might not only be problematic for people with less hard disk space but also for users like me who use Dropbox with virtual machines. These VMs are allocated a small size from the physical hard drive to save hard disk space. So assuming a virtual machine has 3 GB of allocated disk space and you delete nearly 1.5 GB of Dropbox files, you can end up having some issues with the available free space. This might also be a problem for people who always find themselves short of disk space. If such an issues occurs with your primary partition (assuming it contains your Dropbox folder), you can run into some serious system problems. In this post we will tell you how to empty your Dropbox cache to free up system space. Read More

Encrypt Dropbox Files With ENCFS In Ubuntu

ENCFS is an open source software which provides an encrypted file system in a user space. It runs without any special permissions and uses the FUSE library and Linux kernel module to provide the file system interface. ENCFS can also be used to encrypt your Dropbox files in Ubuntu to create a separate directory which auto encrypts data before synchronization. In this post we will tell you how to setup an encrypted directory for your Dropbox files using ENCFS. Read More

Otixo – Access All Online Files Across Different Services From A Single App

Cloud storage is taking the load off our local drives; not only does it allow us to backup and sync our files, but it also lets us worry less about viruses destroying data. Cloud storage being the great concept that it is, there are lots of different companies offering the service and no doubt you’re already using more than one. Otixo is a web service that syncs your files on different clouds and FTP servers and lets you access them from a single account. It currently syncs with Dropbox, Google Docs,, MobileMe and FTP servers. The service lets you move files between all supported services, upload new files, download files, delete and rename existing files and folders and create new folders. Read More

SmallTasks Is Mac To-Do List Manager With Dropbox Sync Support

SmallTasks is an elegant to-do list manager for Mac with an in-built notification system to keep you updated with up coming scheduled events. SmallTasks takes a simple yet effective approach in streamlining day to day important tasks. Be it office meetings, birthday events, appointments, etc., you can jot down jut about anything which you can’t afford to miss and it will keep you notified about all pending tasks. SmallTasks offers direct synchronization with Dropbox app installed on your Mac, iPhone and iPad. You just have to specify the Dropbox folder where tasks are to be saved, it will automatically sync them across all the Dropbox configured platforms, including Macs and other iOS  devices. Read More