Customize Windows 8 Boot Menu & Permanently Enable Advanced Startup

Windows 8 has received many cosmetic changes from top to bottom, and that includes the boot menu. Now called the Advanced Startup Options menu, it uses GUI elements instead of the legacy mode found in prior versions of Windows. How you enter the Startup menu has also been changed in Windows 8, as you can no longer hit F8 immediately after the initial BIOS screen to access it. Microsoft has shrunk the time between the process of invoking the bootstrap loader and POST, and the only way to enter the menu now is from within PC Settings. This can, however, create various issues. For instance, if your Windows installation gets corrupted and you can't log in, you’d be left in the dust without access to the Startup menu. If you want to get rid of this annoyance, Boot UI Tuner is what you're looking for. This small highly useful tool allows you to permanently enable the advanced boot menu, making it appear every time you power up your machine.Read More

The Complete Guide To Windows 8 Startup Menu

The Windows Advanced Boot Options menu, also known as Windows Startup Menu, includes various system repair and troubleshooting modes which help users fix system startup problems, access command line interpreter, and run Windows in safe mode, along with Windows boot debugging option to initiate step-by-step identification of Windows boot process issues. Like previous Windows versions, Windows 8 Startup Menu can be accessed by pressing F8 key before Windows starts loading. Along with the changes in Windows Desktop, Start Menu, Start Search, Control Panel, and Task Manager, the Windows 8 Startup Menu has also been revamped with new metro look. Read More

Cardapio – Main Menu Alternative Launcher For Ubuntu

Cardapio is a main menu launcher for Ubuntu which can be used with the Unity launcher and can be used to look up items in a horizontal menu. You can also use it like the Ubuntu Dash and search for files and folders, provided Tracker application is installed. Cardapio can be a better alternative to the common Unity launcher options as it acts in someway like a horizontal form of the Ubuntu classic menu. It can also be used with docking application like Docky and Avant Window Navigator.Read More

How To Get Classic Start Menu In Windows 7

Despite the availability of dynamic options in new operating systems, the resistance to change seems to be an important behavioral factor for end users. Many users (including me), resorted to using the classic start menu in Windows XP and Windows Vista. Unfortunately, this feature was scrapped from Windows 7, which left a lot of user quite annoyed. While change might be a good thing, the use of a vintage interface will still be worth using.Taskbar Classic Start Menu provides the option to add the classic start menu to the taskbar. It might not be exactly the same as using this menu from then Start Menu Orb, however, it can still be of much convenience for people who still love the classic menu.Read More

How To Add Website Shortcuts To The Windows Start Menu Easily

You must have added Program Shortcuts in Start menu. But have you thought of adding a Website Shortcuts to the Start menu?. Instead of opening your Internet browser and navigating to the website link, you can just click on one icon to open it automatically. This can often save a lot of time and is useful if you access your email online frequently like Gmail or Yahoo mail, like I do. The below steps will show you how to add Websites to the Start menu so you can quickly access them.

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